The digital era has been impeccably influencing human social lives by generations, and currently, smartphones show its dominant status in our daily life. As a multi-function device, the mobile phone is refined with more advanced systems each year. The most-known systems are Android and iOS. Since listening to music is also a quotidian task, some android users find some issues. That is related to the song duplications. While more and more are searching for how to delete duplicate music files on Android, this post will introduce a couple of solutions to address the problems.

How duplicate songs on Android occur

With the increasing usage of smartphones, people have extended different abilities to their phones for personal purposes. Most of the time, we are using it as a media player for music, podcasts, videos, and pictures. Android is an open-source system that is widely implanted into smartphones of big companies. Even though Android phones are being frequently polished and updated, there are always inevitable bugs and errors. And sometimes, you may go through a hard time to find where the contacts are stored on Android. Likewise, it could be hard to track down all your other source locations as tons of folders are saved in your phone. Every once in a while, you may notice a few or even a bunch of new duplicate songs sitting in your playlists. Don't be surprised, you are not the only one who is confronting this.

If you want to know how exactly it happens, I'm afraid that the answer to it is hard to capture. Because there are numerous unknown factors working together. The bigger chances are, understanding each possible reason and minimizing the potential mistakes. Check the tips below:

  • Improper music storage will lead to incorrect readings. In some cases, this reason is similar to what the computer will do. That is to say, storing the same music file in a number of different folders is likely to cause duplications. On your phone, it would be difficult to realize the song library unless opening the player app. The complex system structure also creates certain levels of obstacles for managing the media database.
  • Music player applications could have conflicts with other programs. From time to time, the local media player app will have incompatible issues with other third-party products. Especially, when you have more than one music player, which allows you to download songs differently, the same song may be opened and tagged within different folders automatically.
  • Virus, and other possibilities. When browsing the Internet, smartphones are also able to download media files through internal software directly. For android users, viruses are the main concerns. A limited part of the virus has the capability to reproduce file duplications.

Solution 1: Remove the duplicated songs manually

Facing how to delete duplicate music files on Android, we have come up with three feasible strategies. The first one might be suitable for some users whose duplicate songs are in just a small amount. Put it thoroughly, we will learn how to remove duplicate songs in Android manually one by one.

If there is a massive arrange of repetitions in your playlists or library, you will soon find it tedious and time-consuming. In this case, you are encouraged to skip this method. Or for someone like me, being lazy to manual deleting songs, I would not hesitate to go for the next sections.

Now follow the steps on how to delete duplicate music files on Android:

Step 1. Open the music app to check the duplications.
You can tap the native media player to enter the interface. Then go back to the main interface and choose the "Files" (or file manager) where you can browse a series of root folders.

Step 2. Let's pay a visit to the internal storage location.
Navigate through "/mnt/sdcard/Music" and look for music files in which you can see the repetitions. Some SD card storage may be named particularly, be sure you have entered a path indicating the "sdcard".

Step 3. Now, select and confirm the deletion.
As different Android phones share distinct operations, figure out the way to multi-select on your phone and hit the trash bin icon to discard the duplicate music files. A prompt will ask for verification. Go with the "Delete".

Step 4. The first way for how to remove duplicate songs in Android storage is nearly done. When you have an empty folder as below, you can return to the main entrance.

Step 5. Resume the local music app and scroll down your playlists to see if duplicate music files still occur.

Solution 2: Remove the duplicated songs with a duplicate cleaner app

In this second solution, a relatively effective solution will be introduced. Whilst we all prefer to make use of tools, how to remove duplicate songs in Android with tools? As a matter of fact, the app to delete duplicate songs Android can be found online effortlessly since there are plenty of such programs on the market. Hence, a simple app to delete duplicate songs Android called Duplicates Cleaner is utilized.

The instruction for how to delete duplicate music files on Android is displayed.

Step 1. Download and install the Duplicates Cleaner on your Android phone.
In general, the installation will be completed automatically after the download process. If a dialogue is prompted, press the allow button to keep going with the next procedure.

Step 2. Press the Duplicates Cleaner icon form the main page to enter the program.
From the entrance, it looks like a neat and handy app to delete duplicate songs Android.
There will be a list of given options for diverse requirements. You can scan pictures, audio, videos, documents, and adjust settings. To quickly start how to delete duplicate music files on Android, tap the "Scan Duplicate Audio".

Step 3. Run the app to delete duplicate songs Android.
The previous step will command the orders to detect all the duplicate songs in Android instead of manually hunting for them. The process is quite decent. In a while, you can review all the results inside the window. Simply tick the check-box in front of the item to select since this app will provide choosable options. Once it is done, hit the trash icon at the bottom to clear up the phone space and eliminate the duplicates.

Solution 3: Remove the duplicated songs with Tunes Cleaner

Indeed, installing additional software on Android phones directly could be risky. Regardless of viruses, the probability of incompatibility with local programs is also contributing to various failures. On another hand, Duplicates Cleaner will deliver advertisements, and not all the duplication cleaning is available for free. At this point, an all-in-one app to delete duplicate songs Android is critical. Luckily, we have Leawo Tunes Cleaner be the best assistance.

Being the number one music managing software, Leawo Tunes Cleaner features One-click fixing technology for how to delete duplicate music files on Android phones. Thoroughly compatible with Mac environments, this app to delete duplicate songs Android is also the best way to delete duplicate songs on iPhone/iPad/iPod. Specialized in getting rid of redundant music media, this tool is able to tidy up all your local space without limits. By that saying, it offers two scan modes for professional needs. The quick mode brings up a common process where the deep scan is aiming at accurate information by adopting the acoustic fingerprint skill. Furthermore, the powerful functionality enables you to pair your audio files with an online database in order to implement consummate music info such as artist, album, song name, etc. Speaking of computer performance, Tunes Cleaner is gifted at removing duplicate songs in Windows Media Player 12/11 with ease. Unlike other freeware, it is secure for all your personal files.

Step 1. Download the Leawo Tunes Cleaner and install it on the PC.
Leawo Tunes Cleaner supports Windows and Mac OS systems with independent versions. Make sure you obtain the corresponding edition.

Step 2. Launch the app to delete duplicate songs Android.
When the interface is opened, you will see the intuitive graphic design along with four main modules. Use a USB cable to connect your Android device to the computer. Easily choose the "Open Music Files" in the middle to start scanning.

Step 3. Learn how to delete duplicate music files on Android.
The scan procedure will be finished in a short time and all your duplicated songs will be exhibited in the right section. Meanwhile, a score will be roughly evaluated on the top of the screen. When you are ready, hit the "Fix All" button to remove duplicate songs in Android. It's always workable to pause the procedures by clicking "Pause".

Note: The auto music tag adding feature of Leawo Tunes Cleaner has been discontinued. You could use it to add or edit music tags manually.