Q: "Halloween is coming. We are planning to hold a costume party for the kids. Are there any Halloween Kids music playlist that can be played in the party? I'd like to make a scary Halloween music for kids in iTunes to make the party more interesting and appealing. Any advice?"

People would like to feel chill and whisk others away to a world of scares and spookiness. On Halloween's day, Kids also prefer to make themselves up to play trick-or-treating. A number of Halloween kids music will be needed to create a scary atmosphere. Here list some fun Halloween music for kids, which will help you a lot on Halloween's Party.

Part 1: 5 playlist in iTunes for kids for playing on Halloween party

For a spookier and fun Halloween party, here compiled a list of the best kid-friendly Halloween songs that the kids will fully enjoy. Fun Halloween music for kids will treat ears to some creepy classics and pay attention, they may get ready to have your socks scared off!

alloween Kids Music Playlist

Here comes the popular playlist for Halloween Kids music:

Playlist 1: Trick or Treat

This is a playlist of Halloween music for kids who are cute and tricky to enjoy gay music in a happy atmosphere. And these songs listed here are a perfect match as Kid Halloween music. The list includes 14 songs, such as "Zombie in the Dark", "Scary bingo", "Five little monsters", etc. Let kids enjoy themselves much.

alloween Kids Music Playlist

Playlist 2: Kids song for Halloween

This is one of the best Halloween kids music playlist that are so popular and classic. The songs included in this list are quite creepy and spooky that create a scary atmosphere to scare attenders at the party. It would be a lot of fun for kids who guise themselves for Halloween.

Classic Halloween Kids Music Playlist

Playlist 3: Halloween Town -- Spooky music

This list of fun Halloween music for kids is somewhat scary and would be more loved by a lot of kids. They are more tricky and creative and enjoy themselves more on Halloween. In a party, they can play different roles with the background Halloween music to be personally on the scene. The list includes a lot of songs like "Halloween Night", "Five little skeletons", "Five little zombies" , etc.

Classic Halloween Kids Music Playlist

Playlist 4: Hello its Halloween -- Spooky Halloween Party Songs

This list of scary Halloween music for kids is particularly for a party. All the songs listed here will bring much fun to all kids in the party since different kinds of kids music, almost all the well-known and prevailing songs, are concluded, including "Halloween monsters", "The ghosts they walk tonight" and so on.

Classic Halloween Kids Music Playlist

Playlist 5: Halloween Kids Party Music

This Halloween kids music playlist is particularly created for a party and most of the music is a perfect match for dancing. All the kids in the party can dance together as they like and have fun together. It is believed that the atmosphere of the party with such music played will highly impress these kids.

Classic Halloween Kids Music Playlist

Part 2: How to share the Halloween music in iTunes to other devices with Leawo Prof. DRM

Obviously, there are enough popular playlist for kid Halloween music. Nonetheless, you must have found that you can almost only buy and play them on iTunes on Apple devices. If you prefer to download the music and copy them to other devices, there would be some problems since the music in Apple iTunes are DRM protected. Under this occasion, you need help of the other tools, for example, the powerful DRM removal program Leawo Prof. DRM. Prof. DRM is a professional program which is not only designed for DRM removal from iTunes videos including movies and TV show, but also to remove DRM from iTunes music and Spotify music, Audible Audiobooks and eBooks, what’s more, it can convert them to popular DRM-free files for better entertainment.

Equipped with advanced digital media processing technology, Leawo Prof. DRM ensures that users can convert the DRM restricted iTunes music, usually in M4P format, to common MP3 music files for enjoying on different devices freely without any quality loss. For keeping Halloween music for kids from iTunes on other devices freely, you can download and install Prof. DRM on your PC and then follow the easy steps below to remove DRM from the purchased iTunes music (learn more about how to buy songs on iTunes) :

Tips: Please make sure that you have authorized the computer by signing in with your Apple ID. And know that you are not allowed to open iTunes when the DRM is being removed.

Step 1: Import iTunes Music files to the program

Launch the program and enter the main interface. Click on "Add files" on the sub-menu bar to pop up a panel where you could import the iTunes music to the program.

Add Kindle eBooks

Step 2: Choose Proper Channel, Sampling Rate and Bit Rate

View the imported music file under the category "music". Select a music file and click the "edit" button to choose proper Channels, Sampling Rates and Bit Rates you need for the output MP3 audio file.

Set an output folder

Step 3: Save the output music files

At the bottom of the interface, click on "..." to choose an output directory for saving the DRM free MP3 music for kids. 

Set output format

Step 4: Remove DRM and Convert iTunes music to MP3

Click on "Convert" button at the bottom to start removing DRM from iTunes kid Halloween music and converting M4P music to MP3. In a second, you will get the DRM free MP3 music.

Set output format

Note: If you have not yet authorized the computer, you are required to authorize the computer first before the conversion begins.

Set output format

Step 5: Check the converted music

Finally, all the converted MP3 music files will be listed under the "Converted tab". You can find and open the MP3 file here as well.

In the end, the Halloween music for kids now can be transferred to other devices and freely played on the spooky and scary Halloween party. All kids in the party will be in full joy and get impressed in such a special Halloween atmosphere. Moreover, some YouTube Halloween music for kids are also available online. If necessary, you can get them played for Kids' party as well.