It is quite awkward when you can not remember a song name or any word of the song. Only the tune is in your head. When you try your best to recall it, you find it is futile. Fortunately, there are some music recognition tools in the market to assist you to figure out what the song is. The music recognition software is convenient for you to get back the song name, lyrics, artist name or perfect pitch required. You can read this tutorial to find out how music recognition work and the great ways to do music recognition on mobiles and computers.

Part 1: How Does Music Recognition Work?


It is lucky for use to live in this amazing futuristic world, for we can use our phones or computers to solve lots of problems, including music recognition, computing, calls and etc. With a music recognition app installed on your phone or computer, you can relax with the song you can not remember. There is no need for you to worry about the song stuck in your head any more. However, do you now how does the music recognition work?

  1. The music recognition calls for a big database of song info, an algorithm that can extract info from your song sample fast, and a program to allow you to interface with those things.
  2. The music recognition app can listen to the music you desire to figure out. The audio will be recorded by the app and then it will upload the audio data to a server.
  3. Then it will create a fingerprint according to the few seconds of audio it hears.
  4. The fingerprint of the song will be analyzed and checked against the music database the app has. If the fingerprint of the music can match to a known song in a database, you will be lucky to obtain your music result successfully.