• In this post, you will learn the truth about PS4 Dolby Atmos and whether it is working for Blu-ray movies. We also recommend the best Dolby player for PS with a detail guide.

When Sony PlayStation was first released, the official declaration makes it such a powerful home entertainment device that merges the digital gaming system with a multitude of media functions. With further generations coming out by the following years, there are more improvements being included and some drawbacks being excluded. For instance, internet access has been enhanced with more online apps and audio possibility has been focused on and updated with the Dolby systems. However, users are having problems with PS4 Dolby Atmos even question the new feature. Is PS4 Pro Dolby Atmos available for real? Let’s find out today.

Part 1: Does PlayStation Support Dolby Atmos?

“I set up my new Sony Home receiver yesterday and was disappointed that I was unable to get Atmos tracks to play. My PS4, connected by HDMI, is acting as my Blu-ray player. The receiver is in turn connected by HDMI to a Sony TV if that matters. What I've tried is to set the PS4 to prioritize bitstream (priority port is HDMI OUT, audio format is "Bitstream (Dolby)"). I then set the Blu-ray (Roger Waters' the Wall, the only Atmos Blu-ray I own) to "Atmos" from the Blu-ray's home menu. And when the movie is playing, I open select "Bitstream (Direct)" following the Dolby Developer forum. However, The receiver reports it's getting TrueHD, not Atmos. I am not sure what could be wrong or what else to try. Any tips appreciated.”

The question above drives our attention to the PS4 Dolby Atmos in many respects. Since Dolby Atmos is earning increasing availability throughout the Blu-ray market, the inherent demands of the performance seem critical to the Sony PlayStation platform. It is claimed that the PS4 Pro Dolby Atmos operation has been updated compared to previous models such as PS3. That can be saying PS3 Dolby Atmos might not be a proper concept as the first PS3 generation does not offer the Dolby output at all. You cannot find any trace of “bitstream output” from the audio settings.

Sony PlayStation only supports Dolby Atmos in the models from PS4. It is possible that just a few people will notice this feature because it is not the default output. But in some cases, users are still not able to get the Dolby content out of Blu-ray discs. The reason is more likely to have an incompatibility with the Dolby format. For your information, the Dolby audio shares the common media format traits as most of the other files around. In other words, it needs specific decoders doing the math so that the content will be carried out. Thus, the major situation would be like using other audio options. Also, some Blu-ray discs might be encoded with protection methods that stop users from streaming any files inside. Although this could be a headache, resolutions can be found in this article. Next, we will talk about what other audio options PS4 leaves for us.

Part 2: What are Other Audio Options for PlayStation

It is been a long time since Sony PS4 has been put into a wide utilization. Maybe a little bit review of the PS4 audio system will be helpful.

Most scenarios when people look into sound settings would be Linear PCM, which is the default configuration of the Audio Format (Priority). Probably users without requirements of changing audial settings would not even dig out other settable options. So, what else besides the Linear PCM? PS4 Pro Dolby Atmos can be observed from the system menu as we mentioned before. In fact, there is one more audio format at service. The last one is the Bitstream (DTS). If you are interested, there is some homework on what you should know about Dolby and DTS. Those two special audio formats can assist with better auditory effects while each of them possesses distinguish attributes. And they all available for Blu-ray content.

Part 3: Free Alternative Dolby Player for PlayStation

After a short recap about PS4 Dolby Atmos, it is obvious that PS4 Pro Dolby Atmos systems are not fully capable of delivering Dolby data. Regardless of performing Bitstream (Dolby) pass-through, only a few audio options are provided. What if other receivers like DTS-HD or AAC are connected, can they all perform the same? I doubt PS4’s true ability to properly present the corresponding soundtrack. To solve this problem, you just need one universal alternative Dolby player. Hence, I strongly put forward the Leawo Blu-ray Player as your finest home entertaining tool.

