Launched in 2008, BestGore is a Canadian website that provides incredibly violent real-life videos, images and news to people around the world. Similar to YouTube, there are tons of videos in various categories you can stream, watch, save, and even share, except it has many gore videos and images. Therefore, BestGore is also a prohibited site under the age of 18. Even though BestGore has garnered a lot of attention since it released a live murder video in 2012, the site was permanently taken down for a variety of reasons. If you are still interested in such top gore sites, check out this post covering 10 of the best sites like BestGore for shocking videos.

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Part 1: What Happened to BestGore? Why Do You Need a BestGore Alternative?

For years, BestGore has been one of the most violent, bloody, racist and gore sites out there. With just a few click, you can find and watch videos such as children beheadings, the aftermath of rape, horrific injuries, all kinds of racist speech, and more. To protect innocent people, the government has removed and banned images and videos in BestGore that contain highly offensive language, gore and violence from search engines. There is no doubt that banning such sites will lead to a better and safer Internet. However, there are still many websites like BestGore on the Internet.


Part 2: 12 Best Shocking Video Sites Like BestGore

Still, if you are addicted to such uncensored videos, there are many BestGore alternative sites. Below is the full list.

1. BestGore.Fun

If you've recently Googled best gore or bestgore sites, you will find that the BestGore.Fun is on the rise. Although it resembles BestGore in domain name, it is more like GoreDB. However, we checked and found that this site does contain content that you've seen on BestGore before. You can easily locate the video you want to access through "Discover", "Trending" and "Recently added" in the left sidebar and "More filters" at the top of the interface. Therefore, it can be one of the best sites like BestGore.

2. The YNC

In YNC, you can find all genres of videos related to gore. Since it is a public video-sharing platform, everyone can post their videos to the site. In addition to bloody-filled videos, you can also watch all kinds of shocking videos here. Every video has a thumbnail along with the title, can be liked or dislikes, and can even be shared on third-party platforms.


3. Documenting Reality

Documenting Reality is now one of the most BestGore-like sites you can find. It is another unfiltered site where you can find many real-life images and videos of death, suicides, murders and accidents. If you are under 18, you should avoid it. However, it has a view limit unless you donate a one-time fee of $20. Otherwise, the allocated free views are randomly reset every 4-6 weeks or so.


4. Deep Gore Tube

Deep Gore Tube is one of the best sites similar to BestGore, which contain a huge collection of uncensored videos. It works like a video sharing platform and news website, focusing on explicit content. On the main interface of this site, you can click on any video category you want to watch, including accident, animal, CCTV, punishment, war, and more.


5. Hoodsite

Hoodsite is also one of the best websites like BestGore. Compared with the above gore websites, the videos provided by Hoodsite are obviously much “softer”. For example, you can find some videos of fights here, or real events in form of news report. Still, you can see some gore-related videos through a powerful search engine in this site.


6. GoreGrish

As you can tell from its name, this is one of the best gore websites. Unlike the sites above, it is similar to Reddit, which requires you to register and log in to access content people upload. However, images related to the war category are opened to the public. According to the website, there are more than 400,000 images and videos uploaded, so you should be able to find what you want here.


7. Scary for Kids

If you visit BestGore for horror videos, then Scary for Kids is the best site like BestGore com. It is designed to spook you, which brings you all things about scary, like scary stories, scary games, scary maze, ghost pictures, creepy videos and horror movies. You can select the desired category from the menu to explore more scary things in this site.


8. Damage Corpse

Like many other sites like BestGore, Damage Corpse offers multiple categories to explore, and each category has its own shocking content, including videos, pictures, and verbal stories. Most of these materials are unedited, and not appropriate for mainstream media. Still, if you are fond of something similar, just check it out.


9. BME

Unlike BestGore, Body Modification Ezine (BME) is an online magazine dedicated to body modification. Although there aren’t many violent contents like BestGore, the images and videos it features are unsettling enough. In BME, you can find images and videos about body alterations, including tattoos, scarifications, as well as piercing in nose, ears, and even genitals.


10. eBaum’s World

Founded in 2001, eBaum’s World is an entertainment website owned by Literally Media. If you like hilarious and funny content, then this is an ideal BestGore alternative. It features comedy content like memes, viral videos, images, and other forms of internet culture. Users can exchange points with the monetary point system.


11. Daily Mail

Daily Mail is an online magazine offering a wide range of videos such as news, sports, viral visual content, and more. If you are looking for a news BestGore alternative, then it is certainly worth checking out. The first Daily Mail was published in 1896, and got an immediate runaway success. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it being taken down.


12. Veoh

Launched in 2005, Veoh was originally a virtual television network application, but then has become a video-sharing website in 2006. Although it is gradually superseded by YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, it still hosts a variety of videos in different genres. If you looking for casual videos, Veoh is one of the best sites like BestGore.


Part 3: How to Download Shocking Videos from Websites Like BestGore?

For some well-known reasons, the above BestGore alternative sites maybe taken down at any time. If you don’t want to stop watching such shocking gore videos, you can download them for no Wi-Fi or cellular playback. Literally, if you can’t find a direct download button below the video, you can try a video downloader instead. As one of the best video downloaders, CleverGet will be recommended, as it can download videos from over 1000 sites like YouTube, OnlyFans, Twitter, Netflix, Prime Video, and more. The following steps are all about how to download shocking videos from sites like BestGore.

Step 1: Download CleverGet Video Downloader

Click the link below to download and install CleverGet on your computer.

  • cleverget
  • CleverGet Video Downloader

    - Download MP4 videos up to 8K resolution
    - Support 1000+ sites, including BestGore alternatives
    - Support live video M3U8 link downloading
    - Multi-task and playlist download
    - Built-in browser and player
    - Advanced hardware acceleration
    - Easy-to-use interface

Step 2: Find videos on BestGore alternative site

On the main interface, input the link of source video into the address bar to visit the target page. Once landing on the site, CleverGet will automatically start to detect and analyze all downloadable sources in that page.


Step 3: Download videos from sites like BestGore

After parsing, all available videos and audios will be listed in different quality, sizes, formats, resolutions, etc. in the pop-up window. Select the desired option and click the “Download” button to download videos from site like BestGore.


Step 4: Check downloading and downloaded videos

Under the “Library” sidebar, you can check and manage all downloading and downloaded videos. Also, click the download icon and the video icon to switch between two tabs. After downloading, you can then watch videos from those sites like BestGore offline.