iTunes is known as the only official application that handles all iPhone data transfers between the device and computer, but this software isn’t user-friendly at all. Sometimes, when users trigger auto sync of iTunes by accident, the software will erase iPhone files. Therefore, many people want to find the best iPhone data transfer software to make up the disadvantages of iTunes such as transferring files from iPhone back to computer. If you are facing the same challenges on how to transfer data from your iPhone to computer or back up your iPhone to computer, then this is the place you should stop. The following post will introduce you 10 best iPhone backup software to help you transfer, manage and back up your iPhone and other iOS devices with ease.

Part 1: Why Not Transfer iPhone Data via iTunes?

iTunes, as the default application to handle with various tasks related to iOS devices, can be adopted as the way to transfer files. If you are familiar with iTransfer interface, then you can easily know how to transfer files among iOS devices and computer. iTunes could be quite instant for you to use. iTunes can be capable of adding music, videos, apps contacts to your iOS devices and also can allow you to back up your iPhone data to computer. But if you have ever adopted iTunes to transfer files between iPhone and computer, you would be puzzled by the following aspects:

Why not Transfer Data via iTunes-01

Why Not Transfer iPhone Data via iTunes?

  1. iTunes has the very complicated interface for beginners. If this is your first time to transfer files with iTunes, you would encounter a lot of errors and difficulties since it lacks the clear instructions.
  2. The upload and download speed is quite slow. For iTunes, in order to transfer the data in your iPhone to computer, you have to download the music files from your iPhone and then upload them to your computer which would spend a long time to complete. During the period, the files would occupy too much space on your computer.
  3. Recovery mode would result in the data losses. If you would like to recover your data with iTunes, the first step you would carry out is to remove all the data in your iPhone and then to recover. If you have not backed up the data, they would be lost due to the recovery.

Part 2: 10 Best iPhone Backup Software for iPhone Data Transfer

In order to transfer and back up iPhone data in an efficient way, you can adopt the following iPhone backup software. Referring to the following recommendations on these 13 iPhone data software as well as their pros and cons, you can choose your own preferred tool to transfer your data as you like. Here, you can refer to the main functions of these transfer software and the specific features.

No. 1 Leawo iTransfer

Without doubt, Leawo iTransfer is a great choice when you want to get rid of iTunes. This software is used for transferring files among iOS devices, iTunes and computer, and it allows users to transfer files without iTunes. This software enables users to transfer various kinds of files, including music, contacts, videos, etc. What’s more, this iPhone data transfer software enables users to back up iPhone, iPad and iPod files to computer so that the users don’t have to worry about the sync of iTunes at all.

Pros: Cons:
  • It can be applied to transfer 12 kinds of files among iDevices, iTunes and computers.
  • It helps users to get rid of the sync of iTunes.
  • The transfer speed is 6X higher.
  • The interface of it is simple and user-friendly.
  • It enables user to effectively manage iOS device files without limits.
  • It can make iPhone, iPad and iPod as flash drives to store everything user want.
  • The trial version only has limited transfer times.

No. 2 Phone Copier Express Personal

Belong to Mobiledit, this iPhone data transfer software enables users to transfer iPhone files to another device regardless of the platform that phone use. This software allows users to transfer contacts, notes and so on to another device, and these transferred the corresponding folders in accordance with the file types. This software has a variant called Phone Copier Express Business, and it also helps users to transfer files from iPhone to another phone.

Pros: Cons:
  • Can only use the specific device to transfer;
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB connection
  • Need driver to install the software for various devices;
  • Limited in the transferring functions and features;
  • Can only have access to contacts while connecting

No. 3 Zapya

This is an iPhone data transfer application which you can find in the App Store. This app enables users to transfer pictures, videos and more from iPhone to another device directly via cellular or Wi-Fi connection. So even if you want to share a picture you just shoot with your friend from a park, you can finish the task easily with this iPhone data transfer app.

Pros: Cons:
  • Used as the swifter file transfer between devices;
  • Transfer from mobile to PC and vice versa
  • Can’t transfer music files from and to Mac;
  • Limited on the transferring functions

No. 4 Senuti

Spelled iTunes backwards, Senuti is a helpful program which enables users to transfer music between iOS devices and computers. This software is a Mac only program which requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later, so Windows users won’t be able to use it.

Pros: Cons:
  • Nice interface;
  • Straightforward operation process
  • Crashes and bugs;
  • Trial version is limited

No. 5 Transphone iOS Transfer

This software allows users to transfer files between iOS devices and computers, and it supports several kinds of files, including music, movies, photos, etc. With this software, you can have a good using experience on transferring music.

