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Best Joe Rogan Podcast: Where to Listen & Watch

When talking about the famous podcaster, the first name that appears in your head must be Joe Rogan, who runs a podcast program named Joe Rogan Experience that has invited celebrities from the famous to the controversial to the famously controversial. Here on this page, we have collected some best Joe Rogan podcast episodes. You could also learn how to listen to Joe Rogan’s podcasts here in various ways.

Part 1: What is Joe Rogan Podcast about?

Who is Joe Rogan? What is Joe Rogan podcast about? Back in 2009, comedian and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan launched The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, a show where he would sit down with a guest and talk about life.

joe rogan poster

Most of the Joe Rogan podcasts are around 3 hours long, and the guests come in many shapes and colors. From celebrities to entertainers to scientists to athletes to people who just have interesting stories or interesting minds, The Joe Rogan Experience exposes its audience to a variety of different ideas and ways of thinking. Rogan is known for his blunt and colorful personality, which has drawn in many like-minded fans and probed guests to open up in ways they might not have considered.

Over the past decade, he has released over 1,750 podcast episodes on YouTube and Spotify. The top 10 most popular Joe Rogan Experience podcasts on YouTube have ~250 million views alone. While it’s difficult to choose with so many episodes, we’ve rounded up some of the best Joe Rogan podcasts you can listen to on YouTube and Spotify right now in the below part.

Part 2: 12 Best Episodes of Joe Rogan Podcast

Here are Joe Rogan's best podcasts so far by the writing. Joe Rogan keeps releasing new episodes on YouTube and Spotify, as well as on his own website. Therefore, you might get more interesting Joe Rogan podcasts in the future.

No. 1: Episode #1169 – Elon Musk

best joe rogan podcast

The 2-hour-37-minute long podcast with Elon Musk, the visionary CEO and founder of SpaceX and former richest man on Earth, first aired on September 7, 2018 on YouTube has drawn 66 million views and 1 million likes. It gives you things from business development skills to Elon's life insights. Throughout the episode, Musk and Rogan discuss various topics, including the future of artificial intelligence and Musk’s secondary business ventures. Moreover, you will get an up-close look at one of the most genius minds as he talks about his views and opinions on government, social media, drugs, and more.

No. 2: JRE #1916 - Jon Bernthal

best joe rogan podcast

One of the most consistently solid actors currently working in Hollywood, Jon Bernthal has had acclaimed roles in The Walking Dead, The Punisher, The Wolf of Wall Street, King Richard, Baby Driver, The Bear, and more. In his sitdown with Rogan, Bernthal discussed his career, his recent controversial decision to interview Transformers actor Shia LaBeouf on his own podcast, and the time he almost accidentally killed a man, an event that changed his whole outlook on life.

No. 3: JRE #1375 – Edward Norton

best joe rogan podcast

In this interview with Edward Norton, Norton discusses almost passing on American History X. This is a fascinating conversation about following your creative muse. Then, in the same episode, Rogan and Norton go in depth about the Japanese martial art aikido with the same amount of gusto. This episode is a fun and thought-provoking ride about passion and creativity.

No. 4: JRE #919 – Neil DeGrasse Tyson

best joe rogan podcast

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist and a renowned author. Unlike other science podcast episodes, you will learn about complex science topics in the most simplistic manner. In this episode, Tyson and Joe delve into the mysteries of the universe and beyond. You will learn about possible alien invasions and the future of water shortage. Their shared love of science makes the episode both entertaining and informative.

No. 5: JRE #1343 – Penn Jillette

best joe rogan podcast

Penn Jillette is one half of the famous magician duo Penn & Teller, as well as an actor, writer, inventor, musician, and overall performer in his own right. Rogan and Jillette hit upon many topics, from politics to magic to comedy and even conspiracies. Jillette is a thoughtful person with a clear drive, and it’s clear how fascinated Rogan is by his career. This is a great listen for anyone who wants to get a peak into one of the greatest minds in magic.

No. 6: JRE #1554 - Kanye West

best joe rogan podcast

During the discussion, West described his relationship with God, his regrets about his past lyrics, his own journey with bipolar disorder treatment, Black history, COVID-19, and his reasoning behind running for President of the United States and past support of Donald Trump, and he (in)famously described his way of speaking not as rants but as "a symphony of ideas."

No. 7: JRE #1368 – Edward Snowden

best joe rogan podcast

Edward Snowden, the infamous American whistleblower responsible for leaking classified documents of the NSA, video conferenced with Joe Rogan for a nearly three-hour conversation. Snowden claims he searched the NSA network for any evidence of aliens, chemtrails, and other popular conspiracy theories. To Rogan’s disappointment, Snowden didn’t find anything.

