For iPhone users, iCloud enables them to back up all data including photo, music, contact and so forth. It greatly facilitates you to keep important data. And even when you change a new phone, you don't have to worry that your old data will lose. However, one day when you want to back up photos on iCloud, you received a message that "iCloud backup failed", which is really annoying. What should you do and how to fix "iCloud backup failed"? Now, this guide will show you why this error occurs and how to fix "iCloud backup failed" effectively.

Part 1: Why iCloud Backup Failed?

Why iCloud backup failed? There are many different reasons resulting in "iCloud backup failed". Sometimes, it is simply because of a poor network connection, insufficient iCloud storage, network timeout, etc. They can be mainly summarized as the following reasons:

  • There is no enough iCloud storage. Many people would neglect this issue, but it matters a lot. When iCloud storage is not sufficient, it always results in "iCloud backup failed".
  • If the system of your iOS device is outdated, it is also difficult to get access to iCloud. In this way, iCloud might fail to back up.
  • Low power or power off of your iPhone is also a common reason to lead to the failure of iCloud backup.
  • Network is poor or doesn't work. As we all know, iCloud backup requires network. If you have switched on some settings by accident, like the Airplane mode, it can prevent your iPhone from connecting to Wi-Fi network. When the router has something wrong or your iPhone is distant from the router, the poor signal can also affect your iCloud backup. Without network, iCloud backup can't be completed.
  • The hardware issues like damaged antenna can also cause iCloud to fail to back up.