All Apple’s media content downloaded from the iTunes Store has FairPlay DRM protection on them to prevent them from being copied and distributed easily. To convert iTunes M4V audiobook to WAV format, the first thing we need to do would be to remove the FairPlay DRM protection from the M4B audiobooks first. In the content below I would show you how to remove DRM from iTunes M4B audiobook and convert iTunes M4B audiobook to WAV.

Part 1: How to Remove DRM from iTunes M4B audiobook with Prof. DRM

To convert iTunes M4B audiobook to WAV, we are going to remove DRM from iTunes M4B audiobook first. And to do that, we need a DRM removal program. The DRM removal tool I’ll be using in this tutorial is Leawo Prof. DRM. It’s a new program from Leawo Software. As a professional DRM removal and converter tool combo, it can help users remove DRM protection from iTunes music, TV shows, movies and audiobook and Audible audiobook. Having Leawo Prof. DRM is like having the right to play your iTunes media content anytime, anywhere with any mobile handsets you want. With this iTunes M4B audiobook converter, you can make full use of your purchased iTunes media content.

Leawo Prof. DRM can remove DRM from iTunes M4B audiobook and convert it to MP3 audio file. After the DRM protection is removed from the M4B audiobook, we are going to convert the audiobook to WAV format with a video converter.

Here’s how to remove DRM from iTunes M4B audiobook with Leawo Prof. DRM.

Step 1. Add your iTunes M4B audiobooks to the program.

To add your M4B audiobooks in iTunes to the program, first open the program, and then click Add Files button. You would see 2 Add Files buttons, either one of them would work. Also you can drag and drop the audiobooks directly to the interface if you’ve opened the folder that stores your audiobooks.

Remove DRM from iTunes M4B Audiobook

Step 2. Change the parameters of the M4B audiobooks.

Leawo Prof. DRM provides you with the option to change the parameters of your audiobooks. The adjustable parameters include: Channels, Sampling Rate and Bitrate. Click on the audiobook file that you want to edit and you should see an Edit button to the right of the audiobook title. Click on it to edit the parameters as you like.

Remove DRM from iTunes M4B Audiobook

Step 3. Set output directory for the audiobooks.

You can find the default output directory at the bottom of the file list next to the Output tag. If you want to change it, simply click the “…” button and select a new directory from the dialog box.

Remove DRM from iTunes M4B Audiobook

Step 4. Start the whole DRM removal process.

After setting all the things up, you should be ready for the DRM removal process now. Just click the Convert button at the bottom right corner and Leawo Prof. DRM will start to remove DRM from your iTunes M4B audiobooks and convert them into MP3 audio files.

Remove DRM from iTunes M4B Audiobook

Leawo Prof. DRM removes the DRM protection in the background. You don’t need to do anything upon the DRM removal. Leawo Prof. DRM will do all things for you. You could view all iTunes audiobook conversions on the converting panel. When the conversion completes, you could then add the converted iTunes audiobook files to a video converter for converting to WAV format.

Actually, Leawo Prof. DRM is far more than an iTunes DRM removal and converter tool that enables you to remove DRM protection upon iTunes media files including video, music and audiobooks, and then convert them to DRM-free media files, but also a tool that could help you convert eBooks from Kindle, Kobo and Adobe Digital Edition, and download and convert Spotify songs regardless of Spotify subscription types.

Part 2: How to Convert the Converted Audiobooks to WAV Format with Desktop Video Converter

After the DRM removal process is finished, we can start to convert iTunes M4B audiobook to WAV, or to be precise, convert MP3 to WAV as we’ve converted the iTunes M4B audiobook to MP3 in the previous DRM removal process.

To convert the audiobooks to WAV, we are going to need an audio converter. The audio converter I’m using in the instructions below is Leawo Video Converter, also a program from Leawo Software. It’s a powerful video and audio file converter with great compatibility to different video and audio formats. The high quality of the output file is guaranteed and it’s extremely user-friendly. Here’s how to convert iTunes M4B audiobook to WAV using Leawo Video Converter.


Note that Leawo Video Converter is integrated into a software bundle called Prof.Media. After installing Leawo Video Converter on your compuer, that’s the program you will find on your computer.

Step 1. Import the converted M4B audiobooks to the video converter

Launch Prof.Media and then click the Video Converter tab to enter the video converter module. To add the converted audiobooks to the program, you can directly drag and drop them to the interface of the program or click the Add Videos button and select them from the Open File dialog box.

Convert iTunes Audiobook to WAV

Step 2. Set default output format to be WAV

There’s a button on the left side of the green Convert button. On the button shows the default output format. To change it to WAV, click on the button and then on the menu that follows, click the Change button. On the following Profile page, click Common Audio tab, select WAV and then click OK to go back to the interface.

Convert iTunes Audiobook to WAV

Step 3. Adjust WAV parameters

If you want to adjust the parameters of the output WAV file, click on that Format button again and then click Edit on it. The following Profile Settings page will show you audio parameters including: Audio Codec, Bit Rate, Sample Rate and Channel. Make adjustments to those parameters as you like and when you are done, click the OK button to go back to the main interface.

Convert iTunes Audiobook to WAV

Step 4. Start to convert iTunes M4B audiobook to WAV

Click the aforementioned green Convert button to call out a sidebar from the right side of the file list. On it you can set the default output directory for the output file under the Save to tag. After setting the output path, click the Convert button from below to start the audiobook conversion.

Convert iTunes Audiobook to WAV

After the conversion is done, you can find your converted audiobooks in the folder you previous set. Overall, if you want to convert iTunes M4B audiobook to WAV, you are going to need two programs. But the whole process is fairly easy to operate, just follow the instructions above and you can get it done real quick.

Part 3: How to Convert Converted Audiobooks to WAV Format with Free Online WAV Converter

If you prefer some free tools to convert these DRM-free MP3 files to WAV format, we would like to recommend you online free WAV converter tool. You could simple search free online video converter on and then you will get quite a lot of options, most of which will help you solve the DRM-free MP3 to WAV audio conversion well. Here, in this guide, what we would like to recommend to you is ZAMZAR. ZAMZAR is an all-inclusive online media converter tool that converts video and audio files between almost all audio and video file formats online for free. it enables you to convert local media files, online media files, and manage files online.


The conversion with ZAMZAR is quite simple. You only need to add source media files, set output file format, and then convert media files online for free. check the below steps to learn how to convert the DRM-free MP3 file to WAV audio files with this free online audiobook converter in detail.

1. On your browser, visit

2. Click the “Choose Files” button to browse and upload converted iTunes audiobooks (now in DRM-free MP3 format)

3. Click the “Convert files to:” drop-down box. And then on the drop-down box, choose WAV audio as output format.

4. Then click the “Convert” button to start converting uploaded DRM-free MP3 files to WAV files online with this free online WAV audio converter.

5. After converting, you will be guided to download converted audiobooks (now in MP3 format) to your computer. Specify a download directory and download the converted audio file to your computer.

Obviously, online free video converters like ZAMZAR could help you convert DRM-free MP3 audiobooks to WAV files easily. However, there might exist some shortcomings with these free online video converter tools: most of them have limit in source file size while audiobooks are generally large; most free online video converters would require you to register before you could do the free conversion; some of them even require you to upgrade to the Premium version, which means they are not free actually. Also, not all online video converters support batch conversion.