Blu-ray Backup

Blu-ray backup is an efficient and cost-effective way to reduce or even avoid Blu-ray data loss and save cash. It helps keep Blu-ray discs safe and away from various damages like scratches, breakage, crash, fingerprints, etc. With a backup, Blu-ray files that get lost on computer due to system crash or deletion could be found back.

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What is Blu-ray

Blu-ray, also known as Blu-ray Disc (BD), is a new optical disc format jointly developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), to enable recording, rewriting and playback of high-definition video (HD), as well as storing large amounts of data. Currently, Blu-ray is supported by about 200 of the world’s leading consumer electronics, personal computer, recording media, video game and music companies.

  • Larger storage

  • Higer resolution

  • Faster data transfer

  • Advanced layer wavelength

  • Higher Video Bitrate

  • Wider Codec Support

How to Keep Blu-ray Discs Safe

The following tips help you safekeep your Blu-ray discs:

  • No touch on disc face

  • Keep disc in box

  • No bending

  • No sunshine

  • Keep disc upright, no stacking

  • No kid playing

Why should I back up Blu-ray?

Blu-Ray discs are fragile and quite easy to get scratches, breakages, broken and even lost, while a backup or copy of Blu-ray discs would greatly improve your Blu-ray data and movie security.

Things needed for blu-ray backup

  • 1. Computer with Blu-ray drive

  • 2. Source Blu-ray file, including: disc, folder or ISO image file

  • 3. Blu-ray backup software

Hot Blu-ray Backup Solutions

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  • Backup Blu-ray to devices

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Blu-ray backup tips and notes

  • 1. Legality of backup Blu-ray discs
    Different regions and countries have different policies and laws upon Blu-ray backup, especially those protected Blu-ray discs. It’s recommended to copy and backup Blu-ray discs you’ve already purchased and then use the Blu-ray backups in personal purpose rather than commercial purposes. Consulting local laws before copying Blu-ray discs might be necessary.
  • 2. Blu-ray disc protection
    The Blu-ray Disc format employs several layers of digital rights management (DRM) which restrict the usage of the discs, including: HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), BD+ and BD-ROM Mark. Thus, to copy Blu-ray discs, you need firstly remove the Blu-ray disc protection. A Blu-ray copy software app that comes with Blu-ray disc decrypting is a recommended.
  • 3. What are needed for Blu-ray backup?
    Things needed for Blu-ray backup include: computer with Blu-ray drive (Blu-ray recorder drive is required for Blu-ray disc/ISO file to disc backup) and enough space, source Blu-ray movie (in disc or folder), Blu-ray copy software, Internet connection (for disc decrypting if needed).
  • 4. What is the difference between BD50 and BD25 disc?
    It depends on the original Blu-ray disc. For example: your original Blu-ray disc is BD50 disc, the target Blu-ray disc should be BD50 disc. A BD25 disc would not be sufficient in storage, which surely results in disc compression. BD25 for BD25 originals while BD50 for both BD25 and BD50 originals.
  • 5. What is the difference between BD-R and BD-RE discs?
    With BD-R (short for BD recordable) disc, you can burn files to a disc once (in one session), but you can’t delete files from the disc. Each burn is permanent. While with BD-RE (short for BD re-recordable) disc, you could burn files to a BD-RE more than once (multi session support). It can be burned and erased many times.
  • 6. What is Blu-ray copy software?
    A Blu-ray copy software program helps copy and backup Blu-ray movies from disc or folder to computer hard drive or blank Blu-ray/DVD disc. It’s essential for realizing Blu-ray backup. Due to the DRM (Digital Right Management) that protects newly released Blu-ray discs, most Blu-ray copy software only copies unprotected Blu-ray discs. But some other Blu-ray copy software might include disc decrypting to decrypt and rip encrypted Blu-ray/DVD discs for backup with the purpose of utilizing personal Blu-ray discs to the most.
  • 7. Can I backup Blu-ray to DVD disc?
    Yes. You could backup Blu-ray to DVD disc via compressing. But this might depend on which Blu-ray backup software you use. It should be noted that backup Blu-ray to DVD disc would result in quality loss.