Is Audiobook Bay down? Why can’t I access to Audiobook Bay website now? Is there any solution to enter Audiobook Bay website to download audiobooks torrent? Or, should I turn to Audiobook Bay alternatives?

Many Audiobook Bay visitors might have found that they can not visit the Audiobook Bay official website anymore. That’s because Audiobook Bay has been down for copyright issues. How can we access Audiobook Bay websites? What are the best Audiobook Bay alternatives for free audiobooks download? This page will provide you with satisfactory answers.

Part 1: What is AudioBook Bay? 2023 AudioBook Bay Proxy Sites

What is Audiobook Bay? AudioBookBay is the best site that allows people to view eBooks and popular books without paying money. It offers online copies of books and novels written by highly lauded authors.

Such books are protected to utilize and are accessible free of charge to all customers on Audiobook Bay website. You can quickly find your favorite novels or books on-site. When you have access to the link, start installing immediately. The interface is pretty great too.

audiobook bay

It is one very popular destination for free audiobooks and eBook downloads. It has had some issues lately, however. Accessing contents is no longer easy as it used to be. Visitors from various countries are blocked from accessing Audiobook Bay’s torrent site, including: India, the US, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Netherlands and Spain. And the Audiobook Bay is still accessible in Germany, Australia, France, and Norway. Its former domain is still active but can’t be accessed from every country. You could make use of Audiobook Bay proxies and mirror sites to visit Audiobook Bay instead, which are listed below:

Proxy sites:


Besides making use of Audiobook Bay proxies and mirror sites, people using a VPN can check through other locations to find a server from where Audiobook Bay can be accessed. A VPN hides the visitor’s real IP address and geo. location. VPN users can choose from a huge selection of VPN server locations worldwide to access a blocked website.

Part 2: Top 8 AudioBook Bay Alternatives for Free Audiobooks

Of course, if you find that Audiobook Bay website is down, and you don’t want to make use of VPN or its mirror sites, checking Audiobook Bay alternatives for free audiobooks download is another good choice. Here we have 8 best Audiobook Bay alternatives for you.


Audible is a fantastic alternative to AudioBook Bay site. It consists of a vast database that allows it to retain a lot of files. In seconds, users could have access to them. The platform gives a 30-day free trial period in which you get two audiobooks for free. Once you get the books, they are yours forever. You can listen to them whenever you want.


2.Loyal Books

As another top Audiobook Bay alternative, Loyal Books has over 7K free audiobooks, and even has an app to let you read and listen to books offline. You can also join clubs, track your reading progress, and win awards. It’s the perfect place to find new authors and genres to enjoy. Loyal Books and Audiobook Bay are both free and have great content. They also support social media functions that allow community building among users. Loyal Books is a suitable alternative to Audiobook Bay.

loyal books


If you love high-quality eBooks and audiobooks, Libby is probably the best site for you. It comes with a wide collection of contents in different genres. You will enjoy access to collections from your local library and many more. And all contents are brought to you by OverDrive free of charge.



Storynory is the best Audiobook Bay alternative that is the best option for free children’s audio stories. There are various stories to choose from, and they are all narrated by professional actors. The website is easy to navigate, and the stories are perfect for both younger and older children.


5.The Pirate Bay

As another best Audiobook Bay alternative, the Pirate Bay is also one of the top audiobook torrenting sites besides featuring TV shows, movies, games and software. They feature some of the most popular series and new releases, such as “Twilight” and “The Greatest Secret,” respectively. The Pirate Bay is also one of the most recommended torrenting websites on Reddit. However, The Pirate Bay also has drawbacks, like its slow download speed and too many malware-infected files.

pirate bay

6. Librivox

Librivox has about 8,000 titles, which users could select from even if this isn’t as huge as other sites that offer subscription plans, which are truly great reads as you could even receive them for free. You can even install them, read them, view them through your iOS or Android device, and burn them to a CD to store them forever. Put simply, Librivox has quite a large collection of any material you might be looking for in the audiobook world.


Previously known as Librophile, is a website that compiles both paid and free audiobooks that are coming from Audible and LibriVox. These books do not have a monetary value, but then they are all compiled in a single website inside so that you can look for them and access them without any hassle.



