Recently, my friends have showed some wonderful iTunes music to me, I want used these iTunes songs in my android TV to customize my family video, but it doesn't support iTunes rentals. Is there another more intuitive and easy way? Definitely. Here will offer a useful solution to this problem.

Part 1. Why can't play iTunes music on Android TV?

Android TV is a version of the Android operating system designed for digital media players to play music, games and enjoy videos and download apps from Google Play. A replacement for Google TV, it features a user interface designed around content discovery and voice search, surfacing content which allow user to cast videos or audio from Chrome browser and find contents quickly and answer your queries, it integrates with other recent Google technologies such as Assistant, Cast, and Knowledge Graph. Some of the well-known devices powered by Android TV are Nexus Player, Mi Box, Sony Bravia TV, NVIDIA Shield TV and much more.

When you try to play your iTunes music on Android TV device, you may find that there is not an iTunes application available there. Apple Music you purchased from iTunes stores in M4P format and all the music tracks in Apple Music are protected by Apple's FairPlay DRM technology. Since iTunes music songs are protected by the DRM protection which prevents the unauthorized iTunes music to play on Android TV. This means any iTunes movies or music can't shows to play there straightforwardly even if you have purchased or rent the videos on computers or IOS devices. So you need to get a DRM removal tool to erase the DRM encryption to solve this problem. You can check this tutorial to find useful ways.

Part 2. How to play iTunes M4P music on Android TV?

We highly recommended Leawo Prof. DRM to you. Not only for its ease accessibility but also for its' converting feature. It can remove the DRM protection from iTunes music, and then convert DRM iTunes M4P music to DRM-free MP3 files, therefore you could freely listen to your iTunes music on any MP3 player or device as you like.  

In fact, Leawo Prof. DRM is a professional and comprehensive DRM removal solution. It is available for both Mac and Windows OS, aiming to completely remove DRM lock from Apple DRM content and other contents with DRM protection. The following features are the summary of the drm-removing application.

With Leawo Prof. DRM, you could do far more than simple iTunes DRM music conversion.

Here I will take the Windows version to illustrate how it works step by step. Please download and install Leawo Prof. DRM and follow the steps below.


Note: Authorize your PC by signing in with your Apple ID to play the iTunes music. And you are unable to open iTunes during the program works.

Step 1: Add iTunes Music Songs

Click the button "Add Files" in the middle of main interface or "Add Files" on the sub-menu bar to add your Apple Music, it will pop up a window to help you select the files you want. Please dragging-and-dropping all files into this application. All files you want to convert that can be added into this application at a time.


Step 2: Choose Proper Channel, Sampling Rate and Bit Rate

After the iTunes M4P music files are imported, you can view these files under the category "music" and then choose the target file. Next, you can click the "edit" button to freely choose proper Channels, Sampling, Rates and Bit Rates for the output MP3 audio file.

Set output MP3 parameters

Step 3: Set the Directory for Output Files

Return to the "Home" page, and then click "…" button in the bottom to set the output directory for containing the output MP3 file.

Set output directory

Step 4: Remove the DRM of iTunes Music and Convert M4P to MP3

Since all settings are done, you can click the blue "Convert" button on the bottom to start the program, then the program will remove DRM from M4P music files and convert M4P to MP3 in several minutes.

Convert iTunes music

Step 5: Check the converted MP3 Files

At last, all the converted MP3 music files will be found in the converted panel. Here, you can open and check all the files. Besides, you can find the music file you love by making use of the searching bar on the bottom for fast locating as well.


Part 3. How to play iTunes M4P music on Android TV with TunesKit Audio Converter

Besides Leawo Prof. DRM, you could also turn to TunesKit DRM Audio Converter to remove iTunes DRM protection upon iTunes M4P music, and then convert iTunes DRM protected music to DRM-free MP3 files. TunesKit DRM Audio Converter is an one-stop audio converting solution to help you easily convert any audio file, including the DRM-ed and non-DRM audios, such as Apple Music, iTunes songs, and Audible audiobooks to common MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC and other formats so that you can enjoy the audios on any player and device.