This unique Leawo Blu-ray Player is designed with exquisite decoding systems that entirely support Dolby Atmos stereo data. Considered as the optimal audio media player software, the outstanding capability is represented via various soundtrack channels as many as you prefer. To be more precise, the smart auditory technologies cover all the prevalent codecs such as DTS, AAC, TrueHD, DTS-HD (including 5.1, 7.1 channels), etc. In addition, impeccable Blu-ray pictures are ensured in no quality loss together with hearing enjoyments. Leawo Blu-ray Player welcomes Blu-ray content of any region due to the advanced decrypting processes. When you have trouble with regional Blu-ray playback, just let this awesome program to cope with them so that none of Dolby films will be missed. Besides, 4K Blu-ray formats are thoroughly compatible including 4K video in MKV, MP4 and TS formats. Users find all media formats available in this app as well as the full control panel, convenient toolkits, detailed parameter settings, changeable skins, and more. You can also activate and operate the Leawo virtual remote controller to adjust Dolby sound effects. The upgrade version even allows the direct conversion from Blu-ray to MKV files losslessly.

Want the simplest way to enable Dolby audio output in this novice-friendly software? Just free download the best cross-platform Dolby player and go with the steps below:

Step 1. Launch Leawo Blu-ray player on the computer and load Blu-ray movies.

Insert your Dolby Atmos Blu-ray disc into the drive and double click to open Leawo Blu-ray player. The home page will come out with the Blu-ray disc name in the middle of the window. Tap the disc name to start playing.

Step 2. Go to the system settings panel and find the “Audio output” title.

You can press the F5 hotkey or navigate to the “Player Settings” option from the head banner. Choose the “Audio output” on the left then the audio parameters are displayed. Tick the Dolby Digital (AC3) capable receiver under the “Output stereo to all speakers”.

Step 3. Effortless adjustments from the shortcut settings.

Right-click within the screen while streaming, then select the Audio settings to make quick changes like volume and output device.

Part 4: How to Enable Dolby Output

The instruction to enable PS4 Pro Dolby Atmos would be complicated if you have tried to enable surround sound on Windows Media Player. Two main stages are required as the first part starts from the audio options in the system menu and the second part begins in the Blu-ray movie. Stay close to the description here:

Step 1. Navigate to "Sound and Screen" from the setting menu.

Click on the “Settings” icon from the main interface after turning on PS4. Scroll down the items in the settings and click on "Sound and Screen".

Step 2. Choose "Audio Output Settings" under the submenu.

Step 3. Make the "Primary Output Port" is aiming at "HDMI OUT".

HDMI should be connected to the speaker. Move to the next option of "Audio Format (Priority)".

Step 4. Select the "Bitstream (Dolby)" from the right pullout bar.

Return to the home interface after all settings are done.

Step 5. Here comes the second phase to configure the Blu-ray menu additionally.

Enter the Blu-ray disc and playback the videos then press the "Options" button from the PS4 controller. An interactive menu will pop up with a few settings. Locate the Audio format and set the "Bitstream (Direct)" as the target.

Part 5: Conclusion

From the beginning of this tutorial, you may learn the truth about PS4 Dolby Atmos and whether it is working for Blu-ray movies. There are actually quite different audio options alongside the PS4 Dolby Atmos when the soundtrack fails to play. Not to mention the PS3 Dolby Atmos, we should look forward to the PlayStation 5 Dolby Atmos system regarding the PS4 Dolby Atmos imperfections. It is not a bad idea to keep trying PS4 Pro Dolby Atmos for some Blu-rays. If you don’t know how to enable the PS4 Dolby Atmos, the steps are listed above for your reference.

However, some PS4 Pro Dolby Atmos files could be not supported by the PS4. While no more money is expected to spend, there is an easy solution to get the best PS4 Pro Dolby Atmos output by your computer. The free Dolby player - Leawo Blu-ray Player serves with flawless audio quality production for Blu-ray of any format. And there are only a few steps to reach the Dolby Atmos effects instead of double settings on the PS4 Pro Dolby Atmos panel.