To take photos with iPhones is quite popular and convenient. However, most photo lovers desire to make iPhone photo effects much more advanced. How can you realize this goal? What are the best apps for iPhone photo effects? There are various applications in the market for you to choose from. Do you know which iPhone photo editing app fits you most? In this tutorial, you will learn several great iPhone photo editor apps to help you. You can choose the right one to meet your demands. Read on to discover the best iPhone photo editing app for your needs and get to know the detailed steps.

Part 1: Pros & Cons of iPhone Internal Photos App

When you would like to improve iPhone photo effects, you can first try the internal iPhone Photos app, for it is quite handy for you to make use of. You can apply this program to click to edit the photos’ basic settings and advanced settings like color and exposure. It allows you to enhance pictures on iPhone just in your photo library.



  • Duplicate iPhone images to maintain the original ones.
  • Adjust color, brightness and sharpness at ease.
  • Adjust the color tone with a filter.
  • Crop, rotate, straighten & adjust perspective.
  • Remove or change your edits as you like with non-destructive editing.
  • It enables you to edit portrait mode pictures at ease.
  • To edit live images is available as well.
  • Video editing is also accessible.
  • No installation required.


  • Lack of certain features of other popular photo editor apps like PS and Lightroom.
  • Unable to make selective adjustments to a certain part of a photo.
  • Without a healing tool to remove objectives from your images.
  • You need to make sure your iPhone is updated to iOS 13.

The editing features of the Photos app are versatile for you to edit pictures every day, but its limitations prevent you to gain more advanced iPhone photo effects. Therefore, if you do want to edit your iPhone photos to get the perfect effects, you’d better take a look at the following part in this tutorial to learn some powerful iPhone photo editor programs.

Part 2: 5 Best Apps for iPhone Photo Effects

Since it is not so ideal to use iPhone Photo app to gain your desired photo effects, you can read this part to find amazing alternatives to iPhone Photo app to finish your image editing tasks.


Lightroom is one fantastic iPhone photo editor, which is both available on your iOS devices and Android devices. It is quite suitable for professionals and users who want to make fast pro adjustments to their images. You can make use of it to edit RAW files to gain stunning profiles. This app is free to use, which focuses on offering a set of high-quality adjustment tools to users to adjust the light, detail, color, distortion, and grain of your images. The presets of it are easy and the editing tools of it are also simple.



As one professional iPhone photo editing app, Snapseed is developed by Google, which is well known for its outstanding features like healing brush, structure, HDR, perspective, and etc. It allows users to edit RAW images as well. You can also use it to save your own photo style in the preset process. It owns 29 filters and tools to tune images, face poses, glamour glow, and double exposure.



You can make use of TouchRetouch to remove objects just at your fingertip. It is dedicated to removing unwanted elements from an image. You can just use your fingers to highlight the objects you desire to remove quickly and easily. This app allows you to automatically remove the selection and replace that area with pixels from the surrounding area.



It is also sensible for you to resort to VSCO to gain wonderful iPhone photo effects. Its photo editing features are more straightforward, which has been improved over time. You can use it to capture RAW photos and enjoy the fantastic levels of complexity to RAW editing. Its filters are excellent and you can enjoy more filters after you subscribe to it.



SKRWT also ranks high when it comes to using one iPhone photo editing app to gain great image effects. It can help you to correct distortion and converge lines that result from wide-angle lenses. It is solely concentrated on this feature, which is the best choice for you if you want to correct photo distortions and straighten converging lines.


Part 3: How to Edit iPhone Photo Effects on Computer?

Sometimes, it is not so convenient to edit your iPhone photos on iPhone. You can actually export your iPhone images to computer for more direct editing. The large computer screen offers you more details and space to edit your pictures to what you need much more easily. Do you know how to handle the iPhone photo transfer task? Are you wondering how to choose a suitable tool to edit iPhone photos on your computer? If these are the questions confusing you, you are just in the right place. This part will introduce you one excellent iPhone photo transfer tool to help you to get your iPhone images to computer folder and a great image editing program to assist you to get nice iPhone photo effects. Read on to learn how to turn your ordinary iPhone photos into super edits on your computer.

3.1 How to Transfer Photo from iPhone to Computer

Here I’d like to recommend you make use of Leawo iTransfer to finish the task of transferring photos from iPhone to computer. This iPhone photo transfer tool is powerful and easy to use. It can handle 12 kinds of files, which allows you to transfer files among various iOS devices, computers and iTunes. Check out the detailed steps below and you will be clear.

