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Music Tagger: How to Fix Music Tags

Most people like listening to music with their computers, smartphones or other devices. The music files come from all kinds of sources, so some of the songs may lack of complete information. Serious music fans are always willing to fix music tags manually or automatically, and they may also want to complete the music tags of a song which they record from the Internet or elsewhere. Therefore, the music tagging problem has become more and more popular among the users.

When people are going to solve the music tagging problem, no matter what devices they are using, they’ll have multiple ways to do that. The following post introduces several commonly used methods to fix music tags.

Part 1. Manually Fix Music Tags with iTunes

Solution 1. Manually Complete Music Tags with iTunes

If you are using iTunes on your computer, then congratulations, you are able to add music tags of the song manually with iTunes. The following guidance will introduce how to manually edit music tags with iTunes in detail.

Solution 2. Add Artwork Cover to iTunes Manually

When people find out a song without artwork cover in their iTunes library, they will feel annoyed. In fact, people can locate the artwork cover from Internet, and then add it to the song. The following guidance will introduce how to manually add artwork cover to iTunes in detail.

1. Right-click the song and choose Get Info to check out the information of the song.
2. Find the cover of the song on the Internet and download it to your computer.
3. Choose Get Info again and choose Artwork, then click Add Artwork at the bottom and add the image from your computer.

Solution 3. Resize the Artwork Cover

When the iTunes users check the music tags of a song in iTunes library, sometimes they’ll find that the artwork doesn’t display properly. At this moment, the users may want to have a look at the size of the artwork cover, sometimes users can resize the artwork cover and then add it to the music tags again. The following guidance will show how to resize the artwork cover of the song in detail.

1. Drag and drop the artwork cover to your computer desktop, and check out its dimensions.
2. Use an image editing tool to reduce the size under 500*500 pixels.
3. Choose Get Info again, and select Artwork. Then click Add Artwork and add the image from your computer.

Solution 4. About iTunes Match

iTunes Match enables users to sync their iTunes Music Library with all the devices they have turned iTunes Match on. This service is a new way to enjoy music without taking much storage space of the devices. However, some users have found out that iTunes Match would lead to the loss of the album artwork of the song, and won’t display them on the devices properly. At this moment, if you want to get album artwork on your devices, you only need to download the song from iCloud to your iOS devices, or re-sync the song from iTunes to your devices. The following guidance will introduce how to sync music from iTunes to iOS device in detail.

sync music

Part 2. Top 5 Helpful Music Taggers for Computer

People do not only use iTunes, but also use other music apps on their computers, and will also come up with the problem of incomplete music tags. When encountering the incomplete music tags, people won’t be able to iTunes to fix the information of the song, so they may need help of the music tagger programs. These music tagger programs allow you to scan your music library on computer, and help you to fix the music tags. Both automatic and manual fixing are supported in the programs. The following guidance will introduce 5 best music tagger programs for all.

1. Tunes Cleaner (Win & Mac, $39.99)

You can tell from the name of this program that it is used for cleaning the iTunes music library. The program enables people to clean up all the music duplicates in iTunes, fix music tags of the songs in iTunes library, and fix the music tags on computer. Users only need to add songs from computer, and the program will scan the song and figure out whether the song lacks any information. If yes, it will display the lacked information with scarlet words.

tunes cleaner

2. MusicBrainz Picard (Win & Mac, Free)

Regarded as one of the best free music tagging program in the market, MusicBrainz provides powerful functions for users to scan the music library or the music CDs. As an open-source program it is, MusicBrainz gives users a lot of additional features, which can be found on What’s more, this program enables users to download plugins to meet with their certain needs.

music brainz

3. MediaMonkey (Windows, Premium)

MediaMonkey is a multifunctional music editing program running on Windows OS. It provides free features in the standard version, and provides more functions in the Gold version. You’ll find the Tag function in the Free Version Features. As it describes, the free version helps to correct the mislabeled tracks and automatically fix the music tags based on the filenames with the built-in auto tagger.


4. Yate (OS X, $20)

"Yate was developed for the users who are serious about tagging and organizing their audio files." This program provides almost the same functions as the music tagging program on a Windows PC. It allows users to locate the audio file, view and edit the album database. The program automatically adds tags to the album for users’ preferences, and will check out whether the artwork picture matches with the audio file.


5. Tag&Rename (Win, $29.95)

Tag&Rename is a music editing tool which allows users to edit the music tags, including song name, artwork pictures and so on. The program enables users to edit the album tags in batch, and it will add the tags to all the songs in the album automatically. The program also helps users to edit other fields, including lyrics, composer, rating, etc


These programs are all helpful for the fixing music tags and organizing your music library on Windows or Mac computers. If you have a large music library which you want to organize and fix music tags, these programs can be very smart choices.