Follow the below steps to learn how to remove DRM protection upon iTunes music and convert iTunes music to DRM-free MP3 files with TunesKit DRM Audio Converter.

1. Download and install Tuneskit DRM Audio Converter. And make sure the iTunes music files you want to convert could play well within your iTunes.

2. Launch TunesKit DRM Audio Converter and click the "Add" button to browse and add the iTunes DRM music you want to convert into this iTunes DRM audio converter.

3. Click the "Edit" icon in each loaded iTunes music to set output format from MP3, M4A, FLAC, AAC, WAV, and M4B. Also, here you could adjust the output audio parameters like audio codec, bit rate, sample rate, channel, etc.

4. Then, click the bottom right corner "Convert" button to start to convert DRM iTunes music to audio file formats you have selected.

After the conversion, you could now freely import the converted iTunes music to your Android TV to listen to iTunes music on Android TV freely.

Part 4. How to play iTunes M4P music on Android TV with Music Recorder

Still, you could use Leawo Music Recorder to record and convert iTunes music for Android TV. Download and install Leawo Music Recorder on your computer. The below guide helps you play iTunes music on Android TV via recording in detail.

Step 1: Set audio source

Click the tiny microphone icon on the main interface and then choose "Record Computer Audio" option on the "Audio Source" window to record iTunes music.

Set directory for recordings

Step 2: Set output directory

Go to the "General" tab to set output directory to save the final recordings in the "Output" box.

Set output directory

Step 3: Set output format

Thirdly, open the "Format" tab to choose output format from MP3 audio and WAV audio. You could choose either one according to your Android TV specification. Adjust the audio bit rate and sample rate here if you need.

Set output format

Step 4: Start to convert iTunes M4P music

With all settings done, click the red "Start" button on the main interface and then play back iTunes music in iTunes. Leawo Music Recorder would record iTunes music automatically. When the music finishes, click the red button again to stop recording.

Start recording Spotify songs

Note: It's important to press the red record button before you play back iTunes music for recording completeness.

Leawo Music Recorder would automatically download and add music tags like artist, album, artwork, cover, etc. to recorded iTunes music. You could also edit these tags manually by right clicking recorded iTunes and then choosing "Edit Music Tags" option.

Modify music tags

When the recording completes, you could then freely add the recorded iTunes music to your Android TV for unlimited playback. If you are using a Mac computer, you could turn to Leawo Music Recorder for Mac.

Part 5: Play DRM-free iTunes music songs on Android TV

After converting, all DRM-free music will be stored on the output directory. You can click the output directory that locate in your computer to find the converted music. And all of songs from Apple Music are free from DRM, you can enjoy all iTunes music on your Android TV freely.

You can directly copy and paste to transfer the videos to your Android TV via a USB disk. Besides that, Android TV supports the Google cast feature; you can cast iTunes Music from the Chrome browser from your computer too. How?

STEP 1: Launch your computer and the Android TV, please be sure they are connected to the same WIFI or cable network.

STEP 2: Open Chrome browser and drag music to it to start playing the converted iTunes video from the computer.

STEP 3: Find and click 'Cast' menu from the browser, , you can select the Android TV and click 'OK' menu to select the destination cast device, the videos will be streamed to the Android TV.


With this professional DRM converter, you can strip DRM from your iTunes music and batch convert iTunes music simultaneously. Of course, you can rely on other tools such as the official Apple TV or an HDMI cable or the Movies Anywhere app etc. We all know that Apple TV is very expensive, and connecting different devices via HMDI may take up big space and not convenient. So Leawo is the best option for you. Compared to other software, Prof.DRM can help to save your time greatly. Please download the right version to try it out. Enjoy your iTunes music or iTunes M4V videos on Android TV as your will now!