Nowadays, there are quite a lot of wonderful movies, games, shows and series that have created great many attractive characters. If you feel more and keep wanting more and more about a character, you are a fan of fanfiction. You get endless possibilities from fanfictions. A fanfiction site is always a good place for you to read or publish brainstorming yet engaging stories. Then, what is the best place to read fanfiction? What are the best fanfiction websites for reading fanfictions? Here we have collected 8 best fanfiction websites that are totally free.

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Part 1: What is Fanfiction?

What is fanfiction? Fanfiction is a new work of fiction that uses the existing characters, settings, world, or plot from popular TV shows, books, comics, films, plays, anime, games, and cartoons. Usually, fanfiction is created by fans who love the original works and want to further explore the lives of the characters they know and love and the world in which they live. Fanfiction creators can both keep the creator's characters and settings or rewrite scenes and add new characters to their stories.

fanfiction definition

Fanfiction reflects the view of the fan who writes the material. This means that they create stories based on movies, television series, and other programs of their own understanding. Although based on other material, fanfiction can be quite original in terms of how the stories are put together. Plus, it’s not uncommon to see different works and even genres come together in a fanfiction story.

Part 2: 8 Best Free Fanfiction Sites to Read Fanfics Online

For most fanfiction fans, the most desired thing must be what is the best place to read fanfiction. Many people post their fanfictions on forums and social media platforms, which would be hectic and time-consuming for fans to get. The best place to read fanfiction is fanfiction sites. Here we have collected 8 best free fanfiction sites for you to read fanfics online for free.

1. Archive of Our Own

sites to read fanfics

Archive of Our Own (aka AO3) is a fan-created, fan-run, nonprofit, noncommercial archive for transformative fanworks, like fanfiction, fanart, fan videos, and podfic. There's no censorship, an amazing search engine, publishing quality fiction, and no ads. AO3 is known for its tons of good quality well-written works (many are even professional-like writing): impeccable writing with a dash of a good plot and few grammar mistakes. Its sorting, tagging, and search system are more efficient and user-friendly than any other fanfiction website.

2. Wattpad

sites to read fanfics

Wattpad is one of the best fanfiction websites when it comes to user engagement. With more than 90 million readers, it’s easy to find users with similar interests. You can leave comments or use emojis to express your emotions. Wattpad is home to more than 5 million fanworks and 300,000 fanfiction writers, so there are plenty of exciting stories to read. However, the writing quality is slightly lower than on AO3. Wattpad readers tend to ignore the technical quality of the writing. The focus is on the creator’s story-telling skills.


sites to read fanfics

FanFiction is a website made for posting and reading fanfiction stories. This is one of the oldest fanfiction websites since it has been around since 1998. Because this website has been around for so long, it has one of the largest libraries in terms of the number of stories. Another great thing about this website is that most of the fanfiction stories available on this website are available in English, which means that almost anyone can read them with ease. While there are a few ads on this website, is entirely free to use, always great.

4. Quotev

sites to read fanfics

Quotev is a diverse content creation platform where you can publish your own stories, attempt quizzes, or read quality fanfiction stories written by other users. It’s one of the best fanfiction sites for books, novels, and poems. Some of the most popular reads are based on high-quality productions such as Naruto, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones. The platform enjoys a wide readership thanks to its easy-to-navigate user interface and a great chat system.

5. AsianFanfics

sites to read fanfics

Despite its title, this website is in English and offers many different fanfiction subjects based on the characters, topics, and genres popular in Asian culture. Founded as Winglin in 2009, AsianFanfics offers one of the largest libraries of Asian-based fanfiction on the net. With over 220,000 stories and nearly a half-million readers, much of the success of AsianFanfics is due to the variety of fanfiction it provides. From short stories to full-length novels, this is one of the best fanfiction websites you can find.

6. Tumblr

sites to read fanfics

Tumblr is not primarily a fanfiction-sharing platform, but you can easily use its massive user base to promote your fanfiction work. If you know how to use the platform’s features the right way, you can gain a good amount of popularity within no time. Tumblr has always been the first choice for people who want to express their thoughts to a vast audience. So naturally, therefore, they feature a massive library of fanfic content. The only tricky part is that you should know the right tags to follow.

