VLC media player is one of the most useful players which have the functionality to rip and burn DVDs. Although it sounds like a long way to directly copy a DVD, it is practical to know how to copy DVD with VLC media player. Besides the feature of VLC media player copy DVD, there is also an even more effective solution to help solve the problem.

Part 1: How to Rip DVD with VLC

There is basic knowledge you should understand. In general, some DVD copy software is able to be more straightforward. That is to say, you can finish in just a few steps. However, the steps for how to copy DVD using VLC media player will be separated into two stages to complete this whole task. In the first phase, the VLC needs to rip DVD content, which means to extract the digital data from the DVD disc. Hereafter, burn the ripped files to a new DVD disc so as to reach the significance of the VLC media player copy DVD.

Now want to learn how to copy DVD with VLC? Let’s start from the beginning.

Step 1. Download and install VLC.

Make sure you have this software downloaded and installed on your computer. Insert the DVD you want to copy into a laptop with a well-working DVD drive or PC.

Step 2. Start VLC and import the DVD content.

From the top menu bar, you can see the “Media” option at first. Click on it to call out a drop-down menu where the “Convert/Save” button is displayed. Go to this window by tabbing.


Step 3. Get to the “Disc” tab.

In this panel window, you will be given four labels on the top. Right next to the “File” tab, there is the “Disc” tab. Slightly click on it to reach further settings.


Step 4. Tick the “DVD” box and designate a “Disc Device”.

Make sure the disc option is chosen by “DVD” under the “Disc selection” so as to rip DVD. In the field of “Disc Device”, you should select the DVD drive location as the target.


Step 5. Press the “Convert/Save” button to move on to the next page.

You can find this button at the down right corner of the setting panel window, next to the “Cancel”.


Step 6. Appoint profile selection according to your wish.

In another setting page, the “Profile” from the settings section is providing a handful of choices in codec and particulars for you. Pick up the one you prefer or leave it as the default if you have no clues about it.


Step 7. Set up the destination.

Underneath the “Settings” part, tab the “Browse” button to set the directory and design a proper filename for saving your DVD file on the computer. Next, click the “Save” button from the folder browsing window.


Step 8. Begin the process.

After closing the folder viewer, you will be back to this “Convert” panel again. Here, one last push on the “Start” button will get the VLC media player copy DVD started to rip DVD.


Part 2: How to Burn DVD with VLC

The second stage will ensure users to burn the copied content from the last DVD to a new blank one.

Step 1. Run VLC again and open “Media”.

Unlike the first phase, you need to choose the “Stream” option this time from the “Media” drop-down menu. Or you can use the shortcut keys of “Ctrl + S” to open up a new window.


Step 2. Load up the ripped DVD files.

In the panel of “Open Media”, be sure that you are staying at the “File” tab. In the first “File Selection”, press the “Add” button on the right of the blank box in order to look for the ripped DVD files.


Step 3. Change some parameters.

If you want to verify the ripped DVD video files, there is an option to do that. Look for the “Stream” at the bottom of the right corner and tab the drop-down button to alter to “Play”. Keep moving to the next section by clicking back to the “Stream”.


Step 4. The source section enables the confirmation of the previous DVD files.

If there is nothing wrong with the input source files, just hold down the “Next” button to the coming setup settings.


Step 5. Set the burning speed.

In case you opt to get a faster burning procedure, you can leave the “Display locally” box unchecked. Essentially, choose the “File” option in the bar and click on the “Add” button.


Step 6. Assign the DVD drive as the directory.

After adding another destination folder, the new tab of the file allows browsing folders to appoint the DVD drive.


Step 7. Allow the transcoding option to be changeable.
During the “Transcoding options” section, make the “Active Transcoding” box checked to determine the codec recommendations such as H.264 MP4 format. Of course, you are free to set the desired one by using the “tools” icon next to the profile bar. Keep processing via the “Next” button.


Step 8. Proceed to burn DVD as the final VLC media player copy DVD step.

It is suggested to check the "All Elementary Streams” box to avoid some burning mistakes. At last, you can read the "Generated stream output string" details before pressing “Stream”.


Part 3: How to Copy DVD with Leawo DVD Copy

As a matter of fact, the solution for how to copy DVD with VLC is not the most robust one to officially copy a DVD. When you need a time-saving and quality ensured solution, a formidable DVD copy application like Leawo DVD Copy is what you should take into consideration. Within this great tool, there is no need to fiddle with any rare codecs or image quality. Meanwhile, it can reach 6 times faster than the VLC media player copy DVD procedure.

Have a closer look at how easy and simple it is for how to copy DVD with VLC alternative.

Step 1. Download and install Leawo DVD Copy.

There are 2 versions of Leawo DVD Copy selectable. You can click on the images below to choose the right one and install it onto your computer.


Step 2. Launch the program and input source DVDs.

In the main interface, you will be able to access DVD files by clicking on the "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button then choosing the "Add from CD-ROM".


Step 3. Make some editable settings.

If you have inserted a new blank DVD, you should be clear about the disc type and select from DVD-9 to DVD-5 at the bottom of the whole interface. Above this setting, users will be given the freedom to settle different copying modes efficiently, including Full Movie, Main Movie, and Custom Mode. For example, it is more convenient to backup DVD main movie only when there is no requirement to copy meaningless parts. Other parameters like subtitle and audio can be found from the left sidebar panel.


Step 4. Draw out the “Copy” sidebar and fill the target address.

Notice that there is a green “Copy” icon over the top of the preview area. Click it to pull out the copy setting sidebar. To execute the alternative VLC media player copy DVD command, tick the third option under the “Copy to" field. Insert a writable DVD disc and look through for the CD-ROM as the directory.


Step 5. Carry out the task of DVD copy.

Just hit the white “Copy” beneath the copy setting sidebar and you are all set.


Part 4: Comparison between VLC and Leawo DVD Copy

Speaking of the differences between VLC and Leawo DVD Copy, there are many aspects to start from. For making a sharper view of both applications, a table is created so as to get a quick understanding.

Features VLC Media Player Leawo DVD Copy
Vast Codec Support Yes Yes
Multiple Copy Modes No Yes
1:1 Quality No Yes
CSS Protection Removal No Yes
6X Speed No Yes
Built-in Player Yes Yes
Addable Subtitles and Audio No Yes

Part 5: Alternative Blu-ray Player on Your Computer - Leawo Blu-ray Player

Apart from good sides of VLC, such as integrated with extra functions like DVD copy, VLC also has other merits like the multiple format supports. However, nothing is perfect. It is the truth that a powerful alternative Blu-ray Player is in demand while VLC is lack of Blu-ray codecs for playback. Under these circumstances, Leawo Blu-ray Player is the top recommendation.

Leawo Blu-ray Player is made for all the Blu-ray discs as well as most media files, including AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, NSV, NSA, and 4K video content. What makes it so stunning is the magic of the image delivery coming as the original quality. More than video quality is guaranteed, the stereo audio processing is at an unbeaten level. Supporting to play Blu-rays from any region, users can also play movies in an optimal style. Every setting and parameter will be flexible thanks to the feature of user-oriented control. Together with personalizable skins and themes, you can enjoy various bonus tools such as virtual remote control support, power manager, and more. Get it now for free!

Part 6: Conclusion

In the world full of DVD copy programs, VLC is one of those flourishing software. But the drawbacks are obvious that you have to spend a bunch of additional time and energy to repeat some pointless steps again. Compared with how to copy DVD with VLC, I would highly push Leawo DVD Copy to the first place. It will be such a great fuss-free helper. Meantime, you should also try the free Leawo Blu-ray Player due to the ideal Blu-ray playback.