Since digital files have been used for many users, the common DVD disc is also a necessary part to be used in the daily life. Instead of giving the original DVD disc to others, it will be more convenient to copy the DVD disc and share the copied one to others. Have you had any ideas about how to copy the DVD with original quality retained? In order to copy the DVD disc with ease and accuracy, you have to prepare a professional DVD copy programs.

Part 1: Top 5 Free and Easy-to-use DVD Copy Programs

In terms of DVD copy programs, you can get access to two categories, free easy DVD copy programs and paid DVD copy programs. Next, I will firstly introduce the top 5 free easy DVD copy software for your further information.

1. AVS Free Disc Creator

On the top of the list, AVS Free Disc Creator is the one that you can take a try. Not so popular as the other copy programs, AVS Free Disc Creator has rich copy features. You can use AVS Free Disc Creator to copy DVD disc to disc, ISO as well as burning data disc and ripping audios with the advanced options. You will love its simple and easy-to-use interface. If you would like to share it to your foreign friends, this is totally okay due to its multilanguage support. You can mainly import all kinds of digital media formats to this program. But if your operating system is iOS, this program will not be compatible and generally you can enjoy its simple copying functions.

AVS Free Disc Creator

2. BurnAware Free

Then, BurnAware Free is another option for you. This program can be used as a DVD copy program as well as a free Blu-ray to DVD converter with various versions. If you prefer the free easy DVD copy function, then you can take use of the free version. Besides, it offers Premium, Professional, Business License version for advanced features. This free easy DVD copy software allows users to copy DVD disc to disc, ISO as well as CDs with several simple steps. If you have ever tried this program, you must be impressed by its simple layout and clean interface. It is also quite efficient and fast in the copying process. But it doesn't have DVD cloner of Mac versionr either.

BurnAware Free

3. 4Video Soft DVD Copy

4Video Soft DVD Copy is a useful tool in copying, cloning DVDs with high quality. Users are allowed to copy DVD to DVD discs and ISO files and other digital formats with original quality retained, and it is also quite easy for users to copy the ISO file on your computer to the DVD disc. You can freely copy DVD movies to a new DVD disc with ease via 4Video Soft DVD Copy. If you would like to backup your DVD disc, then it can help you to provide the solution and you can back up the DVD hard drive. Even though its main functions are limited, but you will love it due to its fast copying speed and simple options. On the other hand, it doesn't provide too many optional features.

4Video Soft DVD Copy

4. IQmango DVD Copy Software

IQmango DVD Copy Software is another free and easy-to-use DVD copy program for Windows users. This DVD program is able to copy DVD collections and multiple DVD discs with superior quality retained. No matter you are adopting it for family use or work use, IQmango DVD Copy Software is quite useful for you. Its main interface is quite simple and you can easily know the copying process by simply following the steps. Furthermore, asides from copy DVD disc to DVD disc, this program can allow you to copy and DVD to other digital formats, including DIVX, AVI and MP4 which are more compatible with Mac system. Until now, it have no Mac version.

IQmango DVD Copy Software

5. ImgBurn

Last of all, I will strongly recommend another free and easy-to-use DVD copy program for you name ImgBurn. As a powerful DVD copy program, this tool is able to clone DVD to disc and other digital formats with fast speed. You are allowed to choose from the DVD/HD and DVD/Blu-ray video discs as the output disc types. Also, it can be used a photo burner which can support users to load various image file formats, including BIN, IMG, GI and so on. If you prefer to burn CD, it can easily burn the audio files to CD with several steps. What's more, this copy program is quite light because it has very low CPU cost and the installation package is under 1.8MB. But it has not been updated for a very long time since it was released in 2014.


Part 2: Top 5 Paid and Easy DVD Copy Programs for You

Compared to the free easy DVD copy, the paid and easy DVD copy programs would present in a more professional way. Based on some reviews, I have also selected the top 5 for you. You can refer to the following for details.

1. Leawo DVD Copy

The first paid and easy DVD copy program I will put here is Leawo DVD Copy
. As one of the most comprehensive DVD cloners, it can copy the DVD to DVD disc with 1:1 original quality supported. Users are provided with 3 copy modes to meet various needs, including Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode. It can also backup and copy CSS protected DVD discs by easily removing the regions codes and encryption. You can also enjoy the 6X faster copying speed. Furthermore, its bonus features are quite rich, for example, its ability in copy ISO to DVD, high quality DVD-9 to DVD-5 compression, customized DVD disc menu, 2 DVD video standards for copying DVD from different areas, multilanguage support, built-in player and so on.


