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How to convert ppsx to video online?

In the digital age, it's important to make your PowerPoint more accessible and easy to share. That's why converting PowerPoint to video is getting normal these days. The PowerPoint format limits the file to a certain operating system, which makes it hard to distribute, especially for online shareability. If you want to convert PPSX to video, this guide is exactly what you need. Just read on to learn how to convert PPSX to video.

Part 1: What is PPSX File?

PowerPoint has many extensions so far, from PPT to PPTX to PPSX. While PPT and PPTX are editable text files we commonly use, the extension PPSX is more of a slide show of data files and you can't edit it even with the authorized software. It can be edited only when it is converted back to PPTX format. The extension is saved in the Open XML, which is a modern format that is used to replace PPS(the PPS was used in Microsoft office 2007 and earlier).

PPSX can be easily transferred from one device to another and you don't need to install PowerPoint to view it. So it is useful for sending a finished presentation. This is because PPSX is a collection of slides that are used for presentation purposes, rather than a working presentation file. PPSX can be presented on a computer or with the presenter, and it can also be printed out as a hard copy if you'd like.

Part 2: How to Convert PPSX to Video Online?

Even though PPSX is an easy to share format, it can not be widely distributed as a video format, for instance, MP4. To make the slideshow more accessible and user-friendly, it's important to convert it to video so it can be accessed in most places, such as digital gadgets and social media. These days, you can easily convert PPSX to video online using Converter365, a useful online converter that can help to convert 1000+ formats such as image, video, audio, document, ebook, etc. Now let's see how to convert PPSX to video online in simple steps.

  • - Go to Converter365, upload the PPSX file. You can upload it from the local computer or add it from the URL.
  • - Click on the "Start Conversion" button once you have uploaded the PPSX.
  • - Your converted PPSX, which is an MP4 file, will be ready in just a few moments.

Part 3: Another Choice For Converting PPSX to Video

Alternatively, you can also use professional software to convert your PPSX to video. Here comes Leawo PowerPoint to Video Pro, a powerful converter that can help you convert PowerPoint to 180+ formats like FLV, MOV, MKV, MP4, WMV, AVI, etc. You can easily share your presentation around without worrying about accessibility. You can even burn your PowerPoint to disc with the converter. Got a Keynote? That's not a problem at all. Leawo PowerPoint to video can help you convert Keynote to PowerPoint! With Leawo PowerPoint to video, you can convert the PowerPoint to video and control the PowerPoint from the iPhone when presenting.

  • Leawo PowerPoint to Video Pro
  • Leawo PowerPoint to Video Pro

    1. Convert PowerPoint to 180+ pop video formats with 100% high quality
    2. Compatible with PowerPoint 2000/2002/2003/2007/2010/2013 of 32-bit and 64-bit
    3. Detailed output video profiles for web services and end-devices like YouTube, iPad, iPhone and more
    4. Add specific logo or background music to your output video presentation
    5. Batch conversion for PowerPoint files with absolutely no number limit

Now let's see how to convert PowerPoint to video via Leawo PowerPoint to video converter in simple steps. First off, you will need to download the software from the links above.

Step 1: Import PowerPoint Files

Launch Leawo PowerPoint to Video and you can see the main screen as below. Click the "Add" button to browse and add source PowerPoint presentation files. Multiple conversion is allowed, so you can add more than one file if you like. You can also play loaded PowerPoint files with built-in internal players.

Step 2: Set Output Format

Click the "Output" on the main screen to set the output directory. You can select the output format from the drop-down "Profile" box. You can either select the output format from the "Common Video" group or the format that suits your device.

Step 3: Adjust Video and Audio Parameters

On the main screen, click the "Settings" button next to the "Profile" button. This is where you can adjust the video codec, bit rate, video size, aspect ratio, frame rate, audio codec, channel, etc.

Step 4: Edit PowerPoint Presentation Files(Optional)

You can click the "Customize" button on the main screen, to edit PowerPoint files, set transition time, add background music, adjust audio effect, change aspect ratio, apply watermark, etc. You can also add your signature here.

