Mac users have the necessity to clone DVD for various reasons. That makes DVD cloner for Mac very popular and trending in recent years. Many Mac DVD clone software developers put a lot of efforts to optimize the performance of the cloner so that Mac users can be absolutely confident to clone DVD Mac. Speaking of this, we are proud to recommend several top-ranked DVD cloners for Mac in this post. Let's get started immediately.

Part 1: When would users need a DVD cloner on Mac

To start with, many people are still wondering when users need a DVD cloner even if they are using Mac for a long time. They seem not particularly sure at this. A DVD cloner for Mac is needed when users have a bundle of DVDs and want to keep them in a safer and more compact way. Cloning DVD may help. For those who love to watch movies on Netfilx, it is quite often that they would like to copy Netflix DVD. In this case, when users can clone their DVDs to folder, ISO image file or even merge several DVDs to a blank disc. In the meanwhile, when users want to break the restrictions or region codes on an original DVD, they may need to use a DVD cloner for help.

In most cases, DVD cloners have the ability to remove any copy protection or region codes with advanced media processing technology so that users can have a restriction-free or region-code-free file in return. This does not mean that users who have a DVD cloner can make copyright protected DVD for illegal circulation. Sometimes when users feel inconvenient to play DVDs through external drive for Mac, a DVD cloner for Mac is very demanded as a result because once they clone DVD Mac users can be free from inserting the DVD to the external drive every time they want to watch the DVD contents. Honestly, these are the common scenarios when users need a DVD cloner on Mac and many more appear in daily life as well.

Part 2: Top-ranked DVD cloners to Mac users

You may feel lost that there are so many brilliant DVD cloners available across the internet, but you have no idea which one to choose. Don't worry. Here I will give you a brief introduction about the top-ranked DVD cloners for Mac. You may find some useful things to you.


Like its name suggests, this is a great program developed to help users with DVD cloning. It can read and backup a DVD to any blank disc including DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL, or copy it to ISO file/folder saved on your HDD or media server, with fast speed and excellent quality.

DVDFab - 1

DVD-Cloner for Mac

It is a worldwide popular cloner for Mac users, which allows you to copy, clone, or burn DVD movies on Mac with lossless quality. This program is easy to handle and can offer users with supreme experience in DVD backup. Though it is a paid program, it keeps updates in a timely manner.

DVD-Cloner - 2

Leawo DVD Copy for Mac

This is the best DVD copier for Mac. It compresses DVD9/DVD5 with 6X faster speed at zero quality loss. Compound with the up-to-the-minute technology, this DVD cloner for Mac has successfully attracted global attention. It allows users to back up DVDs in the form of a folder, ISO image file, and disc. With the customized features, users are given full control over what they want to clone from a DVD, which suggests that they can choose and personalize the essential parts to clone while giving up the redundant parts. It wins the prize of ranking top in the category.


Part 3: How to use Leawo DVD Copy for Mac to clone a DVD on Mac

As shown above, Leawo DVD Copy for Mac is the best DVD cloner for Mac thanks to a bunch of powerful features. Now that we have already known the great performance of this program, we can have a try with it to clone a DVD for Mac.


Step 1: Install the DVD copier.

Click the button below to download and install this program for Mac correctly on your PC.

Step 2: Add DVD contents to the program.


Click on the Add Blu-ray/DVD button from the toolbar to add your source DVD here.

Step 3: Choose a mode to copy the DVD.

There are three available modes for Mac users to copy their DVD. Full movie indicates that users copy the full disc to their folder, ISO image file or disc without discarding anything from the original DVD. Main movie means to copy the movie part only and the other parts will be ignored automatically. Custom mode gives users full control over what they want to copy from the original DVD, which requires the maximum involvement from the users to complete the DVD cloning. Choose a suitable one to continue. Also, set the disc type at the bottom, give it either DVD-5 or DVD-9.


Step 4: Set the directory path before the copy process starts.

Click Copy from the toolbar and a sidebar will display immediately. From the sidebar, we need to set a few things before the copy process takes place. Copy to is asking us to set what to copy to from the original DVD, give it folder, ISO file, or a blank disc. Choose one accordingly. Then set a directory path under the Save to option. After both have been done, click on the Copy button at the lower area of the sidebar to start the copy process officially.


Step 5: Monitor the status.

View the status in real time through the green progress bar displayed like the below screenshot. When it reaches 100%, you will have your DVD copied to a folder, ISO image, or disc successfully. You may find them from the directory path that you set in step 4.


This Mac DVD clone software has been doing its best to fulfill users' needs in terms of DVD backup. So overall it is a trustworthy program across the globe with multilingual user interface.

Part 4: Recommended DVD drives for DVD cloning

Before DVD cloning, many may have already known that Mac does not provide any optical drive for connecting DVD directly. Apparently, Apple has ditched physical media, but if you have discs you want to watch, play, or rip, you surely need an external DVD and Blu-ray player and burner drive. Here is a list of recommended external drives to you.

Pioneer BDR-XD05

This drive is widely seen on the market, featuring the ability to read and write to all BDXL discs. The device supports BD-R triple layer, Quad layer, and BD-RE triple layer, as well as standard Blu-rays, DVDs and CDs. Many Mac users use it to connect their Mac with DVD for smooth DVD playback on Mac.

Pioneer - 8

Apple USB SuperDrive

It is a compact drive suitable to take with all the time, whose size is only slightly bigger than a CD case. With it, you can play and burn both CDs and DVDs at ease. Like other Apple products, it features extreme simplicity and elegance. It connects to your MacBook Pro with Retina display, MacBook Air, iMac, or Mac mini with a single USB Type-A cable that is built into the SuperDrive.



To draw a conclusion on what we have talked, Mac DVD clone software is reachable everywhere and to some extent, to clone DVD Mac users can be free from all kinds of issues when they need to watch a DVD. Besides, we have introduced top-ranked DVD cloners for Mac, among which we recommend you to install Leawo DVD Copy for Mac as the ultimate choice for cloning DVD on Mac. This program is worldwide accepted thanks to strong and powerful features it provides. Together with other programs in the Leawo program suite, you will be amazed at how versatile they can be. Cloning DVD without quality loss is just a piece of cake for this almighty DVD cloner for Mac. Finally we talk about the commonly used external drive for Mac, which may be very helpful if you need to connect your DVD with Mac in a physical way. To sum up, the above recommended DVD cloners and external drives are all recommended based on professional feedback from our team and these will be enough to either a beginner or an experienced user. Try them out and feel free to leave your comments and advice in the feedback section. If you need some software tools for Windows system, you can also check on the post "Best DVD Copy Software on Windows 10"