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We would like to share 3 free DRM removal software in 2018 here and recommend you the best alternative to these free DRM removal software to help you remove DRM protection from iTunes media (videos, music and audiobooks), Audible audiobooks, eBooks from Kindle, Kobo, Adobe Digital Edition. You could get detailed introduction and guide below.

Part 1: Brief Introduction to DRM

Short for Digital Right Management, DRM is a set of access control technologies for restricting the use of proprietary hardware and copyrighted works. It is the practice of imposing technological restrictions that control what users can do with digital media. When a program is designed to prevent you from copying or sharing a song, reading an eBook on another device, or playing a single-player game without an Internet connection, you are being restricted by DRM.

AZW3 to ePub

DRM protection policy has been applied in multiple areas, like computer games, documents, eBooks, film, music, television, etc. In our daily entertainment, the DRM protected files we meet most include iTunes media files (videos, TV shows, music, audiobooks), Audible audiobooks, eBooks from various eReaders like Kindle, Kobo, etc. It should be noted that after 2009, all iTunes music files have been DRM-free works.

In the opposite of DRM, there are DRM-free works that enable people to freely enjoy these DRM-free files. There are some companies that made their works DRM-free, including Apple (only iTunes music is DRM-free), Comixology, GOG.COM, TOR BOOKS, Vimeo on Demand, etc.

Besides these DRM-free works, you could also get DRM removal software to remove DRM protection upon those DRM-protected media files, which would be the main topic of the below content.

Part 2: Top 3 Free DRM Removal Software

The existence of DRM has prevented people from enjoying their purchased DRM protected media files on other devices. For example, due to DRM protection, you could only read eBooks purchased from Amazon on Kindle but not on Kobo. In such cases, DRM removal software would be extremely helpful. Here we would like to introduce 3 free software to remove DRM protection. These 3 free DRM removal software are the best free DRM removal software for eBooks, music, video, and audiobooks you could get in the market.


calibre is a powerful and easy to use e-book manager. It's totally free DRM removal software for eBooks fans to remove DRM protection from eBooks and read DRM protected eBooks on any eReader. Users say it's outstanding and a must-have. It'll allow you to do nearly everything and it takes things a step beyond normal e-book software. It's also completely free and open source and great for both casual users and computer experts.

delete book from Kindle


Requiem is a well-known free iTunes DRM removal program that can free you iTunes purchased songs, videos, and books. Thus, you can enjoy them on Android phones, tablets, PS4, Xbox, etc. It could remove DRM protection, and then convert movies, music, and audiobooks purchased from iTunes to DRM-free formats in lossless quality.

iTunes video converter


myFairTunes is a free iTunes music converter that could help you remove the DRM protection from iTunes music (music in M4P) and convert iTunes music to other audio formats. What's more, it allows users to search for DRM protected music in their entire collection, therefore users could know which music files are DRM protected.


Part 3: Alternative to Free DRM Removal Software – Leawo Prof. DRM

The above free DRM removal software could help you easily solve most DRM protection removal work. However, you could see that these free DRM removal software programs are actually specialized in certain media files. For example, Calibre is free DRM removal software for eBooks that is specialized in eBook DRM removal and converting. We would like to recommend you an alternative to these free DRM removal software – Leawo Prof. DRM here, due to its powerful performance and comprehensive solutions for DRM protected videos, music, audiobooks and eBooks.

Leawo Prof. DRM is a professional DRM removal software and DRM media converter software compilation that could remove DRM from iTunes videos (movies, TV show), music, Audiobooks, Audible Audiobooks and eBooks, and convert them to popular DRM-free files for better entertainment.

The below content would show you how to use this Prof. DRM to remove DRM protection upon iTunes videos and then convert iTunes M4V videos to DRM-free MP4 videos. Beforehand, you need to download and install Leawo Prof. DRM on your computer.

Step 1: Add M4V File(s) from iTunes

After entering the main interface of TunesCopy, click "Add Files" button to add iTunes M4V videos into this iTunes video converter.

Add M4V File(s) from iTunes

Step 2: Choose Audio Tracks and Subtitles

After importing iTunes M4V files into Prof. DRM, you can view the file list under the category "Video". Click the pencil icon in each loaded iTunes M4V video title to choose subtitles and audio tracks.

Choose Audio Tracks and Subtitles

Step 3: Set Output Directory

Now, click the "Output" box at the bottom to set output directory for saving the final converted iTunes M4V videos (in MP4 format then).

Set an output folder

Step 4: Convert iTunes M4V videos to DRM-free MP4

Finally, click the "Convert" button at the bottom right corner to start converting iTunes M4V video to DRM-free MP4 video. The DRM removal work will happen in the background. You don't need to do any other operations.

Convert iTunes M4V

This is only an example to show you how Leawo Prof. DRM works in removing DRM protection and converting iTunes videos. Actually, as mentioned above, Leawo Prof. DRM supports multiple DRM removal and conversions like iTunes music, audiobooks, and eBooks. To know more about how Leawo Prof. DRM works, you could check Leawo Prof. DRM user guide, which shows you how to convert iTunes music/video/audiobooks, how to convert Audible audiobooks, how to convert eBooks from Kindle/Kobo/Adobe Digital Edition.

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