iTunes videos are known for being protected by Apple’s Digital Rights Management, short named as DRM. If you purchase or rent some videos from iTunes store, due to DRM protection, you are limited to ways for enjoying those iTunes videos on Apple devices or players. What if you want to watch iTunes videos on Android devices? Neither iTunes movies nor iTunes TV shows can be directly played on Android devices (phones and tablets). Apple encodes videos in iTunes store in M4V format that is protected by Apple’s FairPlay DRM. In order to play iTunes video on Android devices, you have to remove DRM protection from iTunes videos.

Part 1: Why Android Devices Cannot Directly Play iTunes Videos?

As is mentioned in the very beginning, iTunes Videos are well protected by Apple’s own Digital Rights Management, which prevent iTunes videos including iTunes movies and iTunes TV shows from being played on other devices instead of devices or players authorized by an Apple ID that users log in to purchase or rent those iTunes videos. In other words, due to Apple’s DRM protection, iTunes videos cannot be directly played on Android devices, be it tablet or phone. But what to do if we insist to play iTunes videos on Android devices? Removing DRM protection from iTunes videos seems to be a good option.

Part 2: Convert iTunes Videos to Android with Leawo Prof. DRM

When talking about DRM protection removing from iTunes videos, the first DRM removal I will use is Leawo Prof. DRM, which integrates DRM video converter, DRM music converter, DRM audiobook converter, DRM eBooks converter and DRM Spotify converter as a whole. With Prof. DRM, the DRM protection from iTunes M4V video/M4P music/M4B audiobook will be removed and converted to DRM-free MP3, MP4 format, and eBooks from Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Adobe can be converted to DRM-free epub, Mobi, AZW3, TXT. What’s more, DRM-protective Spotify music will be converted and downloaded as DRM-free file for listening offline anywhere and anytime possible.

Leawo Prof. DRM can serve as an iTunes video converter since it is able to remove DRM and convert iTunes M4V movies and TV shows to MP4. Before DRM removing process takes place, Prof. DRM allows you to freely choose subtitles and audio tracks including Dolby 5.1 surround sound for keeping in the output MP4 file, and even to preserve all original subtitles and audio tracks. Without the need to decode and encode video, this professional DRM removal program is 50 times faster in DRM removing speed compared to many competitors on the market.

Leawo Prof. DRM is available not only on Windows, for also on Mac system. Download and install the right version of Leawo Prof. DRM on your computer, and follow the guide below to convert iTunes videos to Android with Leawo Prof. DRM.

Step 1. Choose Video & Music Converter
Kicks off Leawo Prof. DRM to enter an interface where you will face four options: Video & Music Converter, eBook Converter, Audible Converter, and Spotify Converter. To convert iTunes videos, you need to choose “Video & Music Converter” to enter DRM removal interface.


Step 2. Add iTunes Videos
After entering the main interface of DRM removal, click “Add Files” button on the sub-menu bar to choose and add source iTunes videos. Alternatively, you can directly drag and drop iTunes videos into the main interface, but this method requires that you know the exact location of iTunes videos.


Step 3. Choose Audio Tracks and Subtitles
After iTunes videos are imported, you can choose a video file and click “Edit” button to freely choose audio tracks and subtitles for keeping in the output MP4 video file. After that you can click “…” button at the bottom to set an output directory for containing output MP4 file.


Step 4. Start to Remove DRM from iTunes Videos and Convert Them to MP4
Click the blue “Convert” button at the bottom for removing DRM from M4V and converting M4V to MP4. After a while, the iTunes DRM removal and conversion process will be completed.


Note: Before conversion process takes place, you will be asked to authorize the computer for playing the iTunes video if you have not yet authorized the computer.


Step 5. Locate Converted Files and Transfer Them to Android
After conversion completes, you can find the converted iTunes video file now in MP4 video format under “Converted”. You can click the “Open file” option at the end of a target file to open the output MP4 file. Connect your Android device to the computer with a cable, and then you can transfer converted files from your computer to your Android devices. After transferring completes, you can play iTunes videos on your Android devices. You can install a good video player on your Android for enjoying iTunes videos.


Part 3: Convert iTunes Videos to Android with Pavtube ChewTune

The second iTunes videos to Android converter I will use is Pavtube ChewTune, which features powerful DRM removal capability to help you make iTunes videos free from copyright limitations. Follow the guide below to convert iTunes videos to Android with Pavtube ChewTune.

Step 1. Add Source iTunes Videos
On the main interface of Pavtube Chewtune, click “File” button to add source iTunes videos or you can directly drag and drop source iTunes videos into the program.

Step 2: Set MP4 as Output Format
Select “MP4” from the drop-down list of Format Settings as the output format as MP4 is perfectly compatible with Android gadgets.

Step 3: Set Detailed Parameters
Click the “Settings” icon to access the Profile Settings window. You will find the settings for frame rate, bitrate, codec and video size. The video specs have to be changed.

Step 4: Start to Convert iTunes DRM Video to Android
Click the “Convert” icon to convert iTunes DRM Video to Android. Once the conversion is over, click the “Output Open folder” for quick location of the converted movie file. And then you can transfer converted video files to your Android device.


Part 4: Convert iTunes Videos to Android with TuneFab M4V Converter

The third iTunes videos to Android converter is TuneFab M4V Converter. This professional M4V converter allows users to convert purchased or rented iTunes movies or iTunes TV shows to MP4, a video format that is well compatible with Android devices. Much the same as Leawo Prof. DRM, the whole process to convert iTunes videos to Android with TuneFab M4V Converter requires three major steps: add M4V files, choose video subtitles and audio tracks and then convert. Check out the detailed guide below.

Step 1. Add Source iTunes Videos
Launch TuneFab M4V Converter to enter the main interface, and click "Add Files" button to preview and select iTunes movies you want to convert to Android, then click on the "Add" button to import the videos into the program. You are able to select multiple videos at one time because this M4V converter supports batch conversion.

Step 2. Choose Audio Tracks and Subtitles (Optional)
Choose audio track and subtitle you like to preserve in the output video. If you don’t, all original subtitles and audio tracks will be saved by default.

Step 3. Convert iTunes Videos to Android
Click "Convert" button to start converting M4V to MP4. When the conversion is done, all converted files will be saved as DRM-free MP4 files. You can transfer them to your Android device for offline watching.


Part 5: Convert iTunes Videos to Android with Requiem

The last iTunes videos to Android converter I want to talk about is Requiem, which can remove FairPlay DRM (created by Apple Inc) from songs, videos, and eBooks purchased on iTunes. It is the best freeware to decrypt Apple's DRM-ed files free from protecting without any loss of quality from the original source file, which had gained quite a bit of popularity among users. However, Requiem has stopped updating since 2012, and Requiem 4.1 was the last version. However, Requiem is not compatible with iTunes 12. If you really want to strip DRM for free with Requiem, then you would have to downgrade your iTunes to Version 10.7 or lower version.

Step 1. Scan iTunes Videos
Kick off Requiem on your computer, and then it will scan your iTunes directory for any protected files and begin to remove the DRM protections. If you get any errors, make sure that you've authorized iTunes and that the videos are playable.

Step 2. Remove DRM
When the DRM removal process is done, Requiem will delete the protected versions of your iTunes videos and replace them with entirely unprotected versions.

Step 3. Transfer DRM-Free iTunes Videos to Android
 Connect your Android device with your computer, head to your media folder in Windows Explorer and transfer the converted files to your Android device for offline watching on the go.