LimeTorrents has the most popular books and includes tons of features and libraries. You’ll find nearly every popular audiobook on this platform. Reddit features LimeTorrents as one of the best audiobook torrenting platforms because users have confirmed that it’s safe to use. While there are not many seeders on LimeTorrents, you’re guaranteed excellent download speeds.


Part 3: How to Transfer Downloaded Audiobooks to iPhone/iPad/iPod from Computer?

Nowadays, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have been playing a big role in our daily digital entertainment. We all like to listen to audiobooks on the go with our iPhone/iPad/iPod and other devices. How can you transfer downloaded audiobooks to iPhone/iPad/iPod from the computer?

Apple has iTunes for such a kind of issue. iTunes could help you transfer and sync the audiobooks. However, you could find that iTunes works slowly and it’s quite time-consuming. Is there any better tool to transfer downloaded audiobooks to iPhone/iPad/iPod from computer other than iTunes? Try Leawo iTransfer.

Leawo iTransfer is an iTunes alternative for data transfer but works better than iTunes does. Leawo iTransfer provides perfect solutions for iPhone transfer, iPad transfer and iPod transfer issues. It’s quite nice to transfer 12 kinds of files, like photos, music, videos, SMS, contacts, and so on between iOS devices, iTunes and PCs. It can also back up iPhone, iPad and iPod (touch) files to the computer.

You could follow the below guide to learn how to transfer downloaded audiobooks to iPad/iPhone/iPod from computer with Leawo iTransfer. Download and install Leawo iTransfer on your computer first.

  • Prof. DRM eBook Converter
  • Leawo iTransfer

    - Support the latest iOS devices like iPhone 14 series, all models of iPad Pro, iPod Nano3/4/5/6/7, etc.
    - Backup and transfer photos/music/contacts/SMS between iOS devices/iTunes and computer.
    - Manage iPhone/iPad/iPad files without limits.
    - Finish the data transfer task rapidly and safely without data loss.

Step 1: Connect iPhone/iPad/iPod to Computer

When you have connected iPhone to computer, the software will show detailed information about the iPhone. The library and playlists of iPhone will show in the left sidebar accompanied with the library and playlists of iTunes.

connect device to computer

Step 2: Add audiobook files from computer

Now, you could add downloaded audiobooks from computer to your iPhone/iPad/iPod. click “File > Add > Add File/Add Folder” option at the upper right corner to browse and transfer downloaded audiobooks.

add files

Step 3: Check the transfer process

Once you have chosen the files for transfer and clicked the “Add” button, the transfer process begins. You could then view the transfer progress.

check process

Once the transfer completes, disconnect your iOS device from your computer and then listen to the audiobooks on your iPhone/iPad/iPod on the go freely.

Supplement: Convert Audible/iTunes Audiobooks to MP3

Audible and iTunes audiobooks have been widely known. Many people have been trying to listen to Audible/iTunes audiobooks offline on their mobile devices. How can we do this, as there is no direct download option on Audible/iTunes audiobooks library? Is it possible to convert Audible/iTunes audiobooks to MP3 files for offline listening?

With the right Audible/iTunes audiobook converter, it’s quite easy to convert Audible/iTunes audiobooks to MP3 files. Leawo Prof. DRM Audiobook Converter is the right tool you need.

  • Prof. DRM Audiobook Converter
  • Leawo Prof. DRM Audiobook Converter

    - Support both Windows and Mac verisons.
    - Remove DRM protection from Audible/iTunes audiobooks completely.
    - Convert M4B/AA/AAX Audible and iTunes audiobooks to DRM-free MP3 formats.
    - Keep original/selected channels, sample rates, bit rates, and oringinal ID3 tags.
    - Complete audiobook DRM removal and conversion tasks at 5X higher speed in batched.

Leawo Prof. DRM Audiobook Converter is remarkable in converting Audible and iTunes audiobooks to MP3 files, like AAX to MP3, M4B to MP3, AA to DRM-free MP3, etc. It could remove DRM protection upon Audible/iTunes audiobooks, and then convert Audible/iTunes audiobooks to DRM-free MP3 audio files to let you listen to Audible/iTunes audiobooks on multiple devices. It enables you to choose to keep original or selected parameters like channels, sample rates and bit rates for output DRM-free MP3 files, with all ID3 tags retained and editable.