How to Compress ISO file to Smaller Size?

We will show you how to compress ISO to fit on DVD or smaller size in different ways. #post_content

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How to remove audio tracks from DVD?

DVD lovers always find that there are various audio tracks in the file folder. However, lots of people only need one of the audio track for watching the movie. Thus, the other audio tracks become unnecessary. When it comes to back up or compress DVD videos, many users would like…

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How to Copy and Compress 3D BD50 to BD25 with 3D Effects, Subtitles and Audios Retained

"hi is there anyway to compress bd50 3d bluray movies to bd25 bluray? or anyway i can compress 3D BD50 to BD25 via 3d bluray editing software? i've tried bd rebuilder but when i play movie its unplayable. power dvd says it cant read disk and on ps3 or pc…

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Compress Blu-ray/DVD Disc

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Blu-ray Solution Suggestions and Recommendations

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Top 2 Blu-ray Copy Software to Copy BD50 to BD25 without Quality Loss

"What is the best and easiest way to compress a BD50 movie to BD25 disc? Main Movie and sound only. I used to use DVDShrink to take out the extra features and such on DVD's, is there any great program to help copy BD50 to BD25 disc without quality loss?"…

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