Part 3. Top 5 Music Tagger Apps for Android

As Android OS provides authority for users to edit the metadata of the media files, therefore, fixing music tags on an Android device is possible. The users can take advantage of the music tagger apps for Android to edit the music tags on their devices with simple taps. The following guidance will introduce the top 5 music tagger apps for Android.

1. MP3dit – Music Tag Editor


This app is not a music downloader at all, it only provides functions related to the music editing features. The app allows users to browse the music files, and edit the music tags with ease. The app allows users to edit album, artist and genre of all the songs on your device. The changes will be applied immediately to the songs, and the changes will be available even if the song is moved to another device.

2. ID3Fixer

ID3 fixer

As Android users are able to get songs onto their devices easily, they will sometimes get the songs with garbled music tags on their devices. This app will provide much help here. It enables users to fix tags in the music files permanently, and also allows users to make changes in the Android database, but won’t affect the music files. This app allows users to fix the tags like artist, album name, song’s name, etc.

3.Pimp My Music

pimp my music

This app is not only a music player, but also a music tag editor in the market. It enables users enjoy music they have added to the device, and when they are listening to the music, they can discover the missing albums and lyrics of the song. Also, the app allows users to fix the music tags like artist name, song’s title and so on.

4. TCM Music Tag Editor


The app provides an easy way for the users to fix the garbled text in tags encoded in Chinese, Korean and Japanese. The app also helps users to manually edit the music tags like artist name, song’s names, album name, etc. What’s more, this app helps users to find the album cover from the Internet.

5. AudioTagger – Tag Music


This music tagger app for Android helps users to fix music album artwork cover automatically, as it downloads the cover artwork from Amazon. The app also enables users to edit the music tags like file names in batch. What’s more, it helps users to search for the albums on their devices with one click.

These top 5 music tagger apps for Android enables users to edit music tags with no efforts. As iOS doesn’t allow users to manage the data in iOS devices freely, so music tagging seems to be very hard on an iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Part 4. How to Fix Music Tags Automatically

An music tagger program is helpful for the serious music fans who want to tag and organize the songs in their music library. If you purchase a song in iTunes Store, you are able to get the complete information of the song; if you download a song from the Internet, or rip a song from your CD, you might not get the complete information of a song. If you want to fix music tags of a song or certain songs, you may need a third-party music tagger program. The following guidance will take Leawo Tunes Cleaner as an example to introduce how to fix music tags in detail.

Download Windows Version
Download Mac Version
  1. Run Leawo Tunes Cleaner, and choose Open Music Files.
  2. Locate the song(s) you want find album artwork and click Open.
  3. The software scans the songs automatically. You need to click Fix All at the upper right corner.
  4. The program fixes all music tags and provides a preview. Click Apply at the upper right corner to finish the task.

Of course, you can find more programs and apps to help you fix music tags, but Leawo Tunes Cleaner provides a more direct and efficient way to accomplish the task.

Part 5. Related Tips

  • Tip 1. Why Not Using Streaming Music?

    apple music

    Streaming music service is more powerful than you think. Set the new Apple Music as an example, it will upload the songs from your iTunes Music Library to the cloud, so when you listen to the songs on your device, you will see the song with complete music tags as the tags have been fixed in the cloud. The other streaming music services, such as Spotify, Rdio and so on, also provides functional streaming music services, and the users can enjoy the music on the go with complete music tags, and they don’t have to download these songs for listening.
  • Tip 2. Keep iTunes Folder Organized, or Not?


    Why should you keep your iTunes folder organized? The answer seems to be simple – iTunes will take good care of all my albums and songs. After checking Keep iTunes Media folder organized and Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library, all the albums and songs will be ordered in an Artists > Albums structure, and the songs without names or albums will be added to Unknown folder. The advantage of doing this is that you will get a literally organized iTunes music library; but the disadvantage will be that you will probably have tons of music copies on your computer. Imagine that you have hundreds of thousands of songs you need to add to iTunes…So you’d better keep iTunes off handling your music folder.
  • Tip 3. Shazam is a Good Choice


    Shazam app can be found on both iOS and Android, and it is a good choice when you want to organize your iPhone music. When you don’t know what a song is, this app can identify the song immediately. It also automatically tag the song for you, which will be helpful for the people who are serious about music tags and artist work. What’s more, when you are listening a song played by your favorite DJ and want to find out the name of song, this app will do the research for you. The app is free and ad-supported, if you want to get rid of the ads, you’ll need to upgrade to Shazam Encore.

Note: The auto music tag adding feature of Leawo Tunes Cleaner has been discontinued. You could use it to add or edit music tags manually.



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