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Best 30 Anime Songs and Sites for Anime Songs Download

Generally, every content including movies and anime is never completed without music, and it makes a lot of people conjure up an image of the productions. Many people enjoy listening to the best anime songs, but which anime songs are set to go down in history as the best of the best? Which anime music is cemented in everyone's minds as exemplary tunes that no fan would ever be able to forget? Obviously, it is hard to get a correct answer here.

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Part 1: Best 30 Anime Songs of All Time

Without further ado, we’ve compiled just a list of the best anime songs for you. Like in previous years, the order of the anime music is in no particular order. So now, let’s get into the best 30 anime songs of all time.

Track Artists Track Artists Track Artists
1 Pokémon Theme Jason Paige 11 The Day Porno Graffiti 21 Fire Queen Bee
2 Cha-La Head-Cha-La Hironobu Kageyama 12 Battlecry Nujabes 22 Black Catcher Vickeblanka
3 We Are! Hiroshi Kitadani 13 Duvet Boa 23 The Rumbling SiM
4 Tank The Seatbelts 14 Jiyū no Tsubasa Linked Horizon 24 Trigger Yuuki Ozaki
5 A Cruel Angel’s Thesis Yoko Takahashi 15 Resonance T.M. Revolution 25 Flyers Bradio
6 Connect ClariS 16 Papermoon Tommy heavenly6 26 Colours Yama
7 Colors FLOW 17 Kaikai Kitan Eve 27 The Hero JAM Project
8 The WORLD Nightmare 18 Just Fly Away Edge of Life 28 Sono Chi no Sadame Hiroaki Tommy Tominaga
9 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang QUEENDOM 19 Ignited T.M. Revolution 29 Inferno Hiroaki Tommy Tominaga
10 Again YUI 20 Hakushu Kassai Utaawase Supercell 30 Silhouette Kana-Boon

Above, the list contains some iconic anime music that will have you hooked and will introduce you to some amazing shows you may not have learned about.

Part 2: Top 8 Sites for Anime Songs Download

Many anime fans like to collect wonderful anime music to play on mobile devices and use them as ringtones or for other purposes. However, sometimes it's hard to find the needed source for popular anime songs. To find a good place to download anime songs, you have come to the right sites. I’ll list the top 8 sites for anime music download that are quite capable of downloading any songs online. Why not read and build your own anime soundtrack collection?

1. Gendou (Down)

When talking about anime music download, you can’t miss Gendou, one of the best sites to download Anime songs in MP3. This website has many channels, such as forums, music, radio, chat, etc. And aside from music, you can also play games here. Meanwhile, if the OST you want to download still needs to be added to the list, you can request it from the site's admin. However, you have to create an account first before you can start downloading Anime OST.


2. Anime OST

Anime OST is one more useful site for anime soundtracks download. For sure, you can find whatever anime music you want to listen to with its long list of music collections. It has been informing visitors about topics such as Ost, anime opening and closing.

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3. Nipponsei Minglong

As one of the simplest websites that has been developed to provide Anime OST music only, Nipponsei Minglong contains thousands of anime OSTs and also provides download links. What's more, you can download these files in ZIP format.

download anime songs

4. Rate Your Music

Rate Your Music is a music rating website where you can rate music, which is one of the largest music databases and communities online. It's a good place to download anime songs that you can use in endless ways to discover new music. You will find anime OST to download full anime OST for free and all information related to the anime OST that you are looking for such as genre, release date, language, etc.

dwonload anime songs

5. is a popular video-sharing site where you can find anime music. As one of the most popular anime song downloading sites, has a considerable number of anime music and keeps regular updates. To find the music you want, just type in the music you are looking for in the search box in the top right corner.

download anime songs

6. Video Game Music

Video Game Music is not completely an anime music download site, for it is a website used for downloading free game music. However, it gets a very vast collection of free anime music. Just type the name of an anime song into the big search box and play and download the music.

download anime songs

7. Mp3 Anime

When talking about anime music download, you may try Mp3 Anime, as well. Mp3 Anime is one of the greatest anime music search engines on the web with a clear and concise interface. It offers quite a number of MP3 anime openings and closings.

