"Will it be possible to play Apple Music using iOS 7 (iPhone 4)?" – A question from Quora.

Such question is frequently seen online. iOS 7 users may feel puzzled when they find that their devices running iOS 7 are forbidden from playing Apple Music on iOS 7. Don’t be mad if you are one of them because there are useful solutions to solve this problem easily. Before that, it is necessary to clarify why you are not allowed to play Apple Music on iOS 7 and how to enable you to enjoy Apple Music on iOS 7 without trouble.

Part 1: Why can't enjoy Apple music on iOS 7

iOS 7 is the seve:nth major release of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc., with its major application on iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5C, iPod Touch 5, iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air, iPad Mini 1/2. Though iOS 7 is outdated, it still has a regular base of followers who are keeping iOS 7 and use it on their devices. However, the fact is that many apps are no longer available on outdated iOS, among which Apple Music is restricting its application on versions earlier than iOS 8.4. That means iOS 7 users haven’t been able to play Apple Music using iOS 7 since long time ago. Take a specific example, if an iPhone 4 user who intends to enjoy Apple Music on iOS 7, he needs to convert the Apple music files to some universally compatible format for playing Apple Music on iOS 7.

Truth to tell, Apple Music files are usually encrypted in m4p format with digital rights management (DRM) protection, which is a FairPlay mechanism adopted by a lot of media providers including Apple. In this case, it is required to remove DRM protection from Apple music and then convert DRM-free files to mp3 for playing Apple Music using iOS 7. Inevitably, Apple music converters are required to help you bypass DRM from Apple music files and then transfer the DRM-free files to mp3 for playback on iOS 7. And there are some extremely useful programs that would be recommended here to remove DRM from Apple musicand convert Apple music to iOS 7.

Part 2: How to play Apple music on iOS 7 with Leawo Prof. DRM

Leawo Prof. DRM wins the world renowned for its professional and powerful DRM removal services. Compared with other tools within the category, Leawo Prof. DRM runs 50X speed when processing files, making it a very efficient yet reliable DRM removal tool. With regards to the file quality, it is able to perfectly maintain the file quality without compromising any quality loss after file conversion. Also, as a worldwide popular tool, it provides as many as 12 language interfaces for users across the globe, connecting it to every corner of the world. In addition, three independent modules, iTunes video, music, and audiobook respectively are incorporated in one tool suite, providing unlimited file conversion services to users. Back to our topic, try this tool for removing DRM protection from Apple music and then transfer the DRM-free mp3 files to iOS 7 devices for playback. Moreover, you can watch rented movie on Apple TV with this tool. Undoubtedly, it is really a good bang for the buck.

Step 1: Download and install Leawo Prof. DRM.

Click the button below to download it and then install the tool on your PC.


Step 2: Add source Apple music files

Click the Add Files button on the main interface to pop up an add files panel where you can click the refresh button next to Music to add your source Apple music file and list them on the right frame. And then you can check the needed files, click the “Add” button to import these selected files to the program.

Play Apple Music on iOS7

Step 3: Choose a directory to save the converted files.

In the Output box, choose an appropriate directory to save the converted files after DRM removal.

Play Apple Music on iOS7

Step 4: Edit your file parameters.

Click the Edit icon to set file parameters such as channel, sampling rate, and bit rate for the output file. This will be based on your own preference to quite an extent.

Play Apple Music on iOS7

Step 5: Remove DRM and convert DRM-free music files to mp3

Click Convert to start removing DRM and converting Apple music to MP3 for playback on your iOS 7 system. And the process will complete in a while, partly depending on the size of the files.

Play Apple Music on iOS7

Step 6: Open the converted files.

Once the DRM removal and conversion finishes, all the converted files will be placed under Converted tab for enabling you to play or transfer to other devices easily. Undoubtedly, you can feel free to enjoy Apple Music on iOS 7 now.

Play Apple Music on iOS7

This solution is giving you some help on how to get Apple Music on iOS 7 and Leawo Prof. DRM works pretty easy. This valuable tool is extremely efficient in removing DRM protection from iTunes videos, music, and audiobook as well. Never should you worry about the output file quality, as it bypasses DRM with the original file quality reserved. I hope you will enjoy this Apple music converter and be able to play Apple Music on iOS 7.

The above post is giving you some help on how to get Apple Music on iOS 7. It works pretty easy with Leawo Prof. DRM. This valuable tool is extremely efficient in removing DRM protection from iTunes videos, music, and audiobook. Never should you worry about the output file quality, as it bypasses DRM without hurting the original file quality. That means you are actually enjoying Apple Music on iOS 7 in the file format of mp3. I hope you will enjoy this Apple music converter and be able to play Apple Music on iOS 7.

