YouTube is the the biggest video sharing site on the internet, which offers all kinds of videos, movies, musics etc. And it almost draws world attention because of its high-qualified We-Media Platform support so that you can find a variety of interesting videos and useful tutorials. IT is so popular and well-known among users so that YouTube began to offer the YouTube Red on order that users can enjoy more by offering the ad-free streaming services, which is called YouTube Red now. Some videos and music need be subscribed so that users can watch and enjoy. Meanwhile, other YouTube Red alternatives come out for more choices. And you may need learn more about it.

Part 1. What is YouTube Red?

YouTube Red is a paid streaming subscription service which is exclusively offered for YouTube in the United States, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, and South Korea. At the beginning, it was launched as Music Key offering ad-free streaming of music and music videos on YouTube and Google Play. Now YouTube Red offers ad-free access to all YouTube videos and Google Play Music. Besides, it also offers offline play and background playback of videos on mobile devices. Moreover, YouTube Red offers access to "YouTube Red Original" series and films, too. Of course, you should pay a charge for the subscription, otherwise you cannot get the service. Except for that, if you are out of its service area, you cannot enjoy such services at all, either. Or if you would like to get the Services of YouTube Red without Subscription...At this time, I believe that YouTube Red Alternatives are eagerly in need for you.

Part 2. Most recommended YouTube Red Alternatives - Leawo Video Downloader

Under this circumstances, Leawo Video Downloader comes into sight as a great YouTube Red Alternative, which cannot only fast download YouTube videos but also other FLV videos from more than100 online video sites like Google video, Myspace, etc. In addition, YouTube downloader can also work as an IE browser, FLV player, and FLV manager as well. Thus, you are able to search videos from YouTube and other sites freely, play online videos smoothly, and download videos promptly. It can download YouTube videos for offline enjoyment and also offers you the ability to manage the downloaded YouTube videos in line, add downloaded videos to the converter and burn modules for converting and burning. As a matter of fact, Leawo Video Downloader is an excellent program which can get YouTube videos without subscription and download YouTube videos without subscription to YouTube Red in easy and simple steps.

Part 2. How to download YouTube videos without subscription to YouTube Red

In order to download YouTube videos for offline enjoyment, you can download Leawo Video Downloader at first, and then install it in your PC and launch it. With the help of Leawo Video Downloader, you can follow the steps on how to download YouTube videos without subscription to YouTube Red. And here comes the guide in detail as YouTube Red Alternative. First you need to download and install the YouTube Red Alternative - Leawo Video Downloader.


STEP 1: Locate YouTube videos

Entering the "Download" tab, then you can paste video URL in the address box to import YouTube videos. Then the video you are watching will be detected directly and you can watch it with the built-in browser in this program. Also, the IE browser offers you the feature to browse YouTube and other videos for downloading.


STEP 2: Add YouTube videos to the Queue

Please click the little green arrow on the right side to open the wait-to-select panel, where lists all options of target video at different resolutions. Then you can choose the one with the resolution you prefer and click the download icon, Leawo YouTube Downloader will download YouTube videos and other videos right away.


STEP 3: Download YouTube Videos

During downloading, you can play back videos and pause them any minute you want. Besides, you can check all the downloading videos under the "Downloading" panel or freely watch and manage the videos in the "Downloaded" tab after finishing the download.


Anyway, for the average consumer, YouTube Red service means that you can now pay a bill at 10 bucks a month to YouTube in return for an ad-free experience, music and some video that can't be got elsewhere. And it also offers more opportunities for companies and people to make more money by making videos for YouTube. However, for people who cannot pay for it, or can only have the access to the get the Services of YouTube Red without subscription, other YouTube Red Alternatives are indeed imperative and necessary as well. And Leawo Video Downloader provides you the convenience to download YouTube videos without subscription to YouTube Red in simple steps and high speed so that you can get YouTube videos without subscription and enjoy YouTube Red offline as freely as you like.