While Blu-ray discs have become increasingly popular these days, DVDs are not obsolete. With a DVD, you can watch the extras that you don't get at the cinema or online streaming. So are there any good DVD movies to watch in 2022? What are the new releases on DVD today? And what about the new DVD releases dates? In this post, you will find the new DVD releases in 2022, don't miss out!

Part 1: New DVD Releases in 2022

DVD movies are an excellent alternative to online streaming, which allows you to avoid streaming issues of all sorts. You also get to watch extra content such as the director's cut or bonus content, such as outtakes, deleted scenes, etc. In this part, we will introduce the new DVD releases in 2022, just read on!

1. Bros(2022)

Bros is a 2022 romantic comedy that follows two gay men in Manhattan who have commitment problems but are drawn to each other. Bros is a whole bunch of fun to watch and it is the only LGBTQ+ movie you can find in the new DVD releases of November 2022. The movie is also available in UHD Blu-ray, just make sure you have a Blu-ray player to play the 4K version.

2. The Good House(2021)

Based on Ann Leary's same-name novel, the movie revolves around the life of New England realtor Hildy Good when she rekindles an old flame of hers from New York. With Sigourney Weaver's stellar performance, the movie is a fusion of comedy, romance, drama, and suspense. The Good House is one of the best new DVD releases this week, and it also has a Blu-ray version available on BestBuy.

3. The Power of the Dog(2021)

The Power of the Dog is among the new DVD releases in 2022. Nominated for a total of 12 Oscars, the movie is one of the best new movie releases on DVD and Blu-ray Discs for collection. Directed by Jane Campion, one of the greatest filmmakers of the generation, The Power of the Dog has received approval ratings for its gorgeous cinematography and deep emotions, making it one of the best 4K movies to watch in recent times.

4. Moonage Daydream (2022)

Released in September 2022, Moonage Daydream is a cinematic odyssey that explores David Bowie's spiritual and musical journey. The new movie releases on DVD and Blu-ray are a great audiovisual treat for fans of David Bowie, presenting the most mercurial artist in a unique way, that is, a pristine sensory voyage that showcases the unconventional artist with astonishing sound.

5. Pearl(2022)

Pearl is a 2022 psychological horror movie that depicts a young woman on the brink of madness pursuing stardom to escape the loveless life. Pearl has received positive reviews for Mia Goth's brilliant performance. It's a cleverly packed pandemic production that echoes global anxiety. Pearl is surely one of the best new DVD releases 2022 for fans of the X films series.

6. Top Gun: Maverick(2022)

One of the new DVD releases to check out is Top Gun: Maverick. Starring Tom Cruise, the movie follows Maverick who has to confront his past while training a group of younger Top Gun graduates. Top Gun: Maverick is the highest-grossing film of 2022 as well as one of the new DVD movie releases in October 2022. For those who love the previous production, Top Gun: Maverick is a worthy sequel you don't want to miss out on.

7. Hatching(2022)

Hatching is one of the new DVD releases this week, which premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival in January 2022. Hatching is a body horror movie that follows a young gymnast desperate to please her mother, who hopes to present the perfect family image to the world. With a hard horror shell, Hatching greatly balances beauty and revulsion, making it one of the best DVD new releases to check out.

8. Three Minutes: A Lengthening (2021)

Three Minutes: A Lengthening is a snippet of 16mm film that offers a glimpse into the lives of unsuspecting Jewish citizens in a small Polish village during World War 2. The documentary is a poetic meditation on film, history, and loss, presenting a world of devastating accounts of Nazi atrocities. As one of the new DVD releases in October 2022, Three Minutes: A Lengthening is a must-have DVD collection.

9. Happening(2022)

Adapted from Annie Ernaux's novel of the same name, Happening follows her experience with abortion in France in the 1960s. With a slightly distant tone, the movie presents a heavy-duty topic in a restrained manner rather than lecturing or making a statement. Happening is one of the new DVD releases in September 2022, with Blu-ray releases available on Amazon as well.

10. Hold Your Fire(2021)

Written, directed, shot, edited, and produced by Stefan Forbes, Hold Your Fire is a 2021 American documentary that follows the 1973 New York City hostage incident in Brooklyn. It's a fast-paced, suspenseful real-life thriller that features an array of brilliant characters. For those who hope to have a look at the little-known moment in history with profound repercussions, the movie is one of the new DVD releases in September, which is ready for you to pick up.

11. Sound of Metal(2019)

Sound of Metal is a 2019 American drama that follows a heavy metal drummer's chaotic life when he begins to lose his hearing. The movie is a powerful yet sensitive exploration of disability, which immerses you in a noiseless world but with volumes spoken loudly and clearly. The DVD release date is 2 years after the cinema premiere, and the critical acclaim makes it one of the most brilliant new DVD releases to collect in 2022.

12. Anne at 13,000 Feet(2019)

The Canadian drama movie Anne at 13,000 Ft. follows a shy and social daycare worker, who changes her attitude toward her life after she skydives for the first time. The movie is one of the new DVD releases in September 2022 with a premiere date in 2019. Focusing on a woman on the verge of vertigo, Anne at 13,000 Feet is surely a sight to behold. When your life is slipping out of your grasp, you might as well take a leap of faith.

Part 2: How to Rip New DVD Releases?

Now you know the best new DVD releases in 2022 as well as the new DVD releases dates, just go check them out. All the new DVD movie releases are available on Amazon and BestBuy. Moreover, you might find the Ultra Blu-ray version available for some titles!

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Final Thoughts

What are the new DVD releases coming out this year? This article has introduced the new movie releases on DVD in 2022. Just make sure to rip the movies to digital formats with Leawo Blu-ray Ripper, so you can enjoy your new DVD releases anywhere and anytime!