DVD copying can help you manipulate any content from one DVD to another disc by getting rid of the restrictions on DVDs. We are here to introduce some DVD copy freeware for Mac so that you will have a useful reference afterward.

Part 1: Basic Features You Need for a DVD Copy Program

For your information, you do not want missing pieces about basic features for the best free DVD copy freeware for Mac. Here is what we sum for all you need at the time trying a free DVD copy program for Mac.

To initiate, you should be aware of the CSS encryption on many disc media. A simple explanation is that CSS means the content scramble system which is a type of DRM. DRM implies the digital rights management. Especially, when you try have DVD-video disc collection at home, most of them are employing this protection for commercial needs. Apparently, all the companies that are making movie productions or other video contents are trying to keep individuals from manufacturing copies. Thus, the most important feature of DVD copy freeware for Mac is to remove this CSS protection and region codes from the data and then create a new precise copy of the original DVD on another disc.

The copying process is similar to backing up your data from one to another, or you can regard this process exactly as backing up. From time to time, you will find out it takes too much time to copy a DVD with full-length data while some parts are not necessarily wished at all. There better be some changeable modes for users to choose what contents they want and what not. Specifically, you can save up to at least half of the time running the process if you have met the best DVD copy software for Mac that allows you to customize your need.

Another hot topic about DVD copy freeware for Mac is the quality assurance that can keep most quality from original DVDs. To pursue this feature, it is never easy to find a perfect program that supports such technology of performing 1:1 lossless function.

The copying speed also draws our attention as this is inevitably pivotal in the solution of saving time. Maybe it sounds like most DVD-9 needs around 15 minutes to fill up, but actually, it could be way faster than you expect. The best DVD copy software sometimes can support copying speed at 6X higher speed.


Part 2: Top 5 Free DVD Copy Programs for Mac

Top 1. DVD Copy Pro for Mac

As the top first DVD copy freeware for Mac, this one can support you to copy DVD in your computer and iPod. It is absolutely a handy tool for every backup from DVD or other different types of data on your computer. With excellent performance of copying DVD, it is fully charged with the easy-to-use path of several steps to complete the most complex process. Its coping speed may take some time around 40 minutes to finish moving date to a new disc of a large capacity of blank DVD-9s. The tool provides a couple of practical customizable functions for video and subtitles. The drawback is that it is not able to copy DVD to ISO images or other virtual discs.


Top 2. Magic DVD Copier

This Magic DVD Copier is well functioning by getting rid of restrictions for every single DVD you have bought. You can use this one to copy DVD discs either compressed or uncompressed. 30 minutes is usually what it takes to complete the compression process for putting copies into DVD-5. For DVD-9, it still needs a longer time for approximately another 10 minutes. To hold this with your hard drive is not a bad idea as it is free. However, if you care about the full video quality very much, then this may not be your choice as it can eat up too much compression pixels.


Top 3. HandBrake

The Handbrake is a free DVD copy freeware for Mac and you will love this program since it can convert videos from almost every format into different codecs that in a wild range. It can easily get done all the job at a high speed or choose another rate you like. You will be able to decide the frame rates and bit rates. What makes it special is because this is an open source program that works on Mac, Windows, and Linux as not too many programs are capable of dealing with Mac OS with open source and it works out very decent. But you may be bothered and confused by its interface that is not easy to get around if you are a first time user.


Top 4. DVDSmith Movie Backup for Mac

As one on the top list of Mac DVD copy software freeware, DVDSmith Movie Backup for Mac provides excellent experience of copying DVD onto another one and converting to or from various types of video data. Decrypting and removing multiple kinds of copy protection is one of its brilliant features. This software is also popular among movie fans since it can copy DVD in 1:1 ratio to any file formats on Mac OS seamlessly. Use the compatible format with widespread programs to help share with friends online or put on social media websites. But it is lack of ability to editing video as a free version.


Top 5. DVD Shrink for Mac

This is DVD copy freeware for Mac which has earned a lot of superior reputation because it is really one of the fastest DVD copy programs for Mac when people backup DVD discs. One of its amazing features is that you can make enhance the quality of the backup file from DVD with extra function settings while the algorithm written for the default compression already has the aptness for adequate quality. Another great feature is that you can choose the copying process in multiple modes as we mentioned in the first part, including full copy, main copy and custom mode for your needs. Nonetheless, the capability of direct burning DVD backup is limited, you have to utilize another DVD burning software to full conjunction and make backup copies.


Part 3: Best DVD Copy Program for Mac and Windows - Leawo DVD Copy

In this day and age, we are living in a world filled with free tools to access plenty of functions and same rule comes to DVD copy freeware for Mac. However, if you require some special features such as different copy modes or 1:1 output quality, then you have to trust a professional program, Leawo DVD Copy.


With this software to copy DVD, you are free to choose whatever part you like to copy while there are 3 distinct modes as the Full Movie mode, Main Movie mode, and a perfectly designed Custom Mode. You can guess from each mode's name and they imply different lengths of copying contents according to your needs. The full movie mode lets you copy the whole DVD content while the main mode allows for the movie-only backup. The best part about the last mode is to help anyone who wants to make decisions on his/her own. The Leawo DVD Copy will remove CSS protection from DRM and make your backup copies in an unprecedented stable way with the highest success rate. Since the region codes can also be cleared away practically, you can enjoy the freedom of copying the parts you want.

What do you desire the most when you have loads of different DVDs especially like DVD-9 and DVD-5? You will have no complaint with Leawo DVD Copy. It can work everything out for copying DVD-9 and DVD-5. The copying speed is also what make this program standout thanks to the advanced acceleration technique naming Intel Quick Sync GPU which allows it to speed up to 6 times quicker when copying to a hard drive and a fresh DVD disc.


Part 4: Comparison between 5 DVD Copy Freeware Tools and Leawo DVD Copy

Software Leawo DVD Copy DVD Copy Pro for Mac Magic DVD Copier HandBrake DVDSmith Movie Backup for Mac DVD Shrink
Remove DVD Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Copy Modes Yes No No Yes No Yes
Lossless Quality Yes Yes No No Yes No
Faster Speed Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Copy ISO Image to DVD Yes Yes No No No No
DVD Player Built-in Yes No No No Yes No

Part 5: Conclusion

To sum up, most of DVD copy freeware for Mac are not fully functioning with useful features as Leawo DVD Copy is. The Leawo DVD Copy program can 100% support all your needs whether for video, soundtracks, additional subtitles, ISO image files, and DVD playback. And its interface is user-friendly and is a very easy-to-use tool with the precise guide, so why not give it a try for yourself.