Nowadays, Apple provides multiple ways for the users to get music on their iPhone. Besides syncing music with iTunes Music Library, iPhone users can also use iTunes Match, Apple Music and so on to find the songs they like. After syncing music with iTunes, iPhone users may get duplicate songs in the Music app. At this moment, people will want to know how to delete duplicate songs on iPhone, but how to do that? As a matter of fact, iPhone users have several ways to remove duplicate songs from iPhone. The following post will show you three best ways to delete duplicate songs on iPhone.

Part 1: Why There are Duplicate Songs on iPhone?

Duplicate songs on iPhone does not occupy more occupation on iPhone, but also would bring some misunderstanding for some users. Why are there duplicate songs on iPhone? How does this happen? Actually, the duplicate songs are created while you are using iTunes to manage the contents on your iPhone. This is the key factor to cause the duplicate songs on iPhone. Specially speaking, you can trace back the reasons for the duplicate songs on iPhone via the following aspects.

  • Different versions of the song. Sometimes, a song may be collected in different song albums, which would bring different versions of the song. At that moment, iTunes would not be able to detect this similarity, but when the transfer has been complete, you can find the same songs on your iPhone.
  • The songs are transferred more than once. This may happen especially when you are syncing your iPhone with iTunes. If you don’t remember whether you have transferred the songs before, then you may add the audio file to your iPhone for multiple times.
  • The songs may have been duplicated in different folders. If you have more than one folder to store the songs, these songs could be saved in multiple folders for multiple times which is hard to tell exactly. For example, you may misunderstood the Music folder and Downloads folder.

Part 2: How to Delete Duplicate Songs on iPhone in iTunes?

If you want to delete duplicate songs on iPhone, you can delete the duplicate songs in iTunes Music Library at first. And then sync them to iPhone again so that you can get rid of the duplicate songs. When using iTunes to delete duplicate songs, you can use the search function of iTunes to find the duplicate songs and delete them. For the more details on how to delete duplicate songs on iPhone iTunes, please refer to the following steps.

Step 1: Open iTunes on your computer, if necessary, you can update your iTunes to be the newest version.

Step 2: On the iTunes menu bar, select File >> Library in the drop down menu >> Show Duplicate Items. Then all the duplicate songs would be seen in the list.


Step 3: Locate the duplicate songs in a more accurate way. iTunes may regard some songs which are actually not as the duplicate songs. To navigate the exact duplicate songs, you can select Same Album option to choose to present the songs by Name, Artist, Data Added and so on.


Step 4: Delete the duplicate songs from iTunes. Once all your preferred duplicates have been found and listed, now right click the duplicate songs and choose Delete from Library. Then, all the chosen duplicates would be deleted soon. Click Done when you are finished.


After cleaning the duplicate songs in iTunes Music Library, you can sync your iPhone with iTunes. Syncing iPhone with iTunes is easy to be done, and most of the iPhone users are familiar with it. If you are novice on iTunes, you can refer to Part 4 for more detailed steps. However, many iPhone users are annoyed by the auto sync of iTunes, because the sync of iTunes may lead to data loss in iPhone. At this moment, people can use the iPhone transfer software to delete duplicate songs on iPhone without using iTunes.

Part 3: How to Delete Duplicate Songs on iPhone in Leawo Tunes Cleaner?

Leawo Tunes Cleaner is the Windows based professional iPhone cleanup software that could act as iPhone duplicate remover, iPad duplicate remover, iPod duplicate remover and iTunes duplicate remover. It could help you easily find and remove duplicate songs from iPhone, iPad, iPod and iTunes in clicks. And it help you fix your iTunes music library and other music folders by adding song tags and removing duplicate songs. If you're interested in it, please free download it and have a try.

Step 1: Download Leawo Tunes Cleaner

Download and install Leawo Tunes Cleaner on your computer.

  • tunes-cleaner
  • Leawo Tunes Cleaner

    - Clean up iTunes library by fixing music files
    - One click to manage any music collection high-efficiently
    - Delete duplicate songs in iTunes without limits
    - Automatically find and add missing music information
    - Manually fix mislabeled song information and music tags
    - 100% accurate, safe and speedy

Step 2: Choose clean-up option to delete duplicate songs on iPhone

Open Leawo Tunes Cleaner, and then choose the "Clean-up Duplicates" option on the main interface.


Step 3: Select a scanning mode

Select a duplicate scanning mode to detect duplicate songs in your iTunes from Quick Scan and Deep Scan. Quick Scan mode is based on song tags including name, artist, album cover, file size and time, while the Deep Scan mode adopts Acoustic Fingerprint tech for deeper scanning. Choose desired one to apply.


Step 4: Scan iTunes

Click "Scan iTunes" button to start scanning duplicate copies in your iTunes music library.


Step 5: Start to delete duplicate songs on iPhone on one-click

Via scanning, all duplicate songs would be displayed. You could play back all reference duplicates and determine which file to keep and which file(s) to delete. After selecting which files to remove, click "Remove" button. Tunes Cleaner would immediately delete all duplicate songs.


After you have removed all duplicate songs from your iTunes, sync your iTunes library to iPhone via USB. Connect your iPhone to PC, and then sync the cleaned iTunes music library to your iPhone. Then, your iPhone music library would be refreshed and all duplicate songs would be deleted.

Part 4: How to Sync iPhone with iTunes after Deleting Duplicates?

Since you have detected and cleaned up all the duplicated files on iPhone, in order to back up all the refreshed data on your iPhone, you can adopt iTunes to sync iPhone to computer or another device for another time. Syncing your iPhone with iTunes would be quite simple and easy. There are different ways to achieve the goal. Here one of the most popular ways would be introduced below.



  1. Open iTunes. Make sure that you have the latest version. Then connect your iPhone with USB cable to your computer.
  2. Click on your device. After clicking on your device, tabs appear on the left side of the iTunes window under Settings.
  3. Turn on syncing. You can turn on syncing for Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Books, Audiobooks, Tones, Photos, and Info.
  4. Sync your content. Click the Sync button in the lower-right corner of the screen to sync your content. Then all the chosen contents would be synced automatically.

Part 5: Tips on When Not to Delete Duplicate Songs on iPhone

Referring to the above information, if your iPhone has gathered a lot of duplicate songs or other files, you can follow the solutions above to clean up your iPhone. By the way, remember to back up your iPhone one more time. However, sometimes it is hard to determine whether you can delete the duplicate songs or not. In order to avoid some mistakes, the following tips could be bore in mind.

  • Confirm the formats of the duplicate songs. Sometimes, you can find the same song in your iPhone. Actually, they are totally different in the song format because they have been kept to meet different needs which could be compatible with iPod or iPhone. For example, AAC and FLAC formats may exist for the same song which has some differences on the audio quality and audio size which can be applied in different iOS devices.
  • Check the differences between the duplicate songs before deleting. In order to check the general information for a song, you can simply click the song and enter the description page, which could show all the parameters about the song, including the format, album information, artist, release date and so on.
  • Further check the duplicate files one more time. It seems to be a Final Cut resource library file sometime. It is recommended not to delete it to avoid the resource library data disorder. As for others, it is best to find this part of the file in the folder through the file path shown in the lower right corner and carefully check it before deleting it.