At the time when internet was not so popular as it is today, people enjoyed music or videos through TV or disks. That might be the precious memory that many friends gather in front of the TV to watch a movie. The science has shaped our lives and it makes watching a video becomes much more convenient. Although some memories might fade away forever, it is undeniable that people can’t live without internet today. And just like people can’t live without internet, the daily entertainment can’t exit without videos. How to get access to the video has become an essential lesson to the video crazier.

Part 1: What is YouTube Red?

YouTube, a well-known video downloader, satisfies the people who are interested in videos of reality, romance and war, etc. As a new music and video subscription service of Google, YouTube Red was formally launched in some countries like Australia, New Zealand and the US. Before getting this service, you must make sure your internet is fitting with the service so that you are not paying the service charge in vain. As the member of YouTube Red, you can enjoy services provided by YouTube Red such as ad-free access to videos across all of YouTube, the ability to save clips and playlists for offline use and support for background playback. All these perks are available to Red members users across desktop, mobile and the web.

Part 2: Top 5 YouTube Red Alternatives

There are more than one substitute music or video downloader online for you to enjoy equivalent services as YouTube Red can provide.

No 1. Facebook Watch

The second YouTube Red alternative is Facebook Watch which we normally use for chatting and connecting with our friends. Watching videos on Facebook Watch has also been a way to connect people and spark conversation and foster community. Friends are bounded with each other through the videos they are sharing on Facebook Watch. Facebook Watch is a dedicated place for people like the serendipity of discovering videos to watch videos.