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5 Best MP3Skull Alternatives for Free Music Download

What is MP3Skull? Founded in 2010, MP3Skull is a website that provides direct download links to MP3 files from third-party sites. In 2013, as the most highly trafficked MP3 website of its kind in the world, MP3Skull became one of Alexa’s top 500 websites. However, the site has been controversial for helping users find unauthorized free copies of copyrighted music. In 2016, the RIAA and other music labels led a successful court case against MP3Skull, which brought the site down. Since then, MP3Skull has been running through different domains like While you can still stream and download free music from MP3Skull, its reach and traffic aren’t what it used to be. Therefore, in this post, we’ve rounded up 5 best MP3Skull alternatives to help you download music for free.

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Part 1: How to Use MP3Skull to Download Free Music?

MP3Skull is an online library of audio and video content for the public to search for, listen to, stream and download audio and video files hosted on the internet. Although the original MP3Skull was shut down and fined millions of dollars, if you Google MP3Skull, you can still find many sites similar to MP3Skull. Here we will take one of the MP3Skulls as an example to show you how to download free music.

  • Step 1: Open the browser on your computer, and Google MP3Skull. Click one of the results to enter the official MP3Skull free music download site.
  • how-to-download-free-music-from-mp3skull
  • Step 2: In the search bar, enter the music you want to download, and click the Search button. Then, in the search results listed below, find the music you want to download and click the Download button at the end of that result.
  • how-to-download-free-music-from-mp3skull-1
  • Step 3: A download page will pop up with several available download options. Click on the format you want to download and the MP3Skull free music download process will begin.
  • how-to-download-free-music-from-mp3skull-2

Part 2: 5 Best MP3Skull Alternatives for Free Music Download

Even though you can access to stream music from MP3Skull for free, it doesn’t mean that you can download all of them due to the copyright issue. If the music you want to download happens to be out of copyright in MP3Skull, then you can turn to MP3Skull alternative. Here are 5 best MP3Skull alternatives for free music download.

1. Leawo Music Recorder

Leawo Music Recorder, as its name suggests, is actually a music recorder. Unlike most audio recorders that can only record sound from the microphone, this music recorder can even record system audio from your computer. Therefore, you can use this software as an MP3Skull alternative to download free music from 1000+ sites like YouTube, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, iTunes, and more. Equipped with an advanced music conversion system, it is also capable of downloading quality-lossless music.

  • music-recorder
  • Leawo Music Recorder

    - Record any sound from computer stream audio and built-in input audio.
    - Record music from 1000+ music sites like YouTube, Facebook, Veoh, VEVO, etc.
    - Schedule music recording via the internal recording task scheduler.
    - Automatically/manually add music tags like artist, album, cover, etc.
    - Save recorded musicfiles into either WAV or MP3 format for wide uses.

2. Jamendo

Jamendo Music is an online music service that currently hosts over 500,000 tracks, all of which are completely free and legal to stream and download. Unlike MP3Skull, thanks to Creative Commons licenses, Jamendo is granted the right to download and share music for free and legally. Artist can share and promote their music on Jamendo, and profit from listener’s support. However, most free MP3 music is in 192Kbps, which might not satisfy many needs for sound quality.


3. SoundCloud

Founded in 2007, SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform, streaming service, and online community. As one of the best MP3Skull alternatives, you can listen to music on SoundCloud completely free even without creating an account. While it has over 250 million tracks from 30 million artists, not every song is free to download. You can only download royalty-free music from SoundCloud.


4. Tubidy

Tubidy is a kind of websites providing free music and video download service, which is more of an online converter. It is called a group of websites because there are too many similar websites of the same name on the internet. Similar to MP3Skull, the legality of Tubidy is still questionable today, as it is believed to infringe the copyrights of many artists and companies.


5. BenSound

Another music streaming site on par with MP3Skull is BenSound. It is dedicated to index and organize music that has been legally published on the internet. BenSound has access to over a million royalty-free MP3 music downloads, which makes it one of the best free music search engines on the web. You can stream and download music, watch music videos, and read lyrics on this site for totally free.


Part 3: How to Use the Best MP3Skull Alternative for Free Music Download?

Through the above introduction, you can find that all of these MP3Skull alternatives can help you download music for free. Among them, Leawo Music Recorder is regarded as best, because its music library varies depending on the platform you are recording on. That is, it has an infinity music library. Plus, with the ability to download free music in WAV format, this MP3Skull alternative can bring you an unprecedented musical feast. The following steps will show how to use this MP3Skull alternative software to download free music.

Step 1: Configure related settings

To download free music from the internet, you need to set the input audio source. Click the microphone icon in the bottom-left corner of the main interface. Then, on the pop-up panel, check the Record Computer Audio option. Also, you can click the Format tab to specify output format, bitrate, sample rate, etc., and click the General tab to set output directory. Finally, click the OK button to save changes.


Step 2: Download free music with best MP3Skull alternative

Click the red Start button in the top-left corner to let this MP3Skull alternative work. At the same time, play the source music. If you're not subscribed to the platform you're downloading to, and there are ads on your music, the software intelligently filters them. When the music ends, click the same button to stop recording.


Generally, music tags will be automatically added to each song during the recording process. But you can also edit music tags according to your needs. Click Media tab > right-click on a song > choose Edit Music Tags. In addition, if you want to share downloaded music to iTunes, click the forth button in the bottom-left corner.



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