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How to Stop Blocked Numbers Leaving Voicemail on iPhone?


    Can a blocked number leave a voicemail on iPhone & how to stop doing that? You can stop blocked numbers leaving voicemail on iPhone through carrier blocking services or turning off voicemail feature. We also show you tips for checking for voicemails from blocked numbers and back up important voicemail. Keep reading to find detail guides.

As we all know, iPhone has a built-in blocking feature, but have you ever wondered what exactly happens when you block someone? Generally, we can block contacts through any of the iPhone's communication apps (Messages, FaceTime, and Phone). Blocking a contact in one app will block them across the board. Then you may have the concerns: Can a blocked number leave a voicemail on iPhone?


Part 1: Can a blocked number leave a voicemail on iPhone?

Did you know that even when someone's number is blocked, they can still leave you voicemails? It seems odd to be able to receive voicemails from someone you've put on your block list, but there it is. Calls from blocked contacts go directly to voicemail. On your end, you will see a special "Blocked Messages" folder in your voicemail inbox (scroll to the bottom of your voicemail message list) if they leave a message, but you won't get a notification they called. But as the voicemail still leaves on your iPhone, is it possible to block voicemail on iPhone? How to stop blocked numbers leaving voicemail on iPhone?

Part 2: How to stop blocked numbers leaving voicemail on iPhone with carrier blocking services (for the US)?

Is it possible for us to stop blocked numbers leaving voicemail iPhone with carrier blocking services? Sometimes, it is practicable. AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile US and Sprint Corporation are the top 4 wireless telecommunications facilities-based service providers by subscriber count in the United States. You may try to check your phone carrier's website or call customer service to find out what call-blocking services it offers or recommends. Some services are free, but others might charge you a fee. Not all carriers support this feature and of course, it usually adds on another service fee.

Below is the Carrier blocking services in the US:
AT&T Mobility: Of the four major carriers, AT&T has the most effective tools. At a basic level, AT&T postpaid customers with HD Voice Android and iOS phones can activate AT&T's free Call Protect service on their accounts. Call Protect will block and prevent them from leaving a voicemail.

Verizon Wireless: Verizon does offer 5 numbers to block for a period of 90 days for free. If you wish to get an additional blocking service, you may have to pay for it. For the exact cost, you can go to visit its website to check.

T-Mobile US: T-Mobile will not charge for this service. Simply tell them the truth. Block voicemail is a common request and a simple one for the customer support representative. You can call "611" (a free call) on your T-Mobile cell phone, or dial (800) TMOBILE from any phone to request your voice mail service be disabled or blocked.

Sprint Corporation: According to the Pinger website, if you are not a Pinger user, you can block a number from texting or calling by doing the following: text STOP to their number. It states that it will block texts and calls. If you need additional help, you are supposed to visit the Pinger website.

Part 3: How to stop blocked numbers leaving voicemail on iPhone through turning off voicemail feature?

In general, the voicemail feature is quite helpful as soon as it's activated. However, turning off iPhone voicemail can be a difficult process, though a worthwhile venture for those traveling abroad wishing to avoid exorbitant roaming charges. In this article, therefore, you can follow the several steps on how to turn off voicemail on iPhone whenever you want to travel and any relevant information that will help you handle your voicemail system effectively without any extra charges.

Step 1: Tapping on the phone icon found at your iPhone's home screen, discover the number of your voice mailbox, enter the numbers" *#62#" without quotes and press "Call," then write down or try to remember all the numbers that the service has given you.

Step 2: Go to the setting section on your iPhone and launch it. You can just tap on the phone icon and then go to the call forwarding section Step. Set the voice mailbox number as the number to which calls are forwarded.

Step 3: Go to the keypad of your phone and then type the number "#404" without quotes and press "Call." This should deactivate your voice-mail service. If you are not sure you can try to call your voicemail box just to check whether you have new messages or not.

Step 4: You can also choose to forward calls to a different number than the voice mailbox, or selectively enable and disable diverts for "no answer" (type "#61#" without quotes and "Call"), not reachable ("62" without quotes), or busy ("67" without quotes).

If you want to re-enable your voicemail, dial your provider's specific code in the Phone app and then tap Call:
AT&T: ##004#
T-Mobile: ##004#
Verizon: * 73 (if that doesn't work, dial *900, then *920).
Sprint: *730
US Cellular: *920

Part 4: How to check for voicemails from blocked numbers on your iPhone?

As you likely know, you can feel freely to block any phone number from calling an iPhone and contacting your iPhone with the Block Contact feature. But have you thought that blocked numbers and blocked contacts can still leave you voicemail, and that you can check that voicemail left by blocked callers? Below is the procedure showing how you can access and listen to any voicemails left by a blocked caller on an iPhone, which is really easy. Your phone will automatically create a category in your voicemail called Blocked Messages.

Step 1: Open the "Phone" app on the iPhone and then you can tap on the "Voicemail" tab lying in the bottom right of the Phone app.


Step 2: Next, you are able to scroll all the way down to the very bottom of the voicemail list and tap on "Blocked Messages" voicemail inbox.

Step 3: Then you can feel free to access, check, listen to, read the transcript, save, share, or even delete any voicemails left by a blocked number to the iPhone. It is all under your own control.

Bonus: How to back up important voicemail with iOS Data Recovery?

Do you know, if the voice mail is saved to voice memos, you can back it up to your computer with a third-party tool, the iOS data recovery. Then you could get them whenever you want. But what is iOS Data Recover and how to back up important voicemail with Leawo iOS Data Recovery ?

As one of the most popular programs that is able to recover deleted or lost data for all models of iPhone, Leawo iOS Data Recovery supports up to 14 types of data, including Contacts, Messages, Call History, WhatsApp, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Safari Bookmarks, Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Photo Library, Message Attachments, Voice Memos and WhatsApp Attachments. In addition, Leawo iOS Data Recovery is capable of delivering high speed, safety, accuracy and completeness of data recovering for iOS devices, even allows you to preview and select data for recovering.

  • ios-data-recovery
  • Leawo iOS Data Recovery

    - Recover lost or deleted data from iOS devices, iTunes backup and iCloud backup
    - Retrieve files from iTunes and iCloud backup even for lost or broken iOS devices
    - Restore 12 types of data, including photos, videos, SMS & MMS messages, contacts, call history, notes, calendar, etc.
    - Fully support all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models
    - 100% safe, accurate and speedy recovery
    - User-friendly interface and simple operations

Step 1: Launch Leawo iOS data recovery, to recover data under Normal mode, first click the first tab on the main interface of the program, "Recover from iOS Device". Later, you need to connect your iPhone to the computer with the supported USB cable. And then click Start button to start scanning your device.


Step 2: The scanning process will take you for a while. Once the scanning is completed, you will see multiple kinds of data from your iPhone are listed on the left sidebar of the software window. You are able to check the square box beside the voice memos, and the specific content will show on the right part of the window. Select the voice memos that you wish to back up and click on the button "Recover" on the right bottom corner.


Step 3: You will notice a window and it will ask you to choose a destination folder to save the voice memos that you have just chosen. Currently, all you need to do is to click on the button "Go" to begin backing up your voice memos to the computer from your iPhone.


With just 3 simple steps, you can back up important voicemail with iOS Data Recovery easily.

With the above descriptions, we have shown you how to stop blocked numbers leaving voicemail on iPhone effectively. Hope you now have the chance to control your voice mailbox well. If unfortunately you lose some data while doing this, you may need a professional iOS data recovery tool. Try Leawo iOS Data Recovery, I am sure, you will not be disappointed.



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