Brands like Hisense are also starting to gain popularities with their solid quality and rich functionalities. However, some people have encountered the MP4 playback problem with their Hisense TVs. So, does Hisense TV support MP4? If it does, then how do solve the MP4 playback problem?

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Part 1: Things You Should Know before Play MP4 Movie on Hisense TV

First of all, Most Hisense TVs do support external MP4 playback. Like most of the smart TVs, Hisense TV models usually have the ability to play digital videos from external devices like USB or HDMI cable. However, if you are planning on playing MP4 videos on your Hisense TV, there are a couple of things that you should know.

  • Not all Hisense TV can play MP4 videos. Of course, the flagship models usually have the ability to play MP4 videos, but some lower-end products or some old models may not have the MP4 support built-in. To make sure that your Hisense has the ability to play MP4 movies, you better read the user’s manual or go to the official website of Hisense and look for the detailed specification for your specific model.
  • Even if your Hisense TV supports the MP4 movie playback, there are still possibilities that you will not play the MP4 movies successfully. Sometimes it’s because you need to install a media player app on your TV, and sometimes it’s the compatibility problem of your MP4 movie file, which we will discuss later. But for now, let’s see how to play an MP4 movie in the most common way in your Hisense TV: Through the USB port.
  • Part 2: How to Play MP4 Movie on Hisense TV via USB?

    After making sure that the MP4 video format is supported by your own Hisense TV, then theoretically you can play your MP4 on your TV simply through the USB port on your TV and a USB storage device. Normally there are more than one USB port on your Hisense TV and they are placed on either the right side or the left side of the machine. The blue USB port is a USB 3.0 port, by using which you can have a higher transmitting speed if your USB device is also using a USB 3.0 protocol.

    Different TV models have different interfaces. But in general, once you have plugged your USB device in, there should be a notification on your TV telling you that a new external device is connected. Open the device folder, select the MP4 video and you should be able to play the MP4 movie directly on your Hisense TV. Sometimes you need a media player to play movies from the USB device. In that case, make sure you download and install a media player from the official app store in your Hisense smart TV.

    Part 3: How to Download MP4 Movie for Hisense TV?

    After knowing how to play MP4 movies on Hisense TV, now you want to know how to download MP4 movies for Hisense TV. Then this part will solve your confusion. As the best MP4 video downloader, CleverGet Video Downloader can download MP4 movies from more than 1000 websites, including YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, etc. In terms of download quality, up to 8K video resolution and 320 Kbps audio quality are supported. Therefore, you can use this software to get the best audio-visual feast. What's more, for efficient video download, batch downloading and multitasking are supported to save time. Now, let's see how to download MP4 movies for your Hisense TV.

    Step 1: Download CleverGet Video Downloader

    Click the button below according to your computer system to download and install this software on your computer.

    • cleverget
    • CleverGet Video Downloader

      - Download videos up to 8K resolution
      - Support 1000+ sites
      - Support live video M3U8 link downloading
      - Multi-task and playlist download
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    Step 2: Change Default Output Directory

    Since you can only install this software on Windows or Mac, you may need a USB drive to store downloaded movies. Therefore, you need to change the default output path to a USB stick. Before that, make sure it is plugged into your computer and recognized successfully. Then, click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner and select the "Settings" option. In the pop-up window, select the "Save video to" box to browse and set the output directory to USB.


    Step 3: Find MP4 Movie You Want to Watch on Hisense TV

    Using the built-in browser, you can easily find the MP4 movie you want to download. Simply enter the link of the video in the address bar to visit the video page.


    Step 4: Start to Download MP4 Movies

    The software will automatically detect all downloadable sources in the page. After a few seconds, all available videos and audios will be listed in a pop-up window. You can select the videos you want to download, and click the "Download" button to download MP4 movies to watch on Hisense TV.


    Part 4: Solve Hisense TV Can't Play MP4 Movie

    In most cases, the procedure introduced above should be able to make the MP4 movie play on your Hisense TV. However, as mentioned above, sometimes there could still be format compatibility problems when you play MP4 movies even though the MP4 format is supported by your Hisense. How to solve the problem?

    Why My Hisense TV Can't Play MP4 Movie?

    Before we talk about how to solve the Hisense TV can’t play MP4 movie, let’s talk about the reason for the problem to take place. In fact, MP4 is only a container format. Inside of the container format, the file can hold different kinds of video and audio encoded by various codecs. Most Hisense TV only supports MP4 video encoded with H.264 codec. So, if your MP4 video is encoded by the H. 264 codec, then you should be okay to play the video. But instead of H. 264, if your MP4 file is compressed with H.265/HEVC or other methods, you will most likely fail to play the MP4 movie.

