It is obvious to all that iTunes is one of the most popular media players which offers so much fun with iTunes movies, audiobooks and iTunes music. And iTunes music would be one of the most interesting and enjoyable. There are millions of wonderful songs from all over the world so that you can enjoy yourself no matter where you are from or what kinds of music you prefer in Mac OS and Windows system. However, if you would like to save iTunes music to SD card so that you can play it anytime and anywhere, iTunes music converter will be required if you are Apple users. And there are some tips you get to know.

Part 1. Transfer iTunes music to SD Card for Apple user

(1) Why the iTunes music converter is required?

As it is known to all, it is not simple for Apple user to transfer iTunes music to SD card from iPhone since iTunes music is protected by the DRM (Digital Right Management) due to Apple's privacy policy. The iTunes Music songs can be only accessible and enjoyed on Apple devices authorized by one Apple Account that has subscribed to Apple Music Membership. In addition, if you would like to copy iTunes music to SD card and play the Apple music on other players beyond Apple devices, you'd better remove the DRM at the very beginning. Besides, because iTunes music you purchased or rented are usually in the particular format M4P, which is seldom recognized by other media players except for iTunes, it is definitely important for users to find a powerful program to convert Apple music M4P to the common supported format MP3. In order to save iTunes music to SD card so as to play Apple music freely with any devices, a powerful iTunes music converter is needed to remove the DRM and convert Apple music to MP3, and Leawo Prof. DRM is the best alternative for Apple users to bypass the limitations and achieve the goal in simple steps.

(2) Guide to remove DRM and convert iTunes M4P music to MP3

Leawo Prof. DRM is a powerful media converter particularly designed for removing the DRM of iTunes and converting M4P music to MP3 so that iTunes music can be played in any other media players and you can also save iTunes music to SD card after that. Besides, this program works in 5X speed and completely keeps the original quality of the music in just several simple steps. Just download and install it, then launch it and follow the guide here.


Note: Authorize your PC by signing in with your Apple ID to play the iTunes music. And you are unable to open iTunes during the program works.

Step 1: Add iTunes M4P Music to the Converter

When entering the main interface, you click "Add Files" to pop up the panel where lists the music and you can choose the target iTunes M4P music you prefer and import it to the program. Or you can also directly drag and drop the music file to the converter.


Step 2: Choose Proper Channel, Sampling Rate and Bit Rate

After the iTunes M4P music files are imported, you can view these files under the category "music" and then choose the target file. Next, you can click the "edit" button to freely choose proper Channels, Sampling, Rates and Bit Rates for the output MP3 audio file.


Step 3: Set the Directory for Output Files

Return to the "Home" page, and then click "…" button in the bottom to set the output directory for containing the output MP3 file.


Step 4: Remove the DRM of iTunes Music and Convert M4P to MP3

Since all settings are done, you can click the blue "Convert" button on the bottom to start the program, then the program will remove DRM from M4P music files and convert M4P to MP3 in several minutes.


Step 5: Check the converted MP3 Files

At last, all the converted MP3 music files will be found in the converted panel. Here, you can open and check all the files. Besides, you can find the music file you love by making use of the searching bar on the bottom for fast locating as well.


Now you Apple users have removed DRM from iTunes M4P music and have got the DRM-free MP3 iTunes music, you can copy it to your SD card as soon as possible and get enjoyed with your mobile phones or other devices that recognize and support it. While for android users, you can have easier way to save iTunes music to SD card. Here comes the solution.

Part 2. Save iTunes music to SD Card for Android User

For android users, since Apple music has updated, Android users could use iTunes through Google Play, save iTunes music to SD card and enjoy Apple Music on Android offline as they like. If Android users would like to listen to iTunes music offline on any device that supports SD cards, following the next steps to save them directly.

STEP 1: Download iTunes Music from Google Play and install it in your Android Phone.

STEP 2: Open Apple Music, click the menu icon in the upper-left corner.

STEP 3: Click "Setting" to choose "Download Location" option, and change download location to SD card to save downloaded songs to the SD Card in your phone.


With the simple steps above, Android users can easily transfer music from iTunes to SD card, enjoying Apple Music on Android offline and saving more space from storing songs.

To sum up, there are professional program Leawo Prof. DRM which can remove DRM from iTunes m4p music for Apple users and simple tips for Android users to get Apple music directly to be played on any other devices. If you would like to transfer music from iTunes to SD card, you can follow the instructions above and you can simply make it even if you are a total green hand. iTunes music converter will offer you great help, you can just feel free to listen to iTunes music offline on any device that supports SD card as you like.