"How to delete books from Kindle device? I downloaded several free books on my Kindle Fire and would like to delete them. How to I delete books from my Kindle?"asked by Wade on quora.

"How do you delete books from Kindle? I have a large number of books downloaded on Kindle and I'm now afraid of the insufficient storage. Therefore I would like to delete books from my Kindle, but have no idea. How do you delete books from Kindle?"
asked by Polly on answer.yahoo.com.

In this guide, we would like to help you on how to delete books from Kindle device and app in different ways. You won’t have any questions like “how do I delete books from my kindle” and “how to delete from kindle” any more after reading this guide.

This guide mainly contains 3 different content parts: ways on how to delete books from Kindle device, ways on how to delete books from Kindle app, and how to read Kindle books on any device.

Part 1: 4 Ways to Delete Books from Kindle Device

Firstly, we would like to offer you 4 ways to delete books from Kindle devices. Read the following content to learn how to delete books from Kindle devices in detail.

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1. Deleting Items from Your Content Library

Open a web browser > log into your online content library on the Amazon website with your Kindle account and password > open the "Your Content" category > Select the book(s) you wish to delete > Click the delete button > Confirm the deletion operation > Then sync your device by opening your Kindle app on your Kindle device to tap the three dots in the upper right corner and choose "Sync & Check for Items" option.

2. Remove books from a Kindle device

Go to the Home screen > Open the book app > Locate the title you wish to delete > Press and hold the title to choose "Remove from device" to remove selected book from Kindle device.

3. Archive Books on the Kindle

Power on your Kindle > Use the 5-way controller to navigate through your library > Press the right direction on your 5-way controller > Choose "Remove from Device" option and press it. Once archived, an item can be recovered. Archiving simply removes the item from your Kindle, but it maintains record of purchase and download.

4. Deregister your Kindle from Amazon

If your device is stolen or damaged, consider deregistering your device to delete books from Kindle. Log in to Amazon website with your Kindle account and password > Go to "Manage Your Content and Devices" > Select the "Your Devices" tab > Choose your device > Click the "Deregister" button. Once you deregister your Kindle, any books that you purchased will be removed from your Kindle. You will not be able to download or purchase any more content until your Kindle is registered with another Amazon account.

Part 2: How to Delete Book from Kindle APP

How to delete books from Kindle app? Well, we here would like to take Kindle app for iPhone as an example to show you detailed steps on how to delete book from Kindle app.

Kindle eBooks

1. Open the Kindle app on your iPad or iPhone.

2. Navigate to your Library. You can do this by selecting the icon in the top left corner of the screen.

3. Tap either Library or All Items.

4. At the bottom, select Device. Now you're viewing only the books downloaded to your iPhone. These are the books you're able to read even when you're offline (no Wi-Fi or cellular connection).

5. In the bottom left corner is an icon that lets you switch between viewing your items in list mode and grid mode.

6. If you're viewing your items in list mode, archive a book or delete a sample by swiping left and selecting either Delete (samples & PDFs) or Archive (purchased books).

7. If you're viewing your items in grid mode, tap and hold to see your options such as Delete Permanently (samples & PDFs) or Remove from Device (purchased books).

Keep in mind that books removed (archived) from your device will still be found in the Kindle Cloud.