Pros: Cons:
  • Supports several kinds of files;
  • Simple interface
  • Functions are limited

No. 6 IOTransfer 3

IOTransfer 3 is an efficient iOS transfer tool, which is designed for transferring various files between iOS devices and computers.

Pros: Cons:
  • It can be used as video downloader and converter.
  • It allows users to manage iOS data, create backup, clean iDevices and free up iOS space quickly.
  • Uses can apply it to transfer files between iDevices and computers wirelessly.
  • It has highly intuitive user interface.
  • It enables users to connect two iOS devices to computer at a time.
  • It fails to transfer files from or to iTunes.
  • It only offers 7-day trial period.
  • It is not available for Mac.

No. 7 Tansee iOS Music&Video Transfer

Tansee iOS Music&Video Transfer is also easy to use for transferring songs, videos, voice memos and podcasts from iDevices to Windows computer.

Pros: Cons:
  • It is compatible with multiple devices.
  • It supports all Windows OS versions.
  • Users are free to update the software.
  • It only can transfer limited types of iOS data.
  • Only purchased music and videos can be transferred via this tool.
  • iTunes installation is needed for using this tool.

No. 8 CopyTrans Photo

CopyTrans Photo supports the transfer of pictures and videos from computer to iPhone or iPad and vice versa. You can use this iOS transfer software to connect iOS devices to computer simply. You can use this tool to view, delete or move images and videos from your iOS device on computer at ease.

Pros: Cons:
  • This application is quite simple to use.
  • It is compatible with Windows 10/ 8.1/ 7.
  • It supports quite limited media files.
  • It is not compatible with macOS.

No. 9 Tipard iPhone Transfer

Tipard iPhone transfer software is professional and multi-functional. It can be used to transfer files from iPhone to computer or iTunes at ease.

Pros: Cons:
  • It can be used as a converter to convert any audio or video file to a file that can be played back on iOS device.
  • It allows users to connect more than one iOS device at the same times.
  • It supports the file transfer between any two iOS devices, the backup of messages or contacts.
  • It is not compatible with macOS.
  • The media files it supports are limited.

No. 10 ImToo iPhone Transfer

ImToo iPhone Transfer is able to transfer various contents like films, songs, images, etc. from iPhone to computer at ease. You can use it to work with several iOS devices simultaneously.

Pros: Cons:
  • It enables users to sync iPhone via Wi-Fi network.
  • It is simple to handle with intuitive interface.
  • It only supports the Windows systems, including Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Part 3: How to Use the Best iPhone Backup Software?

When you would like to transfer data from iOS to computer and back up iOS data to computer, we strongly recommend you Leawo iTransfer to help you finish the task. Because it is much more powerful and professional than other iOS transfer tools. It has more advantages over other data transfer programs. It allows you to transfer files without the synchronization of iTunes. You can also make use of it to transfer files from computer to iOS devices, and create backups of your iOS devices. The following steps will show you how to use this fantastic software to reach your goal.

Step 1: Download the best iOS transfer tool

Go to the website of Leawo iTransfer to download its installation package and then install it on your computer.

  • itransfer
  • Leawo iTransfer

    - Transfer files among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs with ease.
    - 6x faster than iTunes
    - Transfer up to 14 kinds of data and files without iTunes.
    - Support the latest iOS devices like iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, etc.
    - Play back, view, and delete data and files on iOS devices.
    - Support Windows & Mac OS

Step 2: Run Leawo iTransfer and connect iOS device

Fire up Leawo iTransfer after installing it on your personal computer. Then connect your iDevice to computer with a matched USB cable. The iOS transfer software will automatically detect your iDevice and show your iDevice info in the right side of the window.


Step 3: Select file from the iDevice to export to Computer

Music will be taken for instance in this step. Hit on "Music" tab under the menu of “iDevice icon> LIBRARY> Music” and then you will see your iDevice songs in the right part of the window. Choose the files you desire to export to computer and then hit on the transfer button at the right bottom to transfer them. Or you can hold "Ctrl" and click to choose songs, and then right click the chosen songs to "Transfer to > My Computer".


Step 4: Set output directory and transfer files

Hit to tick the option of “Save to folder” and then hit on the “Change” button to select a proper destination on your computer to save the exported files from your iDevice. Afterwards, hit on the “Transfer Now” button to invoke the transfer process right away. A percentage bar will show you the progress of the transfer clearly. You will see all exported files on your computer after a while.