Step 5: Convert PowerPoint to Video

Click the "Start" button at the bottom right to start conversion. You can check out the files in the output directory after it's done.

With Leawo PowerPoint to video converter, you can easily convert PPSX to video. The conversion is so much faster than the average converter so you don't have to wait for a whole day. Most importantly, it can keep the complete features and effects on the PowerPoint file and convert it to the video formats that are optimized for online distribution and different digital devices!

Part 4: How to Convert Presentation to Video with PowerPoint

Microsoft Office PowerPoint also allows you to convert presentations to videos like WMV or MP4 format. It's extremely easy to do so. You can follow the steps below if you want to convert PPSX to video if you have native PowerPoint. Please note that the steps work for the PowerPoint version 2016-2010.

  • - Launch PowerPoint and open your PPSX file.
  • - Go to the menu on top, select "File" and "Export," click "Create a Video" to proceed.
  • - Choose preferred "Presentation Quality" in the following dialog box.
  • - Click on the drop-down arrow to choose whether you need recorded timings and narrations, as well as the seconds spent on each slide.
  • - Click on the "Create Video" button, enter a filename and click "Save," then your slides will be converted and saved in a designated folder.

For Mac users, just check out the steps here to learn how to convert PPSX to video with Microsoft PowerPoint(if you have installed it).

  • - Launch PowerPoint, open the PPSX file you want to convert to video.
  • - Go to the menu "File" and choose "Save as Movie."
  • - Adjust the settings like the interval between slides and resolutions in the popup dialog box.
  • - Click the "Next" button to proceed. Rename it if necessary, and save it in a preferred location.

It is worth noticing that, with Mac, whether you are converting PPSX using Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint, the video output is M4V, which is the default format on Mac and compatible with QuickTime Player. You can convert it to MP4 with Leawo Video Converter afterward.

Part 5: How to Open PPSX File?

Now you have learned how to convert PPSX to video using different tools. But what if you simply want to open it? Normally on Windows, you can open the PPSX file easily because it's connected to the default program. PowerPoint is still the best option to open the PPSX extension as it fully supports the format, so you don't lose the elements in the file, including placement of image, text, animation, etc. If you are using PowerPoint 2010 and even earlier, you can only open PPSX using the Microsoft Office compatibility pack, whereas newer versions after 2010 can open it directly without a compatibility pack.

Besides PowerPoint, you can open PPSX files in different operating systems for viewing purposes. However, unlike PowerPoint's native compatibility, other programs may not fully support the extension, and you might find some parts like transition or animation are dropped when you open it. A few good alternative programs like Kingsoft Presentation or Apache OpenOffice Impress can help you open PPSX and they are compatible on multiple platforms. For Mac users, you can simply resort to Apple Keynote or Apple Preview if you just want to view the file. Here's a full list of the programs which can open PPSX on different operating systems.

  • Windows: File Viewer Plus, Microsoft PowerPoint, OpenOffice Impress, Kingsoft Presentation, Ability Office.
  • Mac: Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, OpenOffice Impress, Apple Preview.
  • Linux: OpenOffice Impress.
  • Web: Google Drive.
  • iOS & Android: Google Drive, MobiSystems OfficeSuite Pro.

If you want to open the PPSX file for editing purposes, you can convert the file to PPTX with PowerPoint. Simply open the PPSX file and save it as a PPTX file. Then you can open the file with the PPTX extension to edit the file. There is another trick when you want to open a PPSX file as an editable PPTX, that is, just rename the file extension to PPTX and open it with PowerPoint. However, the trick doesn't seem to work with other programs but PowerPoint only.

While the native PowerPoint can help you to convert PPSX to video easily, it's not fully optimized. The output can be a bit too large for the online distribution and it's limited to MP4 and WMV only. With Leawo PowerPoint to video converter, the job is so much easier. The converter can 100% preserve the detail of the PPSX and optimize it for shareability. Supporting 180+ formats, you can convert to any format you like! On top of that, the batch conversion feature can help you deal with multiple files with ease!

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