Part 3: How to play Apple music on iOS 7 with Tuneskit software

Aside of the practical and affordable Prof. DRM, there are other pricey programs that will work on it. Tuneskit Audio Converterwould be one of the common software that can help you remove DRM from iTunes music and convert M4P to MP3 for playback on iOS 7. Tuneskit DRM Audio Converter offers you DRM audio solution specialized in bypassing DRM encryption from all protected audio resources, including Apple Music tracks, iTunes M4P songs, M4A/M4B audioboks, as well as Audible AAX, AA audiobooks, etc., and convert the audio files to MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, M4B, and FLAC for common devices and players. Simply speaking, with this tool installed and used, you can easily convert your DRM-locked Apple music to any devices on iOS 7 for playback at anytime without limit. Here comes the guide.

Step 1: Import Apple Music to Audio Converter

Launch Tuneskit Audio Converter, click the second “Add” music buttons at the top center to load the DRM-protected Apple Music to the program. Note that you have to make sure that you have authorized your iTunes to play the Apple music well in advance.


Step 2: Set Output Format for the music

At the end of each audio track, there is an "editing" icon which can be simply clicked to prompt a new window for selecting the output audio formats. Choose the “MP3” to be the output format. And it also enables you to set the audio codec, channel, bit rate, etc. according to your own needs.


Step 3: Convert DRM-ed Audios to DRM-free MP3files

Start converting the DRM-ed Apple Music to common MP3 by pressing the yellow “Convert” button at the bottom right corner. And when the conversion finishes in a few minutes, you are allowed to locate the DRM-free music files in the history folder and share them to any device or platform for playback, including iOS 7.


Part 4: How to save Apple music with Leawo Music Recorder

Except for removing DRM with the pricey or free DRM removal software, you can also use the music recorder to directly record Apple music, and you can finally get the DRM-free music files without processing DRM decryption at all. And Leawo Music Recorder would be the proved effective tool that can help you record the DRM-ed Apple music to DRM-free MP3 music files for playback on iOS 7 and any other devices. Leawo Music Recorder is an intuitive application that comes in handy to users who like to capture the online radio channel they are currently listening to or any audio downloaded on the computer and even catch the audio in the video or film clips. The opportune recoding software can work well for you even you are a novice. Here comes the comprehensive strategy to play Apply music on iOS 7 with the Music Recorder.

After you download and install Music Recorder on your PC, follow the steps below:
Step 1. Run the music recorder

Launch the recorder to enter the recording main interface, and then click the “Audio Source” icon on the interface to choose the “Record Computer Audio” option as the input audio source firstly.

Edit output file (optional

Note: if you want to record streaming audio, you also need select this option. While if you are going to record audio from built-in input audio like Mic, you’d better click “Record Audio Input” option.

Step 2. Start Recording Apple music

Click the red "Start" button and the recorder will start recording right away. Next, you should play Apple music files as soon as possible. Note that you'd better not play your source audio until you start this music recording software.

Start Recording Apple music

What’s more, you could also use the Task Scheduler for recording to avoid any loss if you need. To make it, you can click the “Recording task scheduler” icon on the bottom-left corner to call out the Task Scheduler, where you could set the recording Start time and Recording Duration. This is most suitable specially to record FM radio audios, but it works well when you are willing to record the specific duration of the music.

Set Task Scheduler for recording

After the recording finishes, the recorded music files will be listed on Media tab, you can listen to them and find that the music files are qualified as its originals. And you can send them to iOS 7 devices for playback.

Part 5. Comparing the solutions above

All the solutions demonstrated here are universal and powerful, although they are unidentical to quite an extent. There are some different features for these programs to convert encrypted Apple music to DRM-free MP3 and be played on iOS 7 devices. In this table below, you will find out the differences and get your own best DRM removal software solution.  


Leawo Prof. DRM

TuneKit DRM Audio Converter

Music Recorder

Available for Windows OS

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Supported Input Formats: iTunes M4P, Apple Music, Audible AA, AAX, iTunes M4B, M4A

Supported Output Audio Formats:

Only support MP3, MAV

Customize audio settings

Split large audio into small segments



Merge all audios into one



Task Scheduler to set duration



Working for iTunes 12.9 or lower

Keep lossless quality

Easy-to-use interface

Clean and safe installation

Fast working speed


Lifetime upgrade for free

Software Cost

Free trial
$ 29.95/lifetime

Free trial

Free trial