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How to get Spotify and Hulu bundle student discounts?

Spotify is a streaming music platform with over 250 million users and is currently one of the world's largest streaming music service providers. The music resources on Spotify are vast and abundant, and the songs provided on it are all genuine with very high quality. Hulu is an American streaming platform jointly invested by NBC Global, News Corporation, and Disney. These two platforms are popular among students, especially for college students. Nowadays, Spotify and Hulu cooperate and promote Spotify and Hulu bundle student discounts for college students.

Part 1: Why do Spotify and Hulu promote bundle sales?

With the development of Apple Music, Spotify is more concerned about whether its status will be shaken by Apple Music. For Spotify and Hulu, the combination of music and video can enhance their resistance through this cooperation. Therefore, they offer college students bundle sales: free for 1 month, then $5.99 per month after.


Spotify stated that the reason for bundled sales is that college students watch streaming entertainment programs more frequently than people of any other age group. As a result, Spotify hopes to reach those young and consumptive customers at a better price.

Since the launch of Spotify and Hulu bundle student discounts, Spotify’s subscribers have increased greatly, but currently, it is not clear how many subscriptions come from bundled services specifically. Recently, it has 83 million paying users out of 180 million monthly users. This is more than the 60 million paying users when the student bundle was first released when its scale was twice that of Apple Music.

Part 2: How to get Spotify and Hulu bundle student discounts?

You could know that Spotify and Hulu provide college students the bundle discounts - free for 1 month, then $5.99 per month after. But how could college students get and activate the discount? Just read on.

1. Open the following link on your browser: to enter the purchasing page.


2. Then click the “Get 1 month free” button to enter the verification page. Just click the “Next” button and enter the information filling page.


3. You should fill in the blanks about your information, including country, school, name, birth, email, and mobile number. Ensure the information is valid. After finishing filling in the blanks, click the “NEXT” button. You consent to the use of your information for verification purposes.


4. If your information is valid, SheerID could verify your student identity automatically. Then you could get Spotify premium student with Hulu for 1 month free, and you could purchase $5.99 per month after.

Note The Spotify and Hulu bundle discounts is suitable for American college students who are currently enrolled at the school. This means that you cannot get the bundle discounts if you are not enrolled at the school right now.

Part 3: 5 movies suitable for students on Hulu

Hulu, as one of the biggest streaming media in America, provides abundant high-quality movies and TV shows for students. I will recommend 5 movies suitable for students on Hulu. If you have watched all of them, there are other fantastic movies you could select on Hulu.

1. Stand By ME

Stand By Me is an adventure drama film directed by Rob Reiner and starring Reeve Phoenix, Will Wheaton, and Jerry O'Connell. It was released in the United States on August 22, 1986. The film is adapted from Stephen King's novel The Corpse and tells the story of Goddy, at the age of 12, searching for the body of a boy of the same age with three close friends Chris, Teddy, and Wayne.


2. Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters is a fantasy adventure film directed by Ivan Letterman and starring Bill Murray, Dan Ekroyd, Harold Remis, Sigourney Weaver, and others. The film was released in the United States on June 8, 1984. The film tells the story of three university professors who study ghosts and monsters through science and technology. After being expelled from the school, they establish a company that uses scientific instruments to catch ghosts and provide ghost catching services to citizens.


3. Escape from Pretoria

Escape from Pretoria is a thriller drama film directed by Francis Annan, starring Daniel Radcliffe, Ian Hart, Daniel Weber, and others. It was released in the UK on March 6, 2020. The film is adapted from Tim Jenkins' autobiography "Escape from Pretoria" and tells the story of a South African white man named Tim Jenkins who is seen as a terrorist after participating in the secret anti-apartheid operation of the African People's Congress and plans an escape after being imprisoned.


4. Bad Axe

David Siev painted a profound personal portrait of the shattered American Dream, tracing his family’s journey from the Cambodian killing battlefield to the town of Bad Axe in Michigan, where white people make up the vast majority. This touching documentary is shot in real-time, showcasing the challenges faced by the Siev family and their restaurants during the political tension and anti-Asian sentiment during the pandemic.


5. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

The film tells the story of Clark vowing to have a particularly interesting Christmas for his family. He cuts down a Christmas tree, hangs many light bulbs outside the house, and invites colleagues and neighbors to spend time together. Sure enough, everyone had an unforgettable crazy Christmas story.


These 5 movies with fantastic plots and brave characters are suitable for students, which could inspire and encourage students a lot. You could select any of them to watch and the brief introduction above could offer you a reference.

Part 4: How to download music from Spotify easily with Leawo Prof. DRM Spotify Converter?

We’ve learned 5 good movies for students on Hulu in the last part. Besides that, there are a number of good songs on Spotify. Some of you would like to share some songs with your friends and prefer listening offline. With the DRM of Spotify, you could not directly download the music on Spotify because of protection. Leawo Prof. DRM Spotify Converter could help you remove Spotify DRM, download and convert Spotify music to MP3, AAC, M4A, WMA, and more formats without quality loss. Therefore, you could get DRM-free Spotify songs easily and then share the music with your friends or family easily and conveniently. There are specific steps on how to download music from Spotify with Leawo Prof. DRM Spotify Converter.

  • Leawo Prof. DRM Spotify Converter

    - Convert Spotify link, radio, album or playlist to DRM-free MP3/M4A/AAC...
    - Keep original or enhanced channel, sample rate and bit rate.
    - Keep all ID3 tags information.
    - 5X higher speed and batch processing.

Note Ensure you have logged in to your account on Spotify and then you could add songs from Spotify to Prof. DRM. After you run Prof. DRM, Spotify could launch automatically.

1. Add Spotify music to Prof. DRM

You should launch Prof. DRM at first and then you could drag or drop the songs you like directly to the program. You could also drag or drop the album or playlist to the program quickly. What’s more, you could copy or paste link of the Spotify and click the “Add File” button to add Spotify songs, albums or playlists.


2. Output settings

You could move the mouse on the song you have added to Prof. DRM. An editing icon will be shown on the right. Just click the editing button and then you could choose the output format, channel, bit rate and sample rate of the song at will. You could choose “Apply to All” or “Apply to current” to apply the settings.


3. Set output directory

After finishing choosing the output format you could click the three-dot icon to set output directory so as to make sure you could find the converted files easily.


4. Start converting

Click the “Convert” button at the bottom right of the interface and Prof. DRM will start removing the DRM of the songs and save them as a common format. After finishing converting, you could check the program and converted files by clicking the “Converted” button.


5. Check the converted file

fter the program finishes the conversion, the songs without DRM protection will be shown on the “Converted” page. You could directly click the file-like icon to locate the downloaded and converted files to transfer them to other devices for sharing conveniently.


The detailed steps above are about how to download music from Spotify with Leawo Prof. DRM Spotify Converter. With a professional and handy tool - Leawo Prof. DRM Spotify Converter, you could download music from Spotify easily and quickly with a few clicks. Besides, you could also record the music from Spotify with Leawo Music Recorder, which is a little bit different from downloading music from Spotify.

Part 5: FAQs

◎Can I cancel the subscription of Hulu only after subscribing to Spotify and Hulu bundle?

A: The answer is positive. Student subscribers who subscribed Spotify Premium can directly cancel their Hulu account from their Spotify account page. More importantly, they can cancel their Hulu account at any time without impacting their Spotify account.

◎Can anyone get a Spotify and Hulu student bundle discount?

A: The answer is negative. Only American college students who are enrolled at the school could get Spotify and Hulu student bundle discounts.

Jennifer Zhang

Jennifer Zhang

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