We always make full use of the iPhone camera to capture some precious moments by taking pictures or recording videos, which has become one of the necessary apps in our daily life. However, some iPhone users reported an iPhone camera not working issue. This seems to be a common question that is frequently being asked by iPhone users. This issue could happen for many reasons, and the solutions to address this problem seems urgent. Most of the time, it would be related to some unfunctional software. In addition, the iPhone camera not working issue could happen after getting wet due to the water damage, or after iOS update. This issue could also be down to an app or it could be a hardware failure. And in this tutorial, we will show you some common issues that camera not working on iPhone and some effective methods to fix it.

Part 1: Common Issues that iPhone Camera Not Working

When you are facing the iPhone camera not working, you need first to check out the following common issues to assist you to get rid of the issue quickly.

1. iPhone Camera Shows a Black Screen

It is quite annoying when you open your Camera app and find it is black. The black screen hinders you from taking wonderful photos. In this case, you can try the following tips to fix it.

  • You can remove the case of your phone or clean the lens to see if something is stuck to the back of your phone.
  • It is sensible to try to use the official iPhone Camera app, which is more reliable than other third-party photo apps.
  • To restart your Camera app is also worth trying.
  • You can also give it a go by restarting your iPhone.

2. iPhone Camera Out of Focus

You would fail to take clear photos if your iPhone camera can not focus well.

  • When this issue occurs, you can try to use a dry microfiber cloth to clean both the front and back camera lenses.
  • However, if the dirt or debris is behind the glass, you’d better fix your iPhone in an Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider.
  • If you find your Camera app indicating AE/AF Lock at the top of the screen, you need to click on a blank space to turn on auto-focus feature.
  • It is also feasible by keeping your hand steady while you are tapping on the shutter button to get clear images.

3. iPhone Camera Flash Not Working

iPhone camera flash not working is also one common issue. The camera flash can improve photo quality in dark background. If this is just the trouble you meet with, the tips below may be helpful to you.

  • You can try to test the LED of your iPhone by navigating to the Control Center to turn on and off the flashlight.
  • It is worth trying to set the flashlight to On or Auto in the Camera app.
  • If you use the flashlight for shooting long videos or in hot environments, the hot status of your iPhone is likely to disable the flashlight feature until your iPhone cools down once again.

4. iPhone Camera Keeps Freezing

When you find your iPhone camera freezing now and then, it may be caused by your iPhone settings. Here you can move to “Settings> Screen Time> Content & Privacy Restrictions> Allowed Apps” and use your Screen Time passcode to toggle on your Camera app.


5. iPhone Camera Wrong Orientation

iPhone camera wrong orientation is also a issue that often makes you confused while taking photos. To deal with this problem, you can navigate to the Control Center panel to hit on the lock icon to toggle off the feature of Rotation Lock. Thus, when you take the image you desire to record, you can make sure the photo orientation fits you most.


Part 2: Switch Between Front and Rear Cameras If iPhone Camera Not Working on One-side

One effective method for you to examine and repair the iPhone camera not working problem is to switch between front and rear cameras. The simple steps are shown below for your reference.



  1. Launch your Camera app and then hit on the flip camera icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Wait for a while and then hit on the same icon again to switch it back to see if your camera can work normally.

Part 3: Turn Off the VoiceOver Feature to Fix iPhone Camera Not Working

You might never think about this VoiceOver feature would have something to do with the iPhone camera not working trouble. Surprisingly, numerous users found the iPhone camera not working problem happened while enabling the VoiceOver. So far, there is no official statement pointing out the conflict between the VoiceOver and Camera program. Since this method is not difficult to implement, you can simply troubleshoot the iPhone camera not working by switching off VoiceOver setting.



  1. In the Home screen, go to the "Settings" app and navigate to the "General" title.
  2. In the list of General settings, locate the "Accessibility" and tap it to open the full menu.
  3. Scroll down to visit the "VoiceOver" label.
  4. In the "VoiceOver" tab, simply slide the button of the first option to disable this feature. If you find it inactivated, then leave it before making sure it is disabled.

Part 4: Update Your iPhone to the Latest iOS System to Fix iPhone Camera Not Working

Updating iOS can fix lots of bugs for software errors and other problems, including the iPhone camera not working issue. It is strongly recommended to back up your iPhone files before installing the new iOS update. From time to time, updating can fail due to multiple reasons. And it is quite common that your iPhone local data will be lost during the incomplete updates. Yet it has always been a good reminder to back up iPhone and other devices habitually.



