iPhone contacts are very important to users to keep in touch with others. Many people may have met the issue that iPhone update lost contacts, which may make you feel upset. In order to get the lost contacts back, you may try various methods. This guidance will show you some of them to assist you to get back the iPhone lost contacts after update.

Part 1: How to Delete Contacts on iPhone via iTransfer

If some numbers on iPhone are useless, you can delete them with the help of Leawo iTransfer on computer conveniently. This tool can settle the issue of how to delete contacts on iPhone with just a few clicks. You can also apply this software to deal with other transfer problems or deleting tasks in case you need. Now let’s check out the detailed introductions on realizing contacts deleted from iPhone 6 and other iOS devices accurately.


Leawo iTransfer 

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Step 1: Open iTransfer and Insert iPhone into PC

On your computer, run the software and then use proper USB cable to connect iPhone with computer.

Open iTransfer and Insert iPhone into PC

Step 2: Hit “Contacts” Tab

Go to click on the tab of “Contacts” under the menu of “iPhone icon > LIBRARY”.

Hit Contacts Tab

Step 3: Choose Contacts and Remove

Check the ones that you would like to delete and then hit the “Delete” button to delete the iPhone contacts in batch. Click on “Yes” to confirm your deletion in the pop-up dialogue. Wait until this deletion finishes and the deleted contacts will not exist on iPhone any more.

Choose Contacts and Remove

This method can assist you to erase all contacts iPhone as well through checking all numbers and then hit the “Delete” button. You can refer to the steps above to test whether it can work properly to meet your demand.

Part 2: How to Fix “Lost Contacts on iPhone” after Update

Updating on iPhone is common. However, lost all contacts on iPhone after updating can make you feel worried. As for how to fix iPhone lost contact names after you carry out the updating process, you can have a look at the following tips to try to get them back.

2.1 Force Restart iPhone

Have a try to hold on the home and power buttons on iPhone for a while until you see the logo of Apple. Thus your lost contacts on iPhone 5 may come back.

Force Restart iPhone

2.2 Sign out iCloud and Log in Again

To fix iPhone deleted all contacts after update, you can try the following steps.

a) Navigate to “Settings” on iPhone home screen and then click on Apple ID or your name.

b) Drag down and hit “Sign Out”. After that, you need to sign into iCloud again with our Apple ID and password.

Sign out iCloud and Log in Again

c) Make sure you have enabled “Contacts” panel in iCloud menu and check if your contacts come back to iPhone.

2.3 Sync Contacts from iCloud

You can also try to find back iPhone erased contacts after update by syncing contacts from iCloud. The detailed steps are shown below.

a) Go to “Settings> Apple ID/Your Name” and then hit “iCloud”.

b) Disable “Contacts” panel if it is on and then select “Keep on My iPhone” in case the syncing procedure deletes all iPhone contacts when iCloud has no number. (If the “Contacts” tab is off, you need to turn it on and then select “Merge”.)

Sync Contacts from iCloud

c) Enable “Contacts” tab again to sync numbers from iCloud. You need to ensure that your iPhone is connected to good Wi-Fi network.

Part 3: How to Retrieve Lost iPhone Contacts via iOS Data Recovery

If you fail to fix the issue of “iPhone deleted my contacts after updating”, you can also resort to data recovery tool to help you. Leawo iOS Data Recovery is a great choice for you. It can assist you to retrieve the deleted iPhone contacts and export them to computer. It also has the functions to retrieve other files from iOS devices, which is really an amazing tool to get back the lost data. You can download and install it on your computer to test its great performances. Now let’s begin to see how to get back the lost iPhone numbers with this effective software.


iOS Data Recovery 

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Step 1: Open Leawo iOS Data Recovery and Connect iPhone to Computer

Insert iPhone to computer and run Leawo iOS Data Recovery on computer,. Hit the option of “Recover from iOS Device”.

Run Leawo iOS Data Recovery

Step 2: Scan iPhone Data

Tap “Start” button to begin to scan iPhone data. Wait until the percentage panel reaches 100%.

Scan iPhone Data

Step 3: Recover iPhone Contacts to Computer

Check “Contacts” tab in the left sidebar and then tick “Only display the deleted items” at the bottom left of the interface. Choose the contacts you want to recover and then hit “Open” button to set a computer folder to save the exported numbers. Click “Go” button to invoke the recovering process. Wait for a moment and you will get iPhone lost numbers on computer folder.

Recover iPhone Contacts to Computer

With this great tool to help you, there is no need for you to worry about iPhone 6 contacts missing or iPhone 7 contacts missing any longer. Applying this software to solve other recovering problems will also get the best results.