Step 1: Download Leawo iTransfer

Insert your iPhone to computer with a matched USB cable and then run Leawo iTransfer on computer. Your iPhone will be detected quickly by the software.

Choose the appropriate version then download and install Leawo iTransfer on your computer.

  • itransfer
  • Leawo iTransfer

    - Transfer files among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs with ease.
    - 6x faster than iTunes
    - Transfer up to 14 kinds of data and files without iTunes.
    - Support the latest iOS devices like iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, etc.
    - Play back, view, and delete data and files on iOS devices.
    - Support Windows & Mac OS

Step 2: Connect iPhone to computer

Insert your iPhone to computer with a matched USB cable and then run Leawo iTransfer on computer. Your iPhone will be detected quickly by the software.


Step 3: Choose iPhone photos

Go to click on the button of “iPhone icon> Library > Photos” to check all iPhone photos in the right part of the window. You can hold on the "Ctrl" key and choose images you desire to transfer to computer for further editing. Right click on one image and then hit on “Transfer to > My Computer” on the bar that shows up.


Step 4: Export photos from iPhone to computer

In the pop-up panel, you need to hit on the “Change” button to choose a proper place to save your exported iPhone pictures. In the end, you can click on "Transfer Now" to begin to move pictures from your iPhone to computer. Your iPhone photos will be available on your computer just in a few seconds.


3.2 How to Edit iPhone Photo Effects with PhotoIns

After you get your iPhone photos to computer, you can then continue to edit these pictures on computer with ease. You can turn to Leawo PhotoIns for help, for this tool is considered to be a great photo editor which can improve your photo quality automatically and intelligently with only several clicks. It can also detect the exposure and then modify the brightness, making your iPhone images look more outstanding. This photo enhancer can help you fix and improve the colors of your images, which offers you the right tone and color balance to perfect the tints. It is capable of processing RAW, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG files, which can fix white balance in photography as well. Read on and you will learn how to make use of this great software to edit photos smoothly.

Step 1: Download Leawo PhotoIns

Go to the official website of Leawo PhotoIns and download the proper version of it. Then install this tool on your computer.

  • photoins
  • Leawo PhotoIns

    - Enhance portrait photos easily with advanced AI technology
    - Fix photo exposure and white balance issues automatically
    - Optimize photo colors and perfect photo tints
    - Make photos perfectly clear with smart dehaze
    - Boost photo lighting and color quality
    - Process RAW and JPG files

Step 2: Add iPhone Photos

Run Leawo PhotoIns on your computer and then click on the “Add Photo” button to import your iPhone images into the software. You can also directly drag and drop your iPhone pictures into the main interface of this tool for editing.


Step 3: Optimize iPhone Photos

You can make use of this photo enhancer to optimize images in batch or just one by one. The integrated photo AI enhancer is easy to use, which calls for no professional skills at all.

1. Optimize images in batch

Here you need to hit on the gear button at the top right corner of the interface and then select the “Settings” option to turn on the features of “Automatic Lens Correction”, “Face enhance” and/or “Enlarge eyes”. Thus, the software will begin to enhance all your added images in batch automatically. Afterwards, you can hit on the blue “Output” button at the bottom right corner for output settings.

2. Enhance images one by one

To enhance images one by one, you can drag the effect adjuster bar right below the previewer to adjust the AI enhancing degrees for a picture. You can preview and compare the effects between “Before” and “After”. After the enhancing effect task is completed, you can hit on the close button to confirm all your editing features you have adopted.


Step 4: Save Output Settings

After you finish the AI enhancing process, you need to hit on the blue “Output” button to call out the panel of “Output settings” to select an output path, photo file format and output photo quality. You can also use this panel to name and resize your iPhone images.


Step 5: Output AI Enhanced iPhone Pictures

Hit on the button of “Output photos” to export the AI enhanced pictures to your computer folder. If your version is the free trial one, you can hit on “Continue” button to get one image for free. If you purchase Pro version and register Leawo PhotoIns, you can apply its full features. In the end, you will gain outstanding iPhone pictures. If you want to transfer these improved photos back to your iPhone from computer folder, you can also resort to Leawo iTransfer to make it.