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Fixed! MOV video can't open to sony vegas

“Can't open Mov files with VEGAS PRO 14 (Build 211) - Hi, I have tried all the solutions on this forum and on others to open mov file in VEGAS PRO 14 but no way to open it. I have installed all quicktime versions, i have tried to install QTLite, but it's impossible to open mov file. What is wrong with vegas 14 ? With vegas 13, I don't have this problem. Now I need to open mov files and I can’t, I'm blocked in my project.” Asked by east on Sony Vegas Communities.

Many Sony Vegas users might have come across this problem during using Sony Vegas to edit video files. Some have successfully solved this problem by installing QuickTime player, while some others haven’t. If you still have this problem, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we would like to tell you why you can’t open MOV files within Sony Vegas, and how to open MOV files in Sony Vegas in different ways. Just check them below to learn the detail.

Part 1: Why Can’t Sony Vegas Edit MOV Files

Firstly, let’s take a look into Sony Vegas. Vegas is a video editing software package founded by Sonic Foundry, then by Sony Creative Software and presently by Magix. It is a non-linear video editing (NLE) software tool. In this method when a non-edited video file is transferred to a computer hard disk, it can be possible to edit it independently of its linear order without considering space for intermediate scenes. Vegas is suitable to operate on almost any standard windows’ computer across a broad range of hardware. Also its entry-level cost software with some good editing features and certain add-ons that can be attached to improve the performance. Since it’s relatively cheaper software, many people including beginners to professionals are using it.


Generally speaking, Sony Vegas supports to import AAC, AA3, AVI, BMP, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV, HEVC, ProRes, AAC, AIFF, FLAC, LPEC, MP3, OGG, PCA, W64, WAV, WMA, BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WDP, WMPhoto, DDS, DPX, EX, AAF, Premiere/After Effects (*.prproj), Final Cut Pro 7/DaVinci Resolve (*.xml), Final Cut Pro X (*.fcpxml), EDL Text File (*.txt), Broadcast Wave Format, DVD Camcorder Disc, Closed Captioning files.

To import MOV files to Sony Vegas for editing, you could make use of QuickTime player. However, Some of the QT/MOV files created by some cameras (like JVC) will NOT open in any version of Vegas. Meanwhile, some MOV files are encoded with no Sony Vegas supported codecs. You have to convert them into other formats that are acceptable by Sony Vegas.

Part 2: How to Convert MOV Files for Sony Vegas with Leawo Video Converter

As mentioned above, sometimes you need to convert MOV files to Sony Vegas compatible files before you could open these MOV files in Sony Vegas. You could get quite a few wonderful MOV video converter tools to help you convert MOV files to Sony Vegas for unlimited importing and editing. Leawo Video Converter is the best tool for you.
Leawo Video Converter is a professional media converter tool that comes with expert video converter, audio converter and even video editor. It enables you to convert video files between 180+ file formats including MP4, FLV, MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc. It could help you encode your MOV video files to the ones Sony Vegas accepts, as well as other desired ones for different devices and players including iOS devices, Android smartphones and tablets, Windows Phones, VLC, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, iTunes, etc.

Download and install Leawo Video Converter on your computer. The following steps would show you how to convert MOV files to Sony Vegas compatible files.

Step 1: Add source MOV files

Launch Leawo Video Converter (It is a module of Leawo Prof. Media) on your computer and then click the “Video Converter” option. On the “Convert” window, click the “Add Video” button to browse and add source MOV movies from your computer drive to Leawo Video Converter.

Add videos

Step 2: Set output format

Right next to the “Add Photo” button, click the drop-down button and then choose “Change” option to enter the “Profile” panel. Choose a format compatible with Sony Vegas under the “Format > Common Video” group as output format. MP4 Video is recommended.

Set an output format


Click the “Edit” button on the drop-down panel mentioned above, then adjust video codec (choose MPEG4), bit rate, aspect ratio, frame rate, audio codec, etc. This will make sure that output files are encoded according to the requirements of Sony Vegas. Click “OK” button afterwards.

select the format

Step 3: Set output directory

On the main interface, click the big green “Convert” button. Set output directory in the “Save to” box on the popup sidebar on the right.

Set an output directory

Step 4: Convert MOV files to Sony Vegas

Finally, click the bottom “Convert” button on the right sidebar to start to convert MOV files immediately. You could view the whole conversion process on the converting panel.

Set an output directory

After the conversion completes, you could then freely transfer the converted MOV files to your Sony Vegas for editing.

In fact, as to video editing, Leawo Video Converter has a simple but useful internal video editor, which enables you to edit video files in several aspects, including: trim video length, crop video size, add image or text watermark, apply 3D effect, rotate video angle, remove noise, etc. You could do these by right clicking the loaded MOV file and then choosing “Edit” option on the right-click menu.

video editing


Part 3: How to Convert Sony Vegas for Free with Free Online Video Converter

Besides Leawo Video Converter, you could also convert MOV files for Sony Vegas for free to import MOV files into Sony Vegas for editing. There are quite a great number of free MOV video converter tools, like Handbrake, Format Factory, etc. You could also try some free online video converter tools to convert MOV files to Sony Vegas for free online. Here, we would like to take for example to show you how to convert MOV files for free for Sony Vegas.

Free Online Video Converter

As an all-inclusive free online media converter tool, could help you convert video, audio, image, documents, etc. Follow the below steps to learn how to free convert MOV files for Sony Vegas online:

1. Visit the website at

2. Choose the “CONVERT A VIDEO FILE” button.

3. Upload source MOV files for converting by clicking “SELECT OR DROP FILE” button.

4. Choose a conversion format from the dropdown menu, say MP4.

5. Click on "More Settings" option to adjust output video parameters like encoder, bit rate, aspect ratio, audio codec, etc. according to your Sony Vegas.

6. Click the "Start" button to start to convert MOV files for free online.

7. When the conversion completes, download the converted video files to your computer. And then, you could import the converted MOV files to your Sony Vegas.

There are quite a few wonderful free online video converters that help you complete this like onlineconvert, ZAMZAR, etc. Free online video converters require no program download and installation. However, you need to know that most free online video converters convert media files less than 100MB only.

Part 4: A Comparison between Leawo Video Converter and Free Online Video Converter

With both Leawo Video Converter and free online video converter tools, you could easily convert MOV files and then open MOV files in Sony Vegas. The below table would show you their differences. You could learn more from this table.


Leawo Video Conerter

Free Online Video Converter

Convert video and audio files between multiple file formats



Convert photos into slideshow video


Partial tools do

Select subtitles and audio tracks



Play back media files



Set output profile parameters like codec, bit rate, aspect ratio, etc.



Batch conversion


Partial tools do

Merge files into one



Edit media files (trim video length, add watermark, apply 3D effect, change video effect, crop video size, etc.)



Edit generated photo slideshow



Download and installation




Starting from $29.95 per year


File size limitation

No limitation

Mostly tools convert media files less than 100M

Quite obvious, Leawo Video Converter is a more comprehensive media converter suite that offers not only media conversion but also other wonderful features like video editing and 3D movie creating. On the other hand, online free video converter tools offer totally free media conversion services without download and installation, but have limitation in file size. Meanwhile, online free video converter tools highly depend on Internet connection performance.

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