7. MediaMinner

sites to read fanfics

MediaMiner is another popular place where you can find fanfiction of high quality. It is a great place to find fan art and anime. You can also showcase your writing skills on the platform if you’re a writer. Although there is a lot of content on the platform, it is well organized. Their content has been divided into three sections: Anime Series and Non-Anime Series.

8. Webnovel

sites to read fanfics

Webnovel is the largest web novel community in the world. It is a global online reading platform for all kinds of marvelous novels, comics, and fanfictions. The site has a variety of content (over 10 million digital works), hosted 3 million writers, and covered more than 200 content categories. The website is also well-designed, which will give you a wonderful reading experience.

Part 3: Can I Read Fanfiction on My Kindle?

For Kindle owners, reading books on a Kindle device is a wonderful experience. Some people have been wondering whether or not they can download Fanfics to Kindle devices for reading on their flights, train, etc. You can definitely do this, and it’s quite easy and simple.

Download fanfics from various fanfiction websites such as AO3, Wattpad, etc. Make sure you have saved these fanfics into Kindle-compatible formats such as AZW3 or ePub. There are quite a few fanfics downloader tools and websites to help you download fanfics to the computer in MOBI files like ficsave. xyz. Some fanfiction websites even provide a direct download option. Once you have downloaded fanfics and saved them to a local drive in Kindle-compatible file formats, you could then connect your Kindle to your computer for adding downloaded fanfics to the Kindle device.

In case you have downloaded fanfics and saved them in non-Kindle supported eBook file formats, you could try to use Leawo Prof. DRM eBook Converter to convert downloaded DRM-free eBook files to Kindle-compatible MOBI, ePub, TXT, or AZW3 format. The entire converting procedure is simple.

Leawo Prof. DRM eBook Converter only converts DRM-free eBook files for Kindle. If you have downloaded fanfics with DRM protection, Leawo Prof. DRM eBook Converter won’t process it. Meanwhile, Leawo Prof. DRM eBook Converter supports eBook file formats for input including: epub, mobi, azw3, azw, kfx, prc, html, txt.

Download and install Leawo Prof. DRM eBook Converter on your computer, and get your downloaded fanfics files ready for converting. Leawo Prof. DRM eBook Converter is a module built in Leawo Prof. DRM.

  • Prof. DRM eBook Converter
  • Leawo Prof. DRM eBook Converter

    - Support both Windows and Mac verisons.
    - Remove DRM from Kindle, Kobo and Adobe ebooks completely.
    - Convert Kindle, Kobo and Adobe eBooks to DRM-free ePub, mobi, azw3, azw, kfx, prc, html, or txt files.
    - Keep all source eBook metadata information after conversion.
    - Complete eBook DRM removal and conversion tasks at 5X higher speed.

Step 1: Set file read path

Kick off Leawo Prof. DRM on your computer. Since you need to load eBook files from local drive, you need to set the file read path on it. Click the wheel icon on the top-right corner and then set the directory of file read path under the “Common” tab > “Custom file read path” option. Make sure you have set the directory that saves the downloaded fanfics files as file read path.

set file read path

Step 2: Add downloaded fanfics files

Click the “+Add Files” button and then open the “Custom” tab on the pop-up “Add Files” window. You could also specify file read path here. Click the refresh button if no file appears. Choose the eBook file(s) and then click the “Add” button once downloaded fanfics files appear here.

add downloaded fanfics

Step 3: Set output format

Once the downloaded fanfics files have been loaded, click the pencil icon and then on the popup “Edit” window open the drop-down panel to select output format. Choose one according to your Kindle device.

set output format

Step 4: Set converting directory and convert

After that, at the bottom of Leawo Prof. DRM, set output directory in the “Output” box and then start converting fanfics eBook files for Kindle device by clicking the blue “Convert” button. Then you only need to wait for the conversion to complete. Once the conversion completes, you could then freely import the converted fanfics files to your Kindle device and enjoy.

set converting directory and convert