With the advent of the information age, more and more people tend to use some electronic devices, such as mobile phones, computers, portable iPads to play audio and video, which is very convenient for daily entertainment and people's working demands. However, due to the differences in screen size and the resolution of electronic devices, people have encountered problems in entertainment and movie viewing, that is, the limited display screen cannot meet the growing demand of people's watching experience. As a result, there are large-scale mobile phones and computers on the market, but they are not very convenient to carry. For this reason, video zooming technology is rising day by day, which can meet the needs of people at different levels. So what is zooming in videos? How to zoom in on a video on Mac or Windows? What is the best choice for us to zoom in on a video? In the following parts, I will explain it in detail and you can pay attention to the following.

Part 1: About Zooming in on Video

At present, portable electronic equipment is very popular among the public, but at the same time, it has its own limitations. Because of drawing importance to the portability and convenience, the size of electronic devices is not particularly large. As a result, the designer intentionally reduces the volume of equipment when designing, that is, to reduce the electronic display screen size. This obviously achieves the greatest advantage of portability, but the smaller screen cannot meet people's daily entertainment needs. People have limitations when they are watching videos and working. On the one hand, it brings uncomfortable visual experience to people and works as an obstacle to people's work. On the other hand, the subtitles in the video often seem to blur and the image quality seems low. We may wonder and guess how to find a useful solution to deal with this problem. The answer lies in zooming in on videos.

Zooming in videos can bring people different visual experience. While maintaining the clarity of the picture, people's vision will be wider. Moreover, zooming in videos not only maintains the resolution but also keeps the original pixels of the picture. It runs smoothly and brings people high quality viewing comfort.

Part 2: How to Zoom in on Video on PC?

To begin with, let's admit that zooming in video is a frequently used video effect used in many cases when you want to let this magnified video clip brings different visual effects or you just want to highlight a local part of video. It is essential if you find the right video players which can let you zoom in a video during playback easily. Looking around, there are a bunch of qualified software to let you do so and among them, here we've selected the most useful ones for you.

How to Zoom in on Video on PC via Leawo Blu-ray Player?

With this lightweight video player, you will be able to zoom in a video during playback with incredible enjoyment. Leawo Blu-ray Player is a 100% free player, which acts as a free Blu-ray disc player, free DVD disc player, free HD video player (free 4K video player), free ISO file player, and free audio player (free music player). It is thusly being named 6-in-1 media player, featuring a bunch of custom functions, like capable of playing back quality lossless image even for 4K movies, providing stereo audio effect, superb decryption performance, and supporting any region Blu-rays or DVDs. To let you get familiar of the steps to zoom in on video during playback with Leawo Blu-ray Player, you can follow the tutorial guide below.

Step 1: Download and install the video player to your PC

Hit the button below to download and install the lightweight video player. For Mac users, they can download and install the Mac version video player.

  • Leawo Blu-ray Player
  • Leawo Blu-ray Player

    Region-free Blu-ray player software to play Blu-ray disc and DVD disc for free, regardless of disc protection and region restriction.
    Play 4K FLV videos, 4K MKV videos, 4K MP4 videos, etc. without quality loss.
    Play 1080P videos, 720P videos with lossless quality.

Step 2: Load the source video to the player

Click Open File to load the source video files to the video player.


Step 3: Get down to edit the video files

Click the gear-like icon on the home page, which will lead you to the editing window. Here you can edit the subtitle settings, video and audio parameters, and so on. During playback, you can also right click to enter the editing window, for example, you can set the zoom in parameter for your playback. Swipe down the Video-Settings page, you will see a View mode option and then swift it to zoom mode for the zooming.


Step 4: Play back video files and enjoy the zooming in effect

Now hit the playback button to play back your zoomed in video files, which will give you maximum enjoyment and incredible experience.


How to Zoom in on Video on PC via iMovie?

iMovie MAC is a video editing software launched by Apple company. iMovie is mainly for household use. Most of the work can be done by simple clicks and drags. Users only need to select video clips, and then add subtitles, music and special effects to complete the editing. Although the process is simple, its function is very powerful, with professional subtitle plug-ins, convenient operation and vivid filters comparable to cinema.

Most importantly, iMovie adopts Ken Burns to automatically zoom in on a video so as to browse panoramic photos. So how to deal with this editing software to zoom in on a video on Mac? Follow the steps below and you'll be proficient in operating.


Step 1: From the home window of your MacBook, launch the iMovie program and select the desired video you wish to add the effect to.

Step 2: Once you select your desired video, the program would be showing the various clips/frames the video is comprised of in the event browser window in the upper middle portion of the iMovie project screen. Select the clip to which you wish to apply the Ken burns effect to and it will appear in the corresponding editing viewer section.

Step 3: After you select the clip you want to work on, click on the Crop" button which is designated by a square with 2 lines and located in the middle pane separating the top project workspace from the bottom. This button will bring up "Fit," "Crop," and "Ken Burns" video editing effects onto the selected video clip within the editing viewer.

