If you have moved to a new house, you may spend more time on how to decorate your room in a special way. One of the focal points you should not miss is the photo wall, which could easily make your living space more vivid and characteristic. Instead of using the paint or wallpaper, you can simply pay more attention to a photo wall. Actually, creating the photo wall would not be a complex thing. As the alternative, you only need to bring your favorite photos and some excellent ideas, then put them together, and you would bring a shining corner to your home.

Part 1: 9 Steps on How to Make a Photo Wall

When making a photo wall, first determine the size of the wall. Then determine how many photos you want to hang on, and draw the position where you want to hang the photo. Finally put the hook on the wall to hang the photo, and hang the photo frame in turn. You can adjust the position at any time to get a photo wall. Actually, this is the only key part while making a photo wall. In order to make the photo wall in the better way, the following steps should be followed accordingly.

1. Collect, Collect, Collect

The first step you should focus is to collect. What does it mean? Here, you need to collect your favorite sources, including your general idea toward this photo wall creation, your original art, handmade prints, your preferred photos, as well as the outline design style, the arrangement method and so on. In a word, you should confirm the general outline of the photo walls you would like to obtain. In other words, you have to pay attention to the style you would like to pursue which could be in accordance with your home design style. Once you have confirmed these details, you can carry on the following steps.


2. Decide Where Your Photo Wall is

Where do you want to put your photo wall? First of all, you have to look around your home and you had better find the spare wall space which have enough room for the photo wall decoration. In addition, pay attention to the walls and check whether it is suitable to hang on some heavy decoration materials which could be considered via the safety points. Usually, most of people would choose to put the photo wall decoration in the living room or along the hallway which would easily drag other’s attention.


3. Pick a Theme for Your Photo Wall

Similarly, next steps would be the important part you should keep in mind. What is the photo wall theme you would like it to be? This would be the key factor to determine the following preparations. What kind of space do you want it to be? Do you want to share some excellent moments during the previous trips via this photo wall? Do you want to show some positive sides of your daily life by mixing some famous sayings? Or, you only need to move some of your honeymoon pictures and love stories to the wall. Different themes may require different materials and sources. By the way, make sure all the colors you will choose would match your home style in the general way.


4. Choose Your Favorite Photos

When you have already decided the photo wall styles and the exact space to put the photos on, now you can freely decide your own preferred photos. Here, in order to obtain better compatibility, you should select some photos which have the similar colors or the similar backgrounds or styles. But this is not the key point. Most importantly, the photos you are going to choose should match the design style and color style of your photo wall. Also, the photo sizes would also matter to some extent.


5. Enhance Photo Quality

If you unfortunately can’t find some high quality pictures at hand, don’t be sad. You can still find your way to enhance the photo quality with some photo enhancement tools. Just as you know, Leawo PhotoIns is able to automatically improve quality of the photos you have taken due to its Artificial Intelligence Enhancer Technology. As a powerful AI enhancer, this program can beautifies photos easily, including enlarging your eyes in the photos. Besides, you can enhance your photos on the retouching skin, removing freckles, adjusting lighting, etc. No matter how dark or bright your photos are, Leawo PhotoIns can automatically detect these areas instantly and accordingly, some adjustment would be added to make your photos look much more comfortable.

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6. Print the Photos

When all of your favorite photos have been selected, then you can start printing photos with some of the best mobile photo printers. If you want to print clearer pictures, you need to use a color printer. Of course, it has something to do with the brand quality of the printer. When the hardware cannot be changed, we can make the printed pictures clearer through the software settings. Also, the printing paper of the photos matter a lot which should be durable and waterproof. You had better spend more money to get the better quality of the photos.


7. Pick Frames for Photo Wall

If you are happy with the layout and the photos, now you can pick your favorite frames for the photo wall. You can choose the correspondent frames which could easily make your photo wall stand out in their own right. If you are not sure how to choose the frame styles, white or neutral frame would be your best choice which is more suited to a contemporary themed interiors.


8. Consider Arrangement

When all the layout and the frames as well as the photos have been ready, not think about it how to put them in the right way. That is about the photo wall arrangement. Do you want to start from a straight bottom or top, or from a larger poster in the middle or place smaller posters around it? You should compose a photo wall according to your own preferences.


9. Hang Photos to the Wall

Finally, you have to put what you thought and prepared into practice. You need to hand photos to the wall properly. You should determine the photo wall size by measuring the photos size and distances between each on. You can start to attach the frames to the way in a corner. At first, you can use a pencil to mark a dot for one photo. Then measure the distance with ruler and mark another dot on the way to hand the other photos. Usually, there will be some differences between what you thought and what you have done. But it doesn’t matter, you only need to make sure everything is matched correctly.


Part 2: 7 Creative Photo Wall Ideas

In order to make a creative photo wall, you need to follow some creative ideas besides some basic skills mentioned above. The following creative photo wall ideas would be your excellent references.

1. Color Use

Since you are going to make a creative photo wall, you need to pay attention to the use of colors in the design process. It is recommended that you choose some more jumping colors, such as yellow, such as red. Of course, these jumping colors should not be used too much, just as an embellishment.


2. Layout Design

The point is here. Layout design can determine the key to the success or failure of a creative photo wall. It is recommended that you learn from some creative ideas designed by some creative people on the Internet, and make certain changes on the basis of these ideas, which can save creative time, and the final effect will be very good.


3. Fairy Lights

Fairy-tale lighting adds warmth and holiday flavor to your photo wall. Use wooden clothespins to cut the photo under the fairy-tale lighting and add some decorations that match the theme of the photo.


4. Size Choice

It is generally not recommended to choose a uniform size for the creative photo wall. It is better to choose some different sizes. At first glance, there may be a messy feeling, but that’s what the creativity wants. If all the effects are the same, then there will be no bright spots at all, and it won’t go with the creativity.


5. Theme Choice

Many people will misunderstand the positioning of the creative photo wall, thinking that creativity is to add a lot of scattered elements, that is, to be colorful. But this is not the case. For the above-mentioned creative points, you had better focus on one or two points. If you have all of them, you will lose the original intention of the creativity, and the effect will not be good.


6. Bedroom Photo Wall Decoration

It is recommended to arrange the black and wood-colored frames together, which is very literary and artistic for the photo wall in the bedroom. The irregular photo wall is matched with these thick frames, which is full of liveliness and interest. The bedroom and the studio are connected which can play a good transitional effect.


7. Living Room Photo Wall Decoration

If the living room is very spacious, you can post some photos with precious memories to make it more eye-catching under the dim light. The ample floor height also provides good conditions for the photo wall, even if the photo wall is arranged, it will not make the space look very depressing. When you decorate the photo wall, you must also take the height of the floor into consideration. If it is a low wall, the area of the photo wall should not be too much.