Everyone may suffer the problem of iPhone stuck in bootloop. Your iPhone might easily get stuck in bootloop once your iPhone is turned on after it has been updated to the latest version iOS 12/12.3, or you have a phone call to your friend or your iPhone is restored from the previous backup. What you should do is to have a try on turning on your device one more time. However, once your device has been switched on, it begins to get stuck in bootloop again. This is a common problem around iOS device users and it may appear on any iPhone easily due to some reasons, particularly when your device is updated to the latest iOS version. This article will guide you with several solutions to the issue “iPhone stuck in bootloop”. It should be noted that the methods listed below are almost available to all iOS devices.

Part 1: Why Does iPhone Get Stuck in Boot Loop?

Multiple kinds of reasons will lead to your iPhone stuck in bootloop. There are some common reasons listed below for your reference.
1. When your device is updated to the latest iOS version, the problem of your iPhone gets stuck in bootloop will happen easily. Your device will get stuck in the process of updating due to many unknown reasons, like the connection of your device to computer is unstable when iTunes is used to update your iPhone, or update via OTA with the bad networking.
2. Serious problem can be caused by jailbreaking. If jailbreaking cannot be done well, your iPhone will break down. Moreover, the simple tasks cannot be performed by your device.
3. Sometimes malfunction can happen to battery connector, especially for the old iOS device. The reason is that your phone is not able to gain adequate power, which will cause your device stuck in bootloop easily.
Generally speaking, iPhone stuck in bootloop is a software problem, besides your device dropped recently or the battery of your device has been replaced. So, this problem can be solved by yourself usually. Below we will show you several effective methods to fix the issue iPhone stuck in bootloop.

Part 2: Common Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop

1. Fix iPhone stuck in bootloop by using force restart.
This is might be the easiest solution to fix your device stuck in boot loop. What you should do is that using force restart on your device in order to break the running power cycle. This can be done by long pressing on the Sleep and Wake button along with home button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. Then your device will be in the status of vibration, the reboot loop will finally be interrupted.


This great solution is available on all devices but iPhone 7 and iPhone 7P are excluded. For these two models of devices, you can press on the Sleep and Wake button along with Volume down button in the meantime to get your device restarted.
2. Get the battery of your iPhone reset to go out of boot loop
Getting the batter reset or changed to a new one will do a favor to fix the issue of iPhone stuck in boot loop without having any data loss. But, you need to have the professional ability of manipulation and carefulness, otherwise your iPhone will be damaged by you. And the related tools are a must to help you manipulate like two screwdrivers and a suction cup and the plastic pull tool.
I. Your iPhone should be turned off before this solution starts. Then the screws from the right and left sides of charging mouth should be twisted out.
II. Next, get the sucker placed on the screen of your iPhone and then get the screen lifted slightly.
III. Finally, the two screws locking the connector of battery to the holder of battery should be removed, make the connector of battery eject upwards, after a few seconds, all the units should be put back to the original place.
Now you can have a try on getting your iPhone restarted and check whether it still gets stuck in boot loop.

3. Fix iPhone stuck in boot loop issue with the trick of voluming up, this method is only available for jailbreaking on your iPhone. If the jailbreaking plug-in installed on your device is broken or running with incompatibility, it will result in the issue iPhone stuck in boot. In this case, force restart cannot work on your device. Therefore, you can try using the trick of Volume Up to solve this problem. Boot up your iPhone and hold down the button of Volume Up, then the screen of your iPhone will be locked again. Now Cydia can be run and unload the tweak which you think will result in boot loop, then check if your device is still stuck in boot loop.

Part 3: Fix iPhone Stuck in Infinite Boot Loop via iTunes & Recovery Mode

If the common ways mentioned above cannot do a favor to fix the issue iPhone stuck in boot loop. You can try restoring your device with iTunes to solve this problem. Although this method will make the data kept on your iPhone get lost if you haven’t backed up your data previously. The following instructions will guide you on how to get your device entered the recovery mode and use iTunes to restore it.
1. Associate your device with the computer via supported USB cable. Then run iTunes on computer.
2. You will see the logo of iTunes appears by pressing and holding the power button along with home button simultaneously for 10 to 15 seconds. If the press is still kept, the logo of Apple even can be shown up as well. After a while, a prompt “detected an iPhone in recovery mode” will pop up from iTunes, then click on OK button to get the device restored.
3. If the pop-up prompt cannot be seen, you can restore your device manually. Choose “Summary” on the left column, then click on “Restore iPhone”.
If recovery mode cannot help, you can make your iPhone enter DFU mode to restore it via iTunes.


Part 4: Stop iPhone Boot Loop via Factory Reset (Data Loss)

If the above-stated method cannot work, you can try another simple way to fix this issue. However, this method would get all the data erased on your device. You can refer to specific steps as below:
1. Enter Settings and choose General, then choose Reset in the General tab.
2. Choose the option to Erase All Content and Settings.
3. Enter your passcode to make a confirmation on it and then choose Erase iPhone.


Part 5: How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Bootloop without Losing Any Data

To prevent any data loss on your iPhone when fixing iPhone stuck in boot loop issue, the best way is to back up the data from your iPhone to your computer. Here we will recommend you a powerful and professional third-party tool Leawo iTransfer to back up the data on your iPhone. Leawo iTransfer offers a great solution to transfer 12 types of various kinds of files between iOS devices and computer, the files include apps, music, contacts, videos and photos and more. For example, you can transfer apps from iPhone to computer with ease. Furthermore, Leawo iTransfer also acts as a backup tool for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Due to the multiple functions of this software, Leawo iTransfer is able to get the media files and playlists and contact and more well-managed.

Leawo iTransfer is running based on the advanced technology of scanning and transferring, therefore, the data transfer can be completed in a rapid and safe way. Moreover, 100% security and reliability are guaranteed in the transfer process, the data can be transferred with no data loss and no overwriting. How to back up data from your iPhone to computer, the following tutorial will guide you on how to do step by step.

1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and then launch Leawo iTransfer on computer as well. Your device will be recognized and detected by iTrasnfer, the library of your iPhone will be displayed on the left sidebar of iTransfer window.


2. Enable the square checkbox next to Name to choose all the files from your iPhone and then click on the transfer button on the right corner bottom. Or you can choose some file that you want to back up by holding the key option Ctrl/Shift, then have a right click on the files that you have chosen and select the option Transfer to > My Computer.


3. After the files have been selected, a dialog about transfer settings will be shown up. You are asked to choose the target folder by checking the option Save to Folder and click on the Change button to save the transferred files on your computer. Then click on the button Transfer Now to begin getting the files backed up from your iPhone to computer. A dialog of transfer percentage will be also displayed to let you know the transfer progress. After the transfer is complete, you can find the backed up files in the target folder on your computer.