Well, with the development of the modern DVD burning technology, making a beautiful menu is nothing hard for us. In order to make a beautiful DVD menu, all you need to do is find a good DVD menu creator and install on your computer. So today I am going to introduce some of the best DVD menu creators for your reference, so that you can make a nice menu for your own DVD.

Why choose DVD Creator with menu and chapter features

I believe that there are so many users expecting more than just simply burning DVDs. In terms of the specialized functions that a DVD maker should possess, you could have a look at why a DVD creator with menu and chapters is necessary for a couple of good reasons.

What do menu and chapter creation is necessary for DVD burning software? In common situations, they are tools to mark out specific sections for quickly locating the wanted content. They serve as the index to sort out everything that may look like a mess otherwise. For example, you can set the menu by dates, months, or years in order to find one little piece from dozens of files in just a few seconds. In other words, it turns out to be a time-saving action that you can do beforehand. And if you look from an organized system instead of a stressful view, you will be thankful to create DVD with menu and chapters. Also, this feature is likely to free your mind for being creative. Personalizing menus and chapters would be so much fun.

Part 1: Best DVD menu Creator for both Windows and Mac

Let's dive straight in to the best DVD menu creator for both Windows and Mac. This DVD menu creator that I want to introduce to you is Leawo DVD Creator. It doesn't matter you are currently using a Windows computer or Mac computer, you can use Leawo DVD Creator to create a beautiful menu for your DVD, because the software has both version and both of the versions are reliable and powerful.

Leawo DVD Creator is a professional DVD burning program as well as DVD menu creator program. It can easily burn all kinds of videos to a DVD disc. The advanced burning technology within the software can allow you burn your video in a highest speed and preserve the original quality at the same time. Comparing to other similar products, the program is easy to use, and can deliver a stable performance when burning any video to a DVD disc or ISO files or folder.

  • Leawo DVD Creator
  • Leawo DVD Creator

    Create DVD-9/DVD-5 discs playable on various standalone DVD players and computers without region restriction.
    Create DVD content in either NTSC or PAL for DVD players for various regions.
    Convert and burn videos in 180+ file formats to DVD disc, folder and/or ISO image file.
    Edit video files such as adding image/text watermark, trimming video length, cropping video size, adjusting video effect, applying 3D effect, etc.
    Select disc menu for output DVD content, or even design disc menu with your own pictures and songs.
    Burn photos to DVD photo slideshow with built-in photo slideshow editor.

In the menu making wise, you can choose your desired menu template from built-in menu templates as well as online menu templates. All the elements in the menu page are customizable and you can even create your own template for future use. Making a DVD with a functional menu page with Leawo DVD Creator is super easy. In the next section, I'll show you how to make a DVD with menu with this great DVD menu maker.

Part 2: How to creator a DVD menu with Leawo DVD Creator

Thanks to the user-friendly design of the program, creating DVD menus in Leawo DVD Creator can be done in minutes. Here is how exactly you can create chapters in Leawo DVD Creator. No matter you are burning video clips or burning photo slideshows, same procedure can be applied so you don't have to worry about that.

Step 1: Import video clips

You can import one or more videos into the program. How many chapters you have in the final DVD menu depends on how many videos you import initially. When you are inside of the Leawo DVD Creator program, click "Add Video" to add your video clips. You can also import clips by dragging the files into the box in the center of the interface. Make sure your clips are in the right order you want them to be in your DVD menu, otherwise you have to adjust the order by clicking the "up" or "down" arrow on each clip.


Step 2: Select a template

After importing your videos, you can start adding a menu. On the right there is a menu template zone, you can choose any template from built-in, online or customize template library. Click the eye icon on the menu template to choose it and proceed to preview and edit it.

Step 3: Edit menu

You will be brought to the menu preview page once you click the menu template you like. This is where you can see how your menu will look like in the end. The preview box in the center shows the first chapter image by default. To do some editing, click the pencil icon above the preview window. There are two pages you can edit, the home page, and the chapter page. You can change all the textures here, as well as positions of all elements. The background music and image can always be changed by clicking the buttons below, and you can save the current settings as a new template by clicking the hard disk icon.

Step 4: Edit video (Optional)

Besides DVD menu making, Leawo DVD Creator also provides some additional functions for you to burn a more personalized DVD disc. If you want to do some further edits to your video, click the edit button on the video, you can trim, crop, add special effects, add watermarks, or turn 2D video to 3D in the built-in video editor.

Step 5: Burning settings

Finally, click the green "Burn" button to call out the burning setting panel, where you can set output format, whether you want to create an ISO file or folder, or you want to burn your video to an optical DVD disc. Then set an output directory. When you have set all of that, click the burn icon below to start burning. How long the burning process will take depends on the speed you have chosen in the third step. You can choose to shut down your PC when it's finished if you don't want to wait.


Video guide on Leawo DVD Creator

Part 3: Other DVD menu Creators on Windows

Besides the Leawo DVD Creator, there are other DVD burning programs that provide menu making functions and have a quite good DVD burning performance. Here are some of the most popular choices of them on Windows, and in the next part there are some for Mac computers.


CDBurnerXP is also an application that can create and burn CD and DVD ISOs with the access of Multilanguage interface. It includes the latest format of Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs that can aid in burning CDs and DVDs. Apart from bearing so much advantageous features, it cannot verify after burning DVDs, and for the users of file managers, the interface can get complicated. It has the characteristic of burning audio CDs without leaving gaps between the tracks and can create discs that can be booted later on. It is one of the best free DVD Menu Creator Software for Windows. It is mostly compatible with the Windows operating systems bearing a user-friendly and informative interface for the users.

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter converts nearly any video file to popular formats while supporting a massive amount of input file formats. It can convert video files directly to a DVD or Blu-ray disc, and it provides an option to make a DVD menu when burning files to a disc. It can convert files and automatically upload them to YouTube. It downloads and alters streaming clips from YouTube and other video sites and extracts audio from YouTube clips. If you want to create a DVD menu with Freemake Video Converter, what you need to do is activate Freemake Video Converter Gold Pack. Then choose a chapter template and find a good image for a DVD menu background.

Part 4: Other DVD menu Creators on Mac


DVDStyler is a DVD menu software that facilitates the creation of DVDs with finesse. The software has a cross-platforms interface that allows for making DVDs with video files that van be played on any individual DVD player. The software also supports the feature of designing DVD menus. The burning and creation of DVD videos with individual menus that can also be interactive. Users can pick from the preset list of menu templates or design their unique DVD menu. However, It can provide a roundabout process to burn DVDs by creating an ISO to then burn it, and sometimes it can prompt for a codec that is not available with silent videos and thus refusing to burn them. If you like something like DVDStyler, you might want to see some DVDStyler alternatives for Mac as well.


SmallDVD is a simple DVD authoring utility for MacOSX that will take ready-encoded MPEG2 files and create a DVD image from them that can be burnt using Disk Utility. It is an AppleScript front-end for DVDauthor and a variety of other existing command line tools. It requires iMagine Photo and MacOSX 10.4 or 10.5. Because SmallDVD is actually an AppleScript front-end for DVDauthor, and a variety of other existing command line tools, so it's technically not a professional DVD creator or a DVD menu maker. But at least it works, so I'm still giving it a recommended here.