    How to Fix Hisense TV Can't Play MP4 Movie?

    If you happened to be suffering the MP4 playback problem with your Hisense TV, here is a simple solution for you. For video compatibility problems, the most direct and efficient solution is to convert the video file from its original format to a compatible format with a video converter application like Leawo Video Converter. One of the biggest advantages of Leawo Video Converter is the professional video converting engine. With the advanced video converting technology, Leawo Video Converter can provide a 6X higher conversion speed and still keep the original video quality in the output media file. Also, with Leawo Video Converter, you can convert 180 kinds of video and audio formats from one to another. In the personalization aspect, Leawo Video Converter integrates a built-in video editor in the program, so that you can do some basic editing to the input file before the conversion and get a highly personalized output result. The following is a guide showing you how to solve the Hisense TV can’t play MP4 movie problem by converting the format of it with Leawo Video Converter.

    Step 1: Download and Install Leawo Video Converter

    • Leawo Video Converter
    • Leawo Video Converter
      1. Convert video and audio files between 180+ formats without quality loss
      2. Support 720P, 1080P and even real 4K video output
      3. Create photo slideshows from photos stored on camera, computer, camcorder, etc
      4. Built-in video editor to trim, crop, add watermark, apply special effect, etc
      5. 2D to 3D converter with 6 different 3D movie effects available

    Step 2: Import Video to the Program

    Download, install and Open the program. Firstly, navigate to the “Video Converter” model, then import the video that you want to convert by dragging and dropping the file to the center of the main interface of Leawo Video Converter. You can click “Add Video” to import your video into Leawo Video Converter as well. If you have multiple video imported, you can click the “merge” button at the upper right to merge them into one.

    Step 3: Select Output Format

    After importing the video, you need to set an output format for your conversion task according to the formats supported by your specific Hisense TV model. You can check the supported format in your user’s manuals or from the official website of Hisense. On the main interface of Leawo Video Converter, there is a button for format selections next to the green “Convert” button. Click on the button and choose “Change” to change the video format and select a supported format.

    Step 4: Start Converting to Fix Hisense TV Can't Play MP4 Movie

    You can edit the video by clicking the “edit” button if you want. Once you finish all the editing needed, click the green “Convert” button, select an output directory in the “Save to” box and click the “Convert” icon below to start converting your video file. Wait for a brief moment and your video would be stored in the output directory you selected.

    Part 5: Free MP4 Player Alternative for Hisense TV

    With Leawo Video Converter, you can easily convert the unsupported MP4 video to an H. 264 video file in order to make it play on your Hisense smart TV. However, if you don’t want to go through all the trouble converting the video file, there is also another solution for your, which is easier, more efficient and doesn’t cost you a penny.

    Instead of playing the MP4 video on your Hisense TV, you can directly play your MP4 video on your computer with a good media player application. With a solid media player application installed on your computer, you can have a watching experience just as good as when you are watching it on your Hisense TV. For the media player application, I’d like to recommend Leawo Blu-ray Player because it’s powerful, user-friendly and completely free.

    • Leawo Blu-ray Player
    • Leawo Blu-ray Player

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      - Play 1080P videos, 720P videos with lossless quality.

    Leawo Video Player is a professional video player program that can not only play various kinds of digital videos like AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, etc. but also play Blu-ray across region and all kinds of DVD materials. Besides that, there are also countless practical features in this program that makes it easier to play all kinds of videos. These functions include useful power manager, Virtual remote controller, Custom skin / language / background and more. In the premium version of Leawo Blu-ray Player, you can even convert a Blu-ray or DVD material to an HD MKV digital video, which is a very advanced feature for a video player application. So when you have some problem playing your MP4 video on Hisense TV, download Leawo Blu-ray Player on your computer and use it as the Hisense TV alternative should be a good idea.

    Part 6: Conclusion

    Most of the Hisense TV models do support the MP4 video playback. However, if you are having a problem playing an MP4 video on Hisense TV, it’s most likely because your MP4 video is not encoded by the H. 264 compressing method. To make the MP4 video playable on your Hisense TV, you can either convert the MP4 video to an H. 264 format with Leawo Video Converter or use a free MP4 player alternative for Hisense TV like Leawo Blu-ray Player to play the MP4 video on your computer. With either of the two applications, I’m sure you can successfully play your MP4 video and have a good time with it.