How to Backup iPhone

Backup iPhone to computer seems to be a very simple issue. The user only needs to plug their iPhone into computer and launch iTunes, then hit “Back Up” in the File option to kick off the backup process. Or they only need to get Wi-Fi, and connect iPhone to charger with the screen closed, then the iPhone data will be uploaded to the cloud. Both ways are easy to be done, and have their own unique advantages. As a matter of fact, iPhone backup issues occasionally come up along the iPhone users, and different problems may have different solutions. So let’s take a look at the solutions of how to backup iPhone to computer in the following post.

Part 1. General Idea
Part 2. iTunes/iCloud Backup Solutions
Part 3. Top 10 iPhone Backup Software
Part 4. Best iPhone Backup Software (Video Tutorial)

Part 1. General Idea

iPhone backup, in iTunes or iCloud, will provide a safe copy of the important data in our iPhone, and help us to get the lost files back.

Part 2. iTunes/iCloud Backup iPhone Solutions

Which One Should Be Chosen?

iTunes and iCloud backups are both helpful for backing up users’ iPhone, but which one should be chosen? In fact, iTunes and iCloud backup both have their own unique characteristics which can’t be replaced by the other. Either way is useful when you want to backup iPhone. But as you may see, iPhone users should worry about the sync of iTunes, and the storage of iCloud is limited. So these can be the main reasons why some iPhone users don’t want to use them.

How to Backup iPhone with iTunes & iCloud

Voila, you have got most of your important backed up in your computer or the cloud. When we want to backup music files, apps and other files which can’t be saved in the backups, we’ll need the help of the third-party iPhone backup software.

Tips for Backup iPhone

Part 3. Top 10 iPhone Backup Software

People can find various kinds of iPhone backup programs on the Internet now, and they will be helpful when you want to backup iPhone without using iTunes, or want to view the files after backing up your iPhone. The following post introduces 10 iPhone backup software to all users.

Recommended: Leawo iTransfer is an all-in-one iPhone transfer program with an easy-to-use interface. With this iPhone backup/transfer software, users are able to get rid of the sync of iTunes.

• Backup iPhone files to computer in viewable files within seconds.
• Transfer iPhone files without the sync of iTunes.
• Fully compatible with iPhone 3GS or later.
• Fully support the latest version of iTunes.
• Transfer Apps, media files, Camera Roll and contacts easily.
• Make iPhone as a flash drive.

Part 4. Video Tutorial

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