HBO Max is an American subscription video on demand streaming service to take on Netflix and Disney+. Content on HBO Max are from HBO Go and HBO Now, WarnerMedia and Warner Bros TV shows and movies as well as HBO Max originals. Subscribing to HBO Max is required after a week's trial service. It costs $14.99 per month. If you want to give up the subscription in the middle of the way, you can do that on Android, iPhone, Mac and HBO Max website in just 5 minutes. Here's tips about how to cancel HBO Max.

How to Cancel HBO Max on Android?

If you have your Android device installed with the HBO Max, you can start by opening the HBO Max app on your device and ensure that you have signed in to your account. The following steps could be the guidelines to how to cancel the HBO Max on Android.

  • 1. Tap the Profile tab which can be found in the bottom-right of the app.
  • 2. Select the gear-icon to open HBO Max settings menu.
  • 3. Tap on the "Billing Information" option found near the top of the list.
  • 4. Now, select the "Manage Subscription" button found at the bottom of the page.
  • 5. Tap on the "Cancel subscription" option. In this step, you will be asked, are you sure you want to cancel the subscription or not? Select the yes, cancel subscription option.

Just bear in mind that you can still have access to the HBO Max content till the end of your billing period.

How to Cancel HBO Max on iPhone?

Given that your iPhone or iPad is installed with the HBO Max app, the cancellation of the HBO Max subscription is similar with the methods applied on Android device. Just ensure that the billing information is only accessed by the adult in case of the children's unreasonable operation.

  • 1. Tap the Profile tab found on the left-hand side of the app. This one is different with the Android, whose Profile tab appears in the bottom-right of the app.
  • 2. Press the gear-icon to open HBO Max settings menu.
  • 3. On the list of the settings menu, you can find the option of Billing information near the top of the list. Tap it to enter the page for "Manage Subscription".
  • 4. Select the option of "Cancel Subscription". Make sure your unsubscribing the HBO Max is well considered before cancelling it.

How to Cancel HBO Max on Mac?

If the HBO Max app is installed on your Mac, it is still easy to be cancelled by some steps.

  • 1. Open the App Store app on your Mac.
  • 2. Click the man-shape icon at the top of the window. It requires your signing in to your own account. If your account has already been signed up, just neglect this step.
  • 3. Open the page that appears, scroll down until you see the Subscription option. Then click Manage.
  • 4. Click Edit icon next to the subscription that you want.
  • 5. Click Cancel Subscription. If you cannot see the option of Cancel Subscription, it is probably that your subscription has been cancelled already.

How to Cancel HBO Max on Website?

You can carry on the process of cancellation of HBO Max on mobile devices as well as on websites depending on how you signed up for HBO Max.

  • 1. Start by visiting HBO Max website. If HBO is limited for regions, you will receive an apology stating that the HBO Max is not yet available in your country, and they are working on bringing HBO Max to more countries. Just keep an eye on their current service locations.
  • 2. If the first step works, then sign in your account. Then select your profile and make sure that this profile has access to the account's billing information.
  • 3. Select the icon with a "J" inside it in the top-right corner of the page.
  • 4. From the menu that appears, click on the "Billing Information" tab and then choose the "Manage Subscription" option.
  • 5. On the "My account" page, select the Cancel Subscription option. You will be asked, "do you want to cancel the subscription?"

Now, the HBO Max subscription has been removed, but you still have rights to visit HBO Max till the end of the ongoing subscription.

How to Keep Videos after You Cancel HBO Max?

At the moment you cancel HBO Max, service of HBO Max still exists as long as it is in the effective period. Few do we know that HBO streaming app can work without an HBO subscription. That is to say, if you have subscription of another streaming service like YouTube TV, you can still enjoy content on HBO's streaming app via YouTube TV subscription. Check out full details on HBO on YouTube TV is available.

In considering of the connection issues, if the HBO Max is unsubscribed, you will have to sign up to the YouTube TV account for viewing content on HBO streaming app. What if the subscription of YouTube TV is gone as well? In this case, you might have to keep the videos after you cancel HBO Max via a video downloader.

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Before downloading HBO Max videos via Leawo Video Downloader, you need to download and install the Leawo Prof. Media via the official website link. Leawo Prof. Media is the multiple-in-one program including several modules such as video converter, video downloader, DVD creator, etc. After it is installed, steps on downloading videos from HBO can be followed.

Step 1: Run Video Downloader

After launching the Leawo Prof. Media, slide the sidebar in the main interface until you see the Video Downloader. Click the Video Downloader button or the Download button on the top of the page to run video downloader.

If you are a fan of YouTube, the self-activated webpage will meet your preference. As a professional YouTube video download app, Leawo Video Downloader targets on all the YouTube download errors such as YouTube error 503 and well resolves them. If you don't want the webpage to be YouTube by default, you can change it from the Settings panel.

Step 2: Set output directory

There is a preset location in your PC for saving the downloaded videos. You can change it to another output directory from the Settings panel. Click the gear-icon button and find the Downloader option from the list. Set the output directory in the "Save videos to" box and click OK to save the setting.

Step 3: Download the HBO Max videos

Copy the URL of HBO Max video or any other accessible links on HBO and paste it on the location bar, then tap the go-on button. Available videos will be shown on the interface. Just select the one you would like to save and click the download button to start the download process.

Step 4: Download finished

The downloaded videos will be shown in the downloaded panel. Right-click the video to check out more features like delete, select all, add to convert and browse website.

To save you the trouble of returning to the outside location for viewing the downloaded videos, playback of the downloaded videos is available with the built-in player.

Q&A about Canceling HBO Max

Still receive the bill of monthly charge for HBO Max subscription after you have canceled it. How does it happen? This part will show some tips on canceling HBO Max.

1. Why do I still receive a bill from my bank account with the HBO Max unsubscribed?

After a seven-day free trial, the first charge of HBO Max occurs. During the billing cycle, HBO Max automatically renews every month. If you cancel the subscription of HBO Max a few days before your next billing cycle, say it one or two days, you don't have to worry about the charge for the following month. However, if you cancel it the same day as the next billing cycle effects, it is possible that the money is taken from your bank for paying the bill.

2.Will I be able to continue streaming for the remainder of the month after cancelling the subscription?

Yes, you can still enjoy the service as long as the membership is in effect.

3.If I want to get rid of the HBO Max, can I just delete the HBO Max app?

Deleting the HBO Max app doesn't mean that the subscription is gone. To properly cancel the subscription completely, you should follow the above steps.