  1. From the main screen, tap "Settings" and then go to the General.
  2. In the top section, you can tap on "Software Update" under the About.
  3. When you see an update available, tap on "Install Now". When the update complete installation of itself, the device will automatically reboot and boot back up as normal when finished. You should check the Camera app to see if the iPhone camera not working.

Part 5: Force Restart Your iPhone to Fix iPhone Camera Not Working

As an iPhone user, you may have experienced various glitches whilst using different apps. It could be very practical to restart your iPhone as the easiest way to resolve most issues. Nevertheless, this strategy is not perfect for all situations. Sometimes, it can be very helpful to force restart iPhone. Unlike the regular way to restart the iPhone, this process will take longer.

If this is your first time to try, stay close to this instruction. Note that there are different operations according to three types of iPhone models. You should choose the corresponding steps that work for your iPhone.

For an iPhone installed with Face ID:

Step 1: Press the volume up button and then let go shortly.

Step 2: Press the volume down button and then let go shortly.

Step 3: Hold down the side button and retain it for around 8 seconds. You can loosen the button when you see the Apple logo comes up.


For iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Step 1: You need to hold down both the Sleep/Wake button and the volume down button for a short time.

Step 2: When the Apple logo can be observed, just release all the buttons.


For iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, or iPhone SE (1st generation)

Step 1: The Home button and the Sleep/Wake button are the main roles in these models. Press and hold both of them for a while.

Step 2: Release both buttons when the Apple logo pops up on the screen.


Part 6: Reset All Settings to Fix iPhone Camera Not Working

To cope with iPhone camera not working, you can also try to reset all settings to make it. The simple instruction is shown below.



  1. Go to Settings from the Home interface.
  2. Scroll down and enter the General panel.
  3. Slide the screen to the bottom, you can see the "Reset" choice. Tap this option to view the full extension.
  4. Select the “Reset All Contents and Settings”, then you will be asked if you need to back up the iPhone via iCloud. Choose the proper option. Either way, you need to input your passcode that is signed up with the iPhone to authorize the performance.
  5. The process will take some time. When it is done, all your files and settings on your iPhone will be wiped out. Resume the Camere app and verify the iPhone camera not working trouble is eliminated.

Part 7: General iPhone Camera Software Fixes

If all the methods shown above can not assist you to get out of the trouble of iPhone camera not working, you can find an iOS repair tool to repair your iDevice system. Here we strongly recommend you take advantage of Leawo iOSFix to help you out. This professional tool can assist you to deal with diverse iOS issues like red screen, stuck in recovery mode, stuck in boot loop. It is not hard to handle at all. Only a few clicks are needed to finish the system repairing task. The step-by-step instruction below can help you to settle down the iPhone camera not working issue perfectly.

Step 1: Download and install Leawo iOSFix

Go to the official website of Leawo and download the free version of Leawo iOSFix. Install it on your computer to get ready for fixing AirPods not connecting to iPhone/iPad/iPod

  • iosfix
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Step 2: Connect your iDevice to computer

Use a suitable USB cable to connect your iDevice with your computer. Start the tool and several options will be listed in the main interface of the program.


Step 3: Select Standard Mode to fix iPhone camera not working

Two modes are available for you to choose from, including the Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. If you do not desire to lose your iDevice data, you can choose the Standard Mode. If this mode fails to help you out of trouble, you can continue to give the Advanced Mode a go. For iPhone camera not working issue, you can use Standrad mode.


Step 4: Download firmware

After that, you are required to verify your iDevice info and hit to download the proper firmware for your iDevice. The downloading status will be shown on the software screen.


Step 5: Begin to fix iPhone camera not working

In the end, you need to click on the Fix Now button to begin to iPhone camera not working issue. Wait for a while, you will be able to use your AirPods to connect your iDevice smoothly.


Part 8: Contact Apple for General Hardware Fixes

If you still can’t solve the problem with all the methods shown above, you’d better contact Apple, and take it into an Apple Store and show the camera on iPhone not working issue to them. If you’re still under warranty, then you should get a replacement without any hassle. You can consider switching from an old iPhone to a new iPhone model. Make sure you have backed up your iPhone data before you send your device for repairing. Leawo iTransfer and Leawo iOS Data Recovery are the two tools that we strongly recommend you to have a try, which can help you a lot in iPhone data transferring and recovering.