2. WinX DVD Copy Pro

The next one you can refer to is WinX DVD Copy Pro. With this copy program, you can copy the original content on the DVD disc to new DVD with superior quality. It is also quite powerful in removing the regions codes and the encryption on the DVD disc which outweighs the free easy DVD copy program to a great extent. Now the price for WinX DVD Copy Pro is $49.95. But someone are not satisfied that this program is not able to copy the DVD disc to disc directly. Instead, you need to save the content on the DVD disc on your computer and then copy it to the new disc again. But you can benefit from the decryption of DVD disc with ease. Also, when you are running the program, it will have low CPU cost with fast speed supported.

WinX DVD Copy Pro

3. DVDFab DVD Copy

DVDFab DVD Copy is another popular DVD copy program which is mainly used to copy DVD discs, ISO files or folders to any blank disc or hard drive with excellent speed and 100% original quality. You are allowed to burn the DVD disc to DVD + R/RW, DVD – R/RW, DVD + R DL and DVD – R DL discs. It is quite convenient to copy DVD with this program because it can offer the user-friendly UI with multi languages. Users are also allowed the audio, subtitles on the DVD before copying. Furthermore, if you prefer a more personalized DVD disc, then you can set your own style in the copying mode, menu templates and other customized features.


4. DVD Cloner

The next paid DVD copy program is DVD Cloner. Just as its name implies, this program is a professional DVD copy tool. DVD Cloner is able to copy or rip DVD discs based on the premium version. It is a remarkable program due to its comprehensive copy features and extra useful functions. At the same time, it can also decrypt the DVD and remove the region codes easily. Its bonus features will allow you to manage the whole panel with several steps. Concerning the customization, DVD Cloner can take you to a deeper world which is able to present an excellent and personal DVD disc. Now you need to pay for $59.99.

DVD Cloner

5. Aviosoft CloneDVD 7

Last of all, you can take a try on Aviosoft CloneDVD 7 which is at the price of $69.95. Compared to other paid DVD cloners, this one is quite simple in its interface and clear to handle with. With this copy program, users can copy DVD with 1:1 quality support to obtain a totally new DVD disc. Users are also allowed to set the personalized features of the DVD discs. Aviosoft CloneDVD 7 can easily remove disc protection during the copy process including CSS, RC protection. And you can copy from DVD disc, DVD folder and the ISO image files and so on. Its copying speed is also pretty good one hour is enough for a full movie mode. If you don't care about the higher price, Aviosoft CloneDVD 7 is a good choice for you.

Aviosoft CloneDVD 7

Part 3: Comparison between Free and Paid DVD Copy Programs

Comparing the above free and paid DVD copy program, the differences mainly lie in the followings aspects.

1. Remove disc region restriction and protection. The paid DVD copy can remove the region code and CSS protection so that you don't need to worry about the DVD codes issues.

2. Original quality clone. One of the most powerful features of paid copy programs is the 1:1 original quality clone function. But the free copy programs are hard to retain the superior original quality of the DVD content.

3. Personalized copy mode and video editing features. The paid DVD copy programs allow users to obtain a personalized DVD disc via various settings, while the free and easy DVD copy program will only have the basic copying functions.

Tips: How to Copy DVD Disc with Error

Sometimes, when you plan to copy the DVD disc, then you came to find that the copy program fails to read the DVD disc. Usually, the reason mainly lies that the DVD disc is corrupted or destroyed. One of the effective ways is to seek the help from a third party tool. Here I will introduce Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier. This copy program is also available to copy the content on a corrupted DVD disc. Once you inserted the DVD disc to the disc drive, you can directly click the "Copy" button on the program's interface to copy the content on your DVD disc. There are various advanced functions for your options, such as Batch Mode where you can copy multiple locations.

Therefore, in order to prevent the DVD disc from being damaged or corrupted, you had better keep it in a dry and clean environment. Before it is totally ruined, you should make a copy of it immediately.

Copy DVD Disc with Error