Step 4: In the video editing screen, select the Ken Burns effect located at the upper left corner. This, in turn, would bring up two rectangles of distinguished colors, mainly red and green.

Step 5: It all comes down to the positioning of the above-mentioned rectangles to produce the Ken burns effect. The red rectangle is used to spot the end position of the effect whereas the green rectangle is used to spot the start position of the effect, that is, from where the zooming in starts (green rectangle) and where the zooming in ends (red rectangle).

Step 6: Before you wrap things up, feel free to preview the effect by hitting on the play button present in the video editor window. Adjust the rectangles and their dimensions if required.

Step 7: Click done when you feel satisfied by your efforts to save your edited video.

How to Zoom in on Video on PC via VLC?

As a hidden feature within VLC Media Player, this function is officially known as "Interactive Zoom". If you have not enabled this function, your VLC will go in a common way. If you have selected the "Interactive Zoom" option, then you can be allowed to select a small part on your video and this part can be enlarged several times larger than the original.

However, this interesting feature will not be noticed easily by you, which is usually located in the media player's extended control. This function icon will not appear unless you click the "Window" option at the top of the main screen, then the extended controls panel will appear where you can select the "Interactive Zoom" option under the "Video Filter" submenu.

Simply speaking, where the box is, where the zoom portion will be focused. Some users have reflected, if you would like to control the Interactive Mode in a more smooth way, then you had better enter the Full Screen mode on VLC Media Player. Well, How to zoom in video in VLC Media Player? Next, the following steps will be a useful guide.

Step 1. Download VLC and install it on your computer. If possible, up the VLC Media Player to be the latest version.

Step 2. Open VLC Media Player and load the video to it. You can drag the video directly to it, or you can click "Media" to select it from your computer. Then, click "Tools" option at the top to select "Effects and Filters".

How-to-Zoom-in-Video-with-VLC-on-PC 01

Step 3. Enable Interactive Zoom function. On the "Adjustments and Effects" window, please click "Video Effects" > "Geometry" options where you can see the "Interactive Zoom". Just take a tick in the box to activate it. Once you have enabled this option, the video will be transferred to the upper left corner in a picture-in-picture style. What's more, you can see a white rectangle that covers the video portion you would like to zoom in. You only need to move the rectangle to the exact point you prefer.

How-to-Zoom-in-Video-with-VLC-on-PC 02

Step 4. Decrease and increase the zoom rate. Furthermore, if you would like to decrease or increase the zoom rate, you can simply click on the scale right beneath the full video preview.

How-to-Zoom-in-Video-with-VLC-on-PC 03

Step 5. Hide the zoom function. If you wouldn't like to zoom in the video, instead you prefer to hide this function, you can just click on the "VLC Zoom Hide" text under the picture-in-picture.

How-to-Zoom-in-Video-with-VLC-on-PC 04

How to Zoom in on Video on PC via Windows Media Player?

Is it possible to do that on Windows Media Player? Some friends have tried to zoom in on Windows Media Player and it seems to work out. And some say the Windows Media Player zoom plugins are required. If you just look for how to zoom video in Windows Media Player without higher demands, there are two methods to make it.

How to Zoom in on Video via WMP in Settings?

This first method will teach you how to zoom in on Windows Media Player step by step from the desktop level. You can try this solution first to see if the Windows Media Player zoom plugins are needed.

Step 1. Run the Windows Media Player to playback the video you want to zoom in.

When the interface is introduced, click on the "File" menu button under the title banner. Import the source media files of Windows Media Player supported formats so that the program can stream and zoom in properly. There will be a sidebar showing the info of the streaming video while you are on the "Now Playing" tab panel.

Step 2. Click on the "View" menu button or right-click on the playback field to locate "Video size".

Next to the "File" option, you can easily observe the "View" button. Press this button and a dropdown menu will be displayed. With dozens of items listed, you need to narrow down to the lower part and look for the "Video size" choice.

Step 3. Move on with more options to let Windows Media Player zoom in videos.

There is a further submenu when the mouse is sitting on the "Video size" item. You can see a very limited series of options including "Fit Video to Player on Resize", "Fit Player to Video on Start", 50%, 100%, 200%. In most cases, both top items are chosen by default. They are all changeable to simply tick off or on separately. Now the percentages lining up there are the only rates you can have Windows Media Player zoom in videos. The default zoom ratio is 100%. Once you need to zoom in, you are left with merely one option that is the 200% size value.

Step 4. Press the "Restore Down" icon which can be seen next to the "Close" button on the upper right corner.

You should also manual the program window size by dragging the corner if you don't set up the "Fit video to Player on Resize".

How to Zoom in on Video via WMP in Hotkeys

As a matter of fact, it seems a lot of hassle while navigating around the maze-like interface of Windows Media Player. Here are the tricky treats I would advise you to try. As you may notice that there are some shortcuts hints next to each Windows Media Player zoom in video percentages. For example, look to the right of the 100 percent zoom rate and you can see the "Alt + 1" note. These hotkey alternative methods can be operated well after memorizing them.

