With millions of users all around the world, iTunes is one of the most popular digital online stores nowadays. As long as you are using Apple’s product, you have to lean on iTunes in order to enjoy wonderful digital content on your device. iTunes provides so much convenience for us, but it also comes with some major issues that could sometimes make us frustrated. One of the most controversial features about iTunes is that if you want to transfer the movies from iTunes to other platforms or devices, you have to convert them from the unique iTunes format to a regular format like MP4. Without the conversion, you can only view the movie inside of iTunes. So the iTunes to MP4 converting technique becomes necessary for people who use iTunes a lot. If you don’t know what the most efficient iTunes movies to MP4 converting approach is, then keep reading this article because we are going to introduce some of the best iTunes to MP4 converter tools, as well as how to convert iTunes movies to MP4 with these iTunes movie to MP4 converters.

Part 1: Why need to Convert iTunes Movies to MP4?

Before we start talking about how to convert iTunes movies to MP4, we should know why we have to do that. If you deal with iTunes a lot, you should know that iTunes uses its own unique DRM to protect all of the digital content from being modified or transferred. That means almost all of the movies you get from iTunes are saved in a special format called “M4V”, which is a FairPlay DRM protected format. To play protected iTunes files, your devices (computer, tablet, smartphone and such.) must be authorized with iTunes Payment Account. So if you are using a device without the iTunes support, like an Android phone or a media player device, you cannot play your iTunes movie directly without converting the iTunes movie to MP4.

Converting iTunes movie to MP4 is a DRM removal process. By converting the iTunes movies to MP4 and removing the DRM protection, you can make the movie file playable on any device with the MP4 format support regardless of the iTunes restriction. Also, converting the movie file gives you the option to freely edit the movie file with almost any video editor program, and allow you to do any moderation you like to the iTunes movie. 

Part 2: Convert iTunes Movies to MP4 with Leawo Prof. DRM

Since it’s necessary to convert iTunes movies to MP4, now let’s see how to do the conversion in the most efficient way. In order to remove the DRM protection and convert iTunes movies to MP4, you need a good DRM removal program installed on your computer. As a professional DRM removal program for both Windows and Mac, Leawo Prof. DRM is definitely one of the most recommendable DRM removal tools on the market. Not only does Leawo Prof. DRM have the ability to remove the DRM protection from all kinds of DRM encrypted media files, it can also do the conversion with the original quality retained. That means with Leawo Prof. DRM, you can not only remove DRM from your iTunes movies, but also remove DRM from iTunes music, convert Spotify music to MP3, turn Audible Audiobooks and eBooks to normal media files and more, and all of the conversions get done with a solid 1: 1 quality. What’s more, Leawo Prof. DRM can also offer a 50 times higher speed for the DRM removal process, dramatically boosting your work efficiency and saving your time.

Besides the powerful iTunes movie to MP4 converting ability, another thing that makes Leawo Prof. DRM outstanding is its ease of use. With an intuitive user interface, anyone can easily convert iTunes movies to MP4 within a couple of minutes. If you want to know how exactly you can convert iTunes movies to MP4 with Leawo Prof. DRM, check out the following guide and do as it instructs.

Step 1: Download, install and launch Leawo Prof. DRM. On the main entrance of the program, select “Video& Music Converter” to convert video files.


Note: If you are trying to access the iTunes media files with the current device for the first time, you will see a warning window telling you to authorize this computer. you have to make sure your current device is authorized for access to your media files, or you will not be able to import these files.


Step 2: After entering the converter module, drag your files from their original folders into the program interface to import them. You can also click on the “Add files” button on the top banner to import your iTunes movies. Once the files are imported, you can click the “Edit” button on the imported video to select audio tracks and subtitles for the output video file.


Step 3: Click the “…” button at the bottom to set an output directory for your output file. Once the output directory is set, you can then click the blue “Convert” button to start the iTunes to MP4 conversion immediately. After the removal is done, you can find the converted files by clicking the “Converted” tab at the top banner.


Part 3: Convert iTunes Movies to MP4 with Requiem

Although Leawo Prof. DRM is already more than enough for the iTunes movies to MP4 conversion tasks, there are still some other choices for you to choose if you prefer more options. For example, as one of the best free DRM removal tools, Requiem is the option that some people would go for if they want a fast iTunes movie to MP4 conversion. With a simple software design, Requiem can provide one of the easiest DRM removing experiences for you by its extremely simplified interface and converting mechanism. As is light weighed DRM removal tool, the program can scan and then remove DRM protection from your iTunes media files automatically without any manual operation. After the scan, you can start the conversion with a simple click of mouse, and the software will then take over and do all of the work itself. This kind of simplicity can save a great amount of your time and energy, but at the same time it also limits your customizing options. If you don’t need many customizations for the iTunes movie to MP4 conversion and want to save some time, Requiem is quite a good option for you. To remove DRM from your iTunes HD movies with Requiem, here is what you need to do:   

Step 1: Download, Install Requiem on your computer, and launch it.
Step 2: Once launched, Requiem will automatically scan your iTunes library and find DRM protected files. Make sure this computer has been authorized by your iTunes account to access the files. 
Step 3: Once the scan is finished, the conversion process can be immediately started. After the conversion, you will find your DRM protected files are replaced by the new unprotected video files. The old DRM protected files will be moved to the recycle bin after the conversion, so if you still need the original file, you should make some backups in advance.


Part 4: Convert iTunes Movies to MP4 with DRmare M4V Converter

Another tool that we are going to introduce for the iTunes movies to MP4 conversion task is called DRmare M4V Converter. As another famous DRM removal and M4V to MP4 converter program, DRmare M4V Converter is capable of removing DRM copyright encryption from rented and purchased iTunes movies, TV episodes and music videos by converting the protected M4V video files to lossless M4V and MP4 with 1:1 ratio. Although DRmare M4V Converter is not as powerful as Leawo Prof. DRM and can only convert video files in the “M4V” file extension, it is mostly enough if you only need to convert video files or movies because most of the video products in iTunes are saved in the M4V file format. DRmare M4V Converter has more functions provided than Requiem, but still, the moderation you can do in DRmare M4V Converter is limited. Because the function of the program is quite simple, it’s also easy to use DRmare M4V Converter to convert iTunes movies to MP4 and remove DRM encryptions on your media files. If you want to do the iTunes movies to MP4 conversion with DRmare M4V Converter, here is a simple guide for your reference.

Step 1: Launch iTunes, log in and authorize the current device to access the iTunes content.
Step 2: Download, install and launch DRmare M4V Converter.
Step 3: Drag your M4V files from iTunes to the interface of DRmare M4V Converter to import them for converting. You can also import the files by clicking the “Add” button at the lower left corner of the program interface.
Step 4: Once the files are imported, make sure that the “Format” parameter at the bottom is set to “MP4 (lossless)”, and then you can start the converting process by clicking the “Convert” button at the lower right corner.