download anime songs

8. Hikarinoakari

For Anime MP3 download sites to visit, you should not miss Hikarinoakari. Hikarinoakari allows you to download Anime music from famous Anime series and movies like Naruto: Shippuuden and Kimi no Na Wa and even the OSTs from ongoing Anime. It is quite easy to use due to its user-friendly interface, making it more popular among anime fans.

dwonload anime songs

Part 3: Solution for Anime Songs Download

Since you have known where to download anime music, it’s time to build your new anime soundtrack collection! Except for the websites provided above, there is another method to help you collect and manage anime soundtracks. With Leawo Music Recorder, you can enjoy popular anime songs anywhere anytime you like. As the best audio recording software ever for music lovers to record any audio and music on Windows and Mac, it could automatically add music info to recordings including artist, album, cover, song title, etc.

Leawo Music Recorder also allows people to schedule music recordings by setting the recording start time and recording duration and managing recordings in the media library. And it records a mic or other built-in input audio stream, and music with Task Scheduler to preset recording start time and duration. Firstly, you have to install the Leawo Music Recorder program on your Windows or Mac desktop. To record anime music on your computer, you can follow the below steps.

  • Music Recorder
  • Leawo Music Recorder

    - Support both Windows and Mac verisons.
    - Record online/steaming music from 500+ sites like YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, etc. in high quality.
    - Support variety of Radio and Podcasts like AOL Radio, Sound Cloud, NPC, etc.
    - Record audio from mic or other built-in input aodio streams.
    - Manage music/audio recordings, including edit music tags, record music files to iTune within 1 click, etc.
    - Capture any music/audio powerfully with original quality and customized settings.

Step 1: Set Audio Source

You need to click the "Audio Source" button on the main interface to set the audio source. If you want to record online music or record streaming audio, just select "Record Computer Audio". If you prefer to record music from built-in input audio, tap the "Record Audio Input" option.


Step 2: Set Output Format

To set the output format of popular anime songs, click “Format”> “Output Format”. There are 2 format options for choice: mp3 Audio(*.mp3) and wav Audio(*.wav). In the meantime, you can feel free to adjust the audio parameters in the “Audio Setting” box, including bit rate and sample rate.

record music

Step 3: Choose Output Directory

After all the settings, you can go to the “General” tab, just click the folder icon to browse and choose an output directory to save output recordings in the “Output” box.

record music

Step 4: Start to Record

In the end, tap the red "Start" button to start to download the best anime songs. And then play source audio files. It is supposed that you first let this music recording software start recording, and then play your source audio.

record music

To get a much more convenient way to download anime songs without using any site, the third-party program, Leawo Music Recorder is ideal for you.

Best tool to download anime music from music video

Social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Dailymotion, and Twitter offer a great number of high-quality anime music videos in various fields. What could you do if you want to download videos of anime music to a computer easily? Hereby, we reveal the best video downloaders for Windows and Mac — CleverGet Video Downloader. It is one of the modules built in CleverGet (an ultimate video downloading solution for most streaming platforms). CleverGet Video Downloader could meet almost all your needs, which is a professional video downloader that intends to enhance your video downloading experience.

  • CleverGet Video Downloader
  • CleverGet Video Downloader

    - Support both Windows and Mac versions.
    - Enable users to download online videos, movies, TV shows, live streams, etc. from 1000+ websites.
    - Detect M3U8 links intelligently with an inherent browser to download videos.
    - Download 8K video and audio at 320 kbps without quality loss.
    - Support to download TV series episodes of all/certain seasons in batches.
    - Download online video to MP4/MKV/WEBM or other available popular formats.

Talking about its download speed, CleverGet Video Downloader will get your videos downloaded within minutes no matter the size. It supports more than 1000+ websites related to media, and multiple downloading tasks are processed in batches simultaneously. You could play the music on your iPhone or MP3, for it supports various video formats, such as MP4, MKV, WEBM, and 3GP. You can also input websites in the built-in browser to access downloadable videos.


This post has shown you the best 30 anime songs of all time, and collected top 8 sites for downloading anime songs. Also, the solution for anime songs download and best video downloader software that you could get to download anime music videos have been provided. If you cannot wait to download the best anime songs and music videos, just try the two wonderful tools — Leawo Music Recorder and CleverGet Video Downladoer now!



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