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2013 Top 20 Creepiest Free Halloween Apps for Android

Halloween is coming, everyone must be on the move. People now have more ways to celebrate the Halloween holiday, like watching Halloween movies, playing Halloween games, creating Halloween picture DVD, etc. You could even transfer Halloween movies or pictures to iPhone or other devices for on-the-go enjoyment. What’s the better way to celebrate Halloween 2013? If you are expecting some spooky fun this Halloween, then there’s no better stuff than horror games for Android phones or tablets. There are lots of scary games for Android that are just as heart-pounding as playing on a console. If you’re an Android user, you may like the top 20 creepiest free Halloween apps for Android that we picked out to prepare for Halloween evening.

Some of the free app games for Android are good for your kids and their peers to play on their own on Halloween eve, and others are thrilling and scary Halloween Android apps for the whole family to read or play together. Pick out some from the list below and give it a try, they’ll get you in the Halloween mood fully.

1. Halloween Party Soundboard!(Free)

A scary Halloween soundboard allowing you to choose the scariest sound from Psycho to Scarecrow, hide your phone, select a delay from 5 to 60 seconds, and scare your friend as the sounds play by itself.

Halloween Party Soundboard!

2. Angry Birds Seasons(Free)

A fun app offering more than 300 challenging levels of pig-popping action and golden eggs to discover while the birds are celebrating different festive seasons around the world.

Angry Birds Seasons

3.  Restaurant Story: Halloween(Free)

A spooky app that lets you adorn your restaurant with cobwebs, cauldrons or spooky pianos and hire Zombie Waiters to serve your customers.

Restaurant Story: Halloween

4. Gun Zombie: Halloween (Free)

A first-person shooter game where you can choose a powerful weapon and shoot spooky Halloween monsters.

Gun Zombie: Halloween

5.House of Fear: Escape (Free)

A puzzle game which is set in a haunted house filled with horrifying monsters. See if you can save your friend who has been captured and run from Slender Man and the monsters of Silent Hill.

House of Fear: Escape

6.Coin Dozer: Halloween(Free)

An arcade game which is set in a graveyard where you can collect prizes and treats as well as candies and jack-o-lanterns, but watch out for ghosts and monsters lurking around the graveyard.

Coin Dozer: Halloween

7. Halloween(Free)

A fun and addicting puzzle game where you can burst Halloween characters and trigger a chain reaction.

Bubble Blast Halloween

8. Costumes for Halloween (Free)

An online store where you can pick out funny Halloween costumes for kids and adults. Keep shaking the device will show you random costumes. Bookmark your favorite costumes and buy right from this app.

Costumes for Halloween

9. GPS Tracking Pro (Free)

A family safety app that lets you use GPS technology to accurately find the place of friends and families so as to ensure the safety of kids who go out on Beggar’s Night alone for the first time. The “find my phone” feature helps find the phone quickly in case a phone gets lost at a Halloween party.

GPS Tracking Pro

10. Halloween HD Wallpapers (Free)

A fun app that collects 40 stunning high-resolution Halloween-themed pictures for your desktop of Android device.

Halloween HD Wallpapers

11. Halloween Ringtones 2013 (Free)

A fun ringtones app that provides over 100 most popular Halloween ringtones for free.

Halloween Ringtones 2013

12.Scare Your Friends (Free)

A fun app to scare your friends on Halloween night. It sets a timer and when the timer ticks down, a scary image pops up on the screen accompanied by a loud noise.

Scare Your Friends

13. Dead Space (Free)

An action game where intuitive control will guide you through treacherous terrain in 6 varied bloodcurdling environments and you have to battle Necromorphs. See if you can survive one of the most bone-chilling experience on mobile.

Dead Space

14. Dead Runner (Free)

A thrilling action game allowing players to choose between distance and point modes as you run through a creepy forest. Speed levels increase as you outrun the evil that’s chasing you.

Dead Runner

15. Slenderman Live (Free)

A puzzle game where players should collect notes and run to hide from Slenderman. To look around, tilt your phone or tablet left or right.

Slenderman Live

16. Dark Meadow: The Pact (Free)

A captivating action game set in a strange and decaying Montclair Hospital, where players should use only a crossbow to combat the wicked witch who has her minions to steal the life from patients.

Dark Meadow: The Pact

17. Into The Dead (Free)

An adventure action game set in a dark and gruesome world of the zombie apocalypse where survivals should unlock powerful weapons to help them stay alive.

Into The Dead

18. Dead City (Free)

A gripping action game set in a dark world where all humanity have been wiped out by a nuclear attack and you should try every means to survive zombie hell.

Dead City

19. Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion (Free)

A puzzle game where players will take on the role of a Curse Breaker and visit a haunted mansion to defeat evil spirits and save a family from the curse of a crystal ball.

 Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion

20. Zombiewood - Zombies in L.A! (Free)

An action shooter game where you should run and try to survive the zombie apocalypse by zapping, boiling and burning zombies using 30 wicked weapons. Wage combat in 20 different movies and 10 unique game modes.

Zombiewood - Zombies in L.A!

After swiping through the top 20 free scary apps for Android, you can select several to download onto your Android phones or tablets to play on Halloween night. Then just feel the atmosphere of Halloween carnival, and it will be the most excited Halloween.

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