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How to Edit WMA Files Separately on Windows 10/7 and Mac

If you are fond of playing with audios, you may desire to own one great audio editor to assist you. No matter you would like to make your own ringtones or just make and edit music, a powerful tool to edit audio files will often make your work become easy. If you just want to know the way or the tool of editing WMA audio files on Windows 10/7 and Mac, you can check out this guidance to help you to make it at ease.

Part 1: Best 5 WMA File Editors on Windows 10/7 and Mac

There are many sound editors available in the market for you to use to edit WMA files Mac and Windows. You should select the one that suits you best. While you are selecting one audio editor, you should know clearly on the purpose you will use that program for. Then, you’d better go through the functions and check whether a particular sound editing program meets your requirements. In this part, I’d like to take into consideration all these factors and list the best 5 WMA file editors on Windows 10/7 and Mac.
1. Leawo Video Converter


Leawo Video Converter can be applied to edit WMA files on windows 10/7 and Mac quite simply. This is one top video converter as well as audio converter, which enables users to convert video and audio files from one format to another. The video format that it supports includes MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, MTS, FLV, and etc. It can cope with various audio formats like MP3, AAC, FLAC, AC3, and etc. It is also equipped with the feature of editing video and audio files.
2. Audacity


When it comes to the issue of how to edit WMA files windows 7/10 and Mac, Audacity will be a good assistant tool for you. It is one free, open source, cross-platform audio program for multi-track recording and editing. This tool is rich in functions, which offers users with good operational experience. It can not only be used to edit audio files, but also record audio files. It is easy for you to make use of it to record live audio, digitize recordings, and also capture streaming audio.
3. Adobe Audition


If you have no idea on the issue of “how do I edit WMA files”, you can resort to Adobe Audition to assist you. This software enables you to edit audio files just like a pro. You can use it to mix, edit, and create audio files. You can also get a pristine sound when you use it to make an audio file.
4. Wondershare WMA Cutter


Wondershare WMA Cutter can help you to enhance video and audio files by trimming, cropping, applying effect, adding watermark, and so on. Therefore, it is simple for you to take advantage of this tool to fix how to edit WMA files on Mac and Windows 10/7. It is also helpful for converting video and audio to over 1000 formats, which is easy for you to burn and customize DVD with free DVD menu templates.
5. Xilisoft Video Converter


Xilisoft Video Converter can be used for editing WMA files on a Mac and Windows 10/7. It can play a great role in converting the cut clips into usable formats. The number of audio and video formats that it supports is over 160. The features of this tool are well-defined and well-arranged. The user-interface of it is also simple and friendly.

Part 2: How to Edit WMA Files on Windows 10/7

In order to help you to fix how to edit WMA files windows 7/10, here I would like to recommend you Leawo Video Converter. Its features have been introduced in the first part briefly. Now let’s begin to have a look at how to handle the issue via this gorgeous software.

Step 1: Choose Video Converter Mode
Run Leawo Prof. Media on your Windows computer and then choose the module of “Video Converter” in the main interface to click on.


Step 2: Add WMA Files to Interface
When you are in the interface of Leawo Video Converter, you need to hit on the button of “Add Video” and then choose the WMA files that you would like to edit. You are also able to drag and drop the WMA files to add them into the screen.


Step 3: Edit WMA Files
When the WMA files are loaded in the software screen, you need to hit on the “Edit” icon at the right side of the audio file on the processing pane. Thus, you will be brought to the editing window to customize your audio file. Click on the “Trim” button at the right side of the window to drag the slide bar to trim audio length. You can also manually enter values in the box of “Start Time” and “End Time” to view the clip length immediately. Afterwards, you can tap on the “OK” button to confirm your settings.


If you desire to remove the background noise on your WMA files, you can click on the option of “Remove Noise” on the left sidebar and then drag this button to green. Thus, the disturbing rumble or hum on the audio will disappear.

Part 3: How to Edit WMA Files on Mac

As for editing WMA files on a Mac, you can make use of Wondershare WMA Cutter to reach this goal. The features of it have been shown in the first part of this tutorial. Now let’s begin to see the detailed steps to use this tool to fix this issue properly in the following contents.
Step 1: Add WMA Files
Run the software on your computer and then hit on the button of “Add Files” to import your WMA files to this program. You can also directly drag and drop the WMA files into the screen of this tool.


Step 2: Open Trimming Window
Hit on the trim icon in the interface after the WMA files are loaded into the screen to call out the trimming window.


Step 3: Cut WMA Files
You can slide the side lay to the location you desire to trim and click the “Cut” button to confirm your settings. The audio file will be cut into some segments according to your settings.


Step 4: Save Trimmed WMA Files
Hit on the “Save” button to confirm your cuttings. Thus, you will be able to view the rimmed audio clips in the main interface. You can also click on the folder icon at the bottom of the screen to set a proper location on your computer to save the edited WMA files. You are also allowed to merge all audio clips into one by turning the console “Merge All videos” on at the bottom of the window.


Extension: How to Clean Up WMA Files with Leawo Tunes Cleaner

After you know some great WMA editors and the methods to fix how to edit a WMA file on Windows 10/7 and Mac, you can also continue to learn the solution to clean up WMA files effectively. Leawo Tunes Cleaner is the tool that I strongly recommend you make use of. It can tidy up iTunes and other music libraries with just a few clicks. By cleaning up, your music files in iTunes or other music folders will become tidy and organized. This professional program is really easy to handle. Now let’s start to see the step-by-step instructions to clean up WMA files.


Leawo Tunes Cleaner 

☉ Clean up iTunes music library and other music libraries in clicks;
☉ Automatically download and add music tags like artist, title, cover, album, etc.
☉ One click duplicate removal to remove duplicate songs in music library;
☉ Manually add and complete music tags like artist, album, cover, genre, etc.

Step 1: Run Software and Scan Local Folder
Kick off Leawo Tunes Cleaner on your computer and then choose the option of “Open Music Files” in the main interface. Thus, you can choose the local folder that contains the WMA files that you desire to clean up. When you open the folder, the software will begin to scan it automatically.


Step 2: Fix WMA Files
When the scanning process comes to an end, it will show all the WMA files that have problems in specific categories in the left side window. You can check the files that you need to fix and then hit on the button of “Fix All”.


Step 3. Apply Fixed WMA Files
When the fixing procedure is over, you need to hit on the “Apply” button to apply the fixed WMA file to its original folder. You can also use the edit icon to call out the tag editing panel to adjust the file info manually, including the name, artist, album and etc.


Although you can also edit WMA files online or use other tools to fix how to edit WMA audio files free, the programs recommended above are most outstanding for you to apply. If you desire to clean up iTunes library or other local music folders, Leawo Tunes Cleaner will be the best choice for you to resort to.

Note: The auto music tag adding feature of Leawo Tunes Cleaner has been discontinued. You could use it to add or edit music tags manually.



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