No. 8: JRE #737 - Lance Armstrong

best joe rogan podcast

In episode #737, Rogan talks with Lance Armstrong about his cycling accomplishments and his scandal with performance-enhancing drugs. Rogan does an excellent job interviewing Armstrong and opening up a discussion rather than calling him out for his mistakes. Armstrong’s story is surely a historical one and it was fascinating to listen to the two of them discuss the controversy surrounding Armstrong.

No. 9: JRE #1054 - Dr. Rhonda Patrick

best joe rogan podcast

This particular episode, #1054, aired in 2017. In this episode, Dr. Patrick demonstrates her knowledge of diet and exercise and how both affect our overall health. She explains everything so well and helps highlight which areas of our health we need to continuously be working on and monitoring. Again, Rogan does a great job of asking all the right questions and getting the most useful information out of the interview.

No. 10: JRE #1109 – Matthew Walker

best joe rogan podcast

In this episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, you will hear from the sleep expert Matthew Walker. He has also written famous books, such as Why We Sleep: Unlocking The Power Of Sleep And Dreams. In this episode, Walker shares his knowledge and insights on everything from deep sleep to the risks of oversleeping. This podcast episode might change the way you sleep forever. Did you know that if you sleep in a hotel room, only half of your brain will sleep? Or that taking naps won’t make up for lost sleep? These are just some fascinating facts that Walker shares in the podcast.

No. 11: JRE #1241 – Sam Harris

best joe rogan podcast

Sam Harris is a neuroscientist, podcast host and author of multiple New York Times Best Sellers. His skillful articulation has risen him to the top ranks of thinkers, as he tackles many complex subject matters from neuroscience to the existence (or lack thereof) of free will and the place of religion in modern society.

No. 12: JRE #138 - Anthony Bourdain

best joe rogan podcast

Episode #138 with Anthony Bourdain is one of Joe Rogan’s earlier podcasts and it’s stood the test of time. Sadly, Bourdain is no longer with us, but at least we have this podcast alongside his many other accomplishments to remember him by. Bourdain was an American chef who authored multiple books and starred on multiple television shows. He was beloved by many and his stories are so relatable and fun to listen to. This episode is a fun walk down memory lane to remember both Bourdain and the early years of Rogan’s podcast.

Part 3: How to listen to Joe Rogan Podcast?

Joe Rogan announced on May 19, 2020, that he had signed a lucrative multi-year licensing deal with Spotify. The deal was estimated to be worth around $200 million, which is one of the biggest licensing agreements in the podcast industry to date. As per the agreement, The Joe Rogan Experience podcast became available on Spotify from September 1, 2020, and was exclusively available on the platform from January 2021.

joe rogan podcast spotify

The podcast could be accessed through both audio and video within the Spotify app, and video content was no longer uploaded or streamed on YouTube. The podcasts were usually released a day after recording to give producers enough time to make clips of the podcast. However, clips from the video version continued to be available on YouTube. It should be noted that it doesn’t mean you could only listen to Joe Rogan podcasts on Spotify though new Joe Rogan podcasts are by far available on Spotify only. With the help of Spotify podcast downloader, you could easily download and listen to Joe Rogan podcasts offline.

Of course, you could also listen to Joe Rogan Experience episodes on Joe Rogan’s official website. Meanwhile, you could also find some episodes of Joe Rogan Experience on Google Podcasts. You could listen to Joe Rogan Experience podcasts on PodTail or Google Podcasts. To listen to these podcasts offline, you could make use of audio recording software to record and download Joe Rogan Experience podcasts.

Part 4: Where to Watch Joe Rogan Podcast?

Besides audio podcasts, the Joe Rogan Experience program is also available in video on several platforms such as the OG JRE and YouTube. The OR JRE website offers multiple video clips and episodes of the Joe Regan Experience program. On the other hand, right before Joe Rogan signing up with Spotify, he posted episodes of Joe Rogan Experience on YouTube. Currently, you could still watch Joe Rogan's podcasts on YouTube by visiting Joe Rogan’s YouTube channel.

joe rogan youtube channel

Like listening to Joe Rogan Experience podcasts offline with Spotify podcast downloader tool and audio recording software, you could also watch Joe Rogan Experience podcasts offline by downloading videos from YouTube with professional YouTube video downloader software tool, such as CleverGet Video Downloader, a professional YouTube video downloader tool that could download up to 8K YouTube videos to computer for unlimited offline watching. You could learn how to download YouTube videos for a detailed guide on downloading Joe Rogan Experience podcasts from YouTube for unlimited offline watching.



Cassie is an experienced member of the Leawo editorial team. She provides information and valuable tips on entertainment and multimedia programs.

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