The instant message app - Discord is just great for building communities. It's a place where you can chill and hang out with a handful of friends. Today you can connect your Spotify to Discord and share all your favorite Spotify playlists with friends on Discord. So how to stream Spotify on Discord? Just keep reading to learn more!



 Part 1: Spotify on Discord

Established in 2015, Discord is a chatting app with socializing features. With Discord, you can chat, listen, and play games with your friends all in one place. Friends in your channel can pop in to talk without calling. With low latency voice and video, Discord makes hanging out nice and easy. You can watch your friends stream their game, gather up to have a drawing session, or listen to music together.

Discord has integrated with some third-party apps like Spotify to explore the social feature. The app is also great for gamers to communicate and score kills together. While Spotify's social feature allows you to share music with your friends, Discord makes it even easier. When you connect your Spotify to Discord, anyone within your channel can get to see your streaming habits. It's a great integration that allows you to share your music with a group of friends. So how to stream Spotify on Discord? Read on.

Part 2: How to Stream Spotify on Discord of Desktop Version?


Once you connect your Spotify to Discord, you can see and play your friends' Spotify playlists and listen together with the "Listen Along," which is a Spotify Premium feature that allows you to invite a friend and listen to your playlists together.

Today you can connect your Spotify Discord on Desktop and mobile. Here's how to stream Spotify on Discord via the desktop. Before everything else, you will need to download Discord and install it on your computer.

 Step 1. Launch the Discord app, click on the Settings menu (gear-shaped icon) on the bottom of the left side of the interface.

 Step 2. Click on the "Connections" menu on the next screen and choose the Spotify icon.


 Step 3. You will be directed to a page asking you for authorization. Click "Agree" to proceed.

 Step 4. Your Spotify is now connected to Discord and you can find it in the "Connections" panel.

Once the connection is established, you can see your Spotify username showing on your Discord profile, but you can turn it off in the Connections menu. When you are listening to Spotify while using Discord, your status will show "Listening to Spotify" and your friend can click on your name to see what you are listening to and play it on their own.

If you are a Spotify Premium user, you can listen along with your friends. Just click a friend from the list and choose "Listen Along," which is an icon that looks like a person with a play button, and you two can listen together. Please note that you can only listen along while text chatting, not voice. The friend you invited should also be a Premium user, too.


 Part 3: How to Stream Spotify on Discord of Mobile Version?


Given most Spotify users are keen on music listening experience with mobile, you can also stream Spotify on Discord with the mobile app. So you can share your favorite playlist and listen along anytime and anywhere. Want to know how to make it? Here are the easy steps to stream Spotify on Discord on mobile. Please make sure you have the apps installed on your phone.


 Step 1. Launch the Discord app. Swipe right to reveal the channel browser. Tap on the profile icon in the bottom right.


 Step 2. Tap on the "Connections" on the next screen. Then tap on the "Add" option which is at the top right corner of the screen.



  Step 3. A new menu will pop up, choose the "Spotify" option here. This will open a new page and you will need to authorize for connection.


  Now you have successfully connected these two apps and you are ready to stream Spotify on Discord. You can now share your Spotify playlist to the channel you permitted. Just click on the large Plus sign next to the chatbox. Select "Invite to Listen to Spotify" and send a link to your friends to listen along with you.


  Sometimes you might want to quit socializing. If you feel you don't want to stream Spotify on Discord anymore, you can always disconnect it with just a few clicks. Just follow the steps below to disconnect your Spotify from Discord.


  Step 1. Click on the "Connections" menu and choose Spotify.


  Step 2. Click the X icon in the top left of the Spotify green box


  Step 3. Click "Disconnect" to remove Spotify from Discord.


  Once you are in the mood for social sharing, you can connect and stream Spotify on Discord anytime again, just follow the steps above!


 Part 4: How to Stream Spotify on Discord via Leawo Prof. DRM?


  Now you have learned how to stream Spotify on Discord on desktop and mobile, whether you have Mac or Windows, Android or iOS, you can follow those steps to make the connection. However, please be aware that social sharing via integration can be unstable at some point. One is it relies heavily on a good network to communicate and sync. That is to say, there might be a case that you can not successfully share your favorite Spotify playlist with your friends.



  Besides that, the friends you invited to listen along should have a Spotify Premium membership as well, otherwise, the friend who owns a free account will hear ads while you hear silence during the "Listen Along." This is because the free account can only use Spotify with a Shuffle Play mode and listen to music with ads interruption. So there is no way for your friend with a free Spotify account to enjoy the Premium feature via Listen Along.


  Want to stream Spotify on Discord without limitation of Premium membership? Leawo Prof. DRM has got you covered! All you have to do is download your Spotify playlists with it and you are free to share your music with your friends on Discord. This is also the best way to keep your Spotify music forever when the subscription is canceled.


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  Leawo Prof. DRM is the most popular DRM removal and Spotify music downloader on the block. With Leawo Prof. DRM, you can successfully remove the DRM (Digital Rights Management), the copyright protection upon Spotify music and playlist, and download and convert Spotify music to any format you like. The downloader supports Apple Music as well. You can download the top 10 iTunes dance party songs if you want to throw a party without streaming music!


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  Now let's see how to download Spotify music with Leawo Prof. DRM. Please download the software and install it on your computer from the links above.



    Open Spotify before you launch Leawo Prof. DRM if you want to download music from the Spotify playlist. Make sure all your music on Spotify can be played without any problems.


 Step 1: Locate Spotify Converter


  Launch Leawo Prof. DRM and click the Spotify icon.



 Step 2: Add Spotify Music


  You can click "Add files" to add songs, albums, or playlists or simply drag and drop.



  Or you can copy and paste. Find the URL of the Spotify playlist, and paste it into this Spotify music downloader.


 Step 3: Set Output Format and Audio Quality


  After Spotify music is loaded, you can click the pencil icon on the right of the song title to set the output format and audio parameters.

  You are free to choose any audio formats available as you like and set the Channel, Sample Rate, and Bit Rate. When all are set, click the "Apply to All" or "Apply to current" that suits you.



 Step 4: Set Output Directory


  Look for the "..." at the bottom of the panel and click it, this is where you can set the output directory to proceed. Make sure the target disk drive has enough space.




 Step 5: Convert Spotify Music

Click the blue button "Convert" on the bottom right to start removing the DRM of Spotify music and downloading it to your local drive.


You can check the process of DRM removal on the panel. When the conversion and download are finished, click the "Converted" to find all your downloaded Spotify music.


Wrap Up


While the integration allows you to stream Spotify on Discord, please bear in mind that you and your friends on Discord will need to have a flawless network to ensure the sync. There might be issues and you find you can't share Spotify playlists successfully. Besides that, the integration and social sharing feature apply to Premium users only, so if you want to share all your Spotify playlists to even a broader audience, you might consider getting Leawo Prof. DRM and download Spotify music with DRM removal. So all your friends in your channel can have the music without Spotify membership limitations!