Now follow up to reinforce the shortcut usage skills for how to zoom in on Windows Media Player.

Step 1. Launch the Windows Media Player and put some media files for zooming.

Right-click on the main interface to find the "File" item then keep continuing on opening local hard drives to place movies. The file information sidebar can wind up and get a pure playing mode by staying at the "Now Playing" page.

Step 2. Remember the each shortcut for respective Windows Media Player zoom in video percentage.

  • Alt + 1: Windows Media Player zoom in video of 50%
  • Alt + 2: Windows Media Player zoom in video of 100%
  • Alt + 3: Windows Media Player zoom in video of 200%

For instance, hold the Alt key from your keyboard while pressing the number 3 button to let Windows Media Player always zoomed in twice the movie size. If you want to go back to the original size, press the Alt plus the number 2 button at the same time to resize.

Part 3: How to Zoom in on Video on Phone?

Even though we would recommend you to zoom in the videos stored on your computer, sometimes you really desire to zoom in the videos on your mobile phones with VLC Media Player. Actually, the zooming process will be similar to the steps listed in part 1. Here we introduce you 2 options to zoom in on video on phone.

Option 1: Zoom in on Video on iPhone

iPhone is a very popular mobile phone brand at present. It uses IOS system, which runs fast and smoothly. Actually, most of us are iPhone users, whose function is known well to us. Some may ask how to zoom in on a video iPhone. Let me tell you the steps exactly.

Generally speaking, zooming in on a video iPhone depends on the double-click, which is a very practical skill for all of us iPhone users. The steps are as follows.

Step 1: you should find the Setup button and then find the General setting, where you can catch sight of Accessibility.

how to Zoom in on Video iPhone-2

Step 2: In accessibility interface, if you turn on the Zoom button, it means you can zoom in on a video. Thirdly, below the zoom interface, you should find the zoom region and choose full screen zoom to ensure the zoom function of the entire panel has been activated.

how to Zoom in on Video iPhone-1

Step 3: when you are enjoying your video, you can just double click the screen to zoom in on a video. There is no doubt that operating in your iPhone is a piece of cake.

how to Zoom in on Video iPhone-3

Option 2: Zoom in on Video on VLC for Phone

While connecting your mobile phones to the computer, you have to make sure that the Internet connection will work properly during the process. If not, here I will recommend you to transfer or copy the video content to the local hard disk on your computer. Then follow the above steps to complete the zooming process.

how-to-zoom-in-on-video-vlc-phone 01

In order to zoom in video with VLC on Phone, you had better also update the VLC Media Player to be the latest version if possible. If you may fail to move the Interactive Zoom box to zoom in the desired portion, then you can try to close the media player and restart it one more time.

Part 4: How to Zoom in on Video Permanently?

With regards to how to zoom in a video with permanent performance, it is recommended to use a third-party video converter to achieve that with ease. Leawo Video Converter is a program suite which will let you zoom in any video with permanent effects.

  • Leawo Video Converter
  • Leawo Video Converter

    1. Convert video and audio files between 180+ formats without quality loss
    2. Support 720P, 1080P and even real 4K video output
    3. Create photo slideshows from photos stored on camera, computer, camcorder, etc
    4. Built-in video editor to trim, crop, add watermark, apply special effect, etc
    5. 2D to 3D converter with 6 different 3D movie effects available

This video converter also provides a bunch of custom features for users to edit the original video with all the state-of-art effects, like cropping the video size, trimming the video length, adding effects, turning 2D to 3D effects, and removing noise etc. Conversions like FLAC to AIFF or H.265 to H.264 are all available here. All these features make this program suite even popular than before. Let's check it out how to zoom in a video permanently with Leawo Video Converter right now!

Step 1: Download and install the program suite to the computer

Click to download and install the program suite and hit the Video Converter icon to access the converter.


Step 2: Import the source video files to the program

Click Add Video to import the source video files to the program. Or you may simply drag and drop video files to the program. It is up to your choice.


Step 3: Change the output format

Click Change under the format drop-down menu and you will be able to view the Profile panel, where you can select the target format from the right. Or you may choose to output the video files to specific device compatible format, like iPhone.


Step 4: Edit the zoom in rate

Click the Edit button under the format drop-down menu and navigate to the editing window, where you will be able to trim the video length, crop the video size, add effects, turn 2D to 3D, and remove noise etc. To zoom in a video, click the Crop tab on the left panel and you will be able to view the Zoom section on the right. There will be Letter, Pan, Custom, or even the specific ratio to set for Zoom effects. Click to set to the target zoom in rate and you will be able to save the adjustments permanently.


Step 5: Set a destination directory to save the output files

Click firstly the big green button Convert from the toolbar and a sidebar will appear to let you choose a destination backup directory to save the output video file. Then click the round button Convert at the bottom of the sidebar to start converting source video files to target files with specific output format and effects. Note that your adjustment for zoom in rate will take effect once the conversion is done.