Have you ever felt at a moment when the video is so eye-catching and attractive to you that you couldn’t wait for watching it again? However, unless you download the video and keep it to your PC can you get rid of the feeling that you will lose the video any minute. As one of the most popular video sharing platform, iFunny.co owns almost all types of videos in every genre. The videos on it is free for watching but not free for saving or downloading. It burns a large amount of flow each time you watch it online. At this case one professional video downloader can be the best assistant for you to access the video.

What is iFunny?

What are the merits you can list to measure the video sharing platform? High operating speed, plentiful video resources, powerful searching browser, etc All of these features can be found in iFunny, an excellent platform that features massive videos, pictures, and animated GIFs (submitted by users). Contents provided by the platform includes Animals & Nature, Celebrities, Movies, TV shows and so on. For a normal user with an account registered (supposed that you are older than 17 years old), he can freely view, share, comment on memes or upload his own contents.

Recommended iFunny Video Downloader

You are welcome to view the videos online at the iFunny platform but you are restricted on downloading the videos. Maybe it doesn’t matter for someone who has internet access anytime he wants to view the online videos. For the user without constant internet connection or enough internet surfing flow, the best solution is find some helpful video downloader and save the video for further viewing. Some recommended iFunny video downloaders are right in place to satisfy the needs of the user.

No 1. Leawo Video Downloader

It is an integrated platform for video downloading, converting, browsing and playing. Videos from bunches of video viewing websites such as YouTube, iFunny, Hulu, Dailymotion, iFilm, Vimeo, Facebook and marvel movies come out in 2021 can be downloaded with the help of Leawo Video Downloader. Different video formats and resolutions are supported to download by it and you can freely convert the video among lots of formats. With the built-in video player can you play the video once it is finished downloading.

  • Leawo Video Downloader
  • Leawo Video Downloader

    1. Download Video & Music from 1000+ Sites
    2. Download Live Stream Videos from YouTube Live and Others
    3. 720P and Even 1080P HD Video Downloading
    4. 6X Faster Online Video Downloading
    5. Smarter Downloading Settings
    6. 1-Click to Play Downloaded Videos
    7. Provid Precise Video Info

No 2. ExpertsPHP

Unlike the above video downloader which requires for app installation to your pc, this tool is free of app downloading and has fast downloading speed. Web-based service for iFunny, Facebook, Tiktok, LinkedIn, Likee, Twitter, Instagram, and Vmate video downloads are all supported by this tool. You can download iFunny videos as well as iFunny images, memes, and GIFs with the tool.


TubeOffline.com is a professional web-based tool for iFunny video downloading without registration required for logging in. Besides availability of downloading videos from iFunny, it also supports downloading videos from YouTube, BiliBili, Instagram, Mgoon, YifyTV, and so on. The extra function of converting iFunny to MP4, MP3, FLV, AVI, and WMV is offered by the tool as well.

No 4. 9xBuddy

If you consider the speed and easy-steps for video downloading, the 9xbuddy is the one you don’t want to miss. It provides fast and easy way to download videos from youtube, twitter, facebook, dailymotion, Soundcloud and a lot of other sites you can name. Next time when your friends or family is asking you for help with video downloading, this tool can save you lots of time from giving much explanation on giving downloading tutorials.

Comparison of Recommended iFunny Video Downloader

The refined introduction of recommended iFunny video downloaders might give you the first impression to choose the one you are fond of. If you want to have deep knowledge of the recommended tools listed above, you can follow the next section of comparison among them.

Leawo Video Downloader ExpertsPHP TUBEOFFLINE 9xBuddy
Download speed 6 times higher Average Average Average
App installation required Yes No No No
Built-in website browser Yes No No No
Supported website 1000+ Popular websites Popular websites Popular websites
With built-in player Yes No No No
Output formats limited No Yes Yes Yes
Free of advertisement Yes No No No
Ultra-high resolution videos supported Yes No No No

By comparing the above listed video downloaders in details, the user might have a comprehensive interpretation of the features that is owed by each downloader. To download a video is not just about the speed and how easy the downloading steps is, it is also about the video quality, range of video formats it supports to download and whether it is free of ads interruption while the video is being downloaded. All of these problems would never occur on Leawo Video Downloader.

How to Download iFunny Video with iFunny Video Downloader?

We have just drawn a conclusion from the comparison table in the upper section that the Leawo Video Downloader leads the iFunny video downloaders in many aspects. How to download the iFunny videos with the help of Leawo Video Downloader? Firstly, you need to download an app Leawo Prof. Media since the Leawo Video Downloader is not an independent app. It is an attached module together with other modules like DVD ripper, video converter to the Leawo Prof. Media. After downloading the Leawo Prof. Media, run the program and enter the homepage of it.

Step 1:Step 1: Select a Location for the Output Video

The site for the output files would be somewhere by default. Sometimes it wouldn’t be the location you want it to be saved. Click the setting button and from the pop-up interface you can set the output directory at the location setting box.

Step 2: Step 2: Run the Module of Video Downloader

From the homepage of Leawo Prof. Media, you can find the module of Video Downloader. Click the module and enter the next interface.

Step 3:Step 3: Download the Video

After you enter the main interface of video downloader, the default website page is YouTube.com which can be changed from the setting panel. You can change the default homepage to some other website or leave it in blank.

Change the webpage of iFunny.co in the location bar and search for the targeted video by the video browser. Then you can see the targeted video in the new popping page.
Click the downloading icon to start the download process. If you haven’t signed for the Leawo video downloader, there will be a pop-up notice of whether to activate the module or not. Non-registered user can still download a maximum of 5 videos.

Step 4: Step 4: Check the Downloading Process

You can check the video in downloading progress at the downloading panel. By right-clicking the downloading video you can see several options including Pause, Start, Start All and Delete, etc.

Step 5:Step 5: Download Finished

The video will be transferred to another panel right next to the downloading panel when it is finished downloading. In the downloaded panel, you can sort the videos by name, size or length. You can also convert the video to another format, burn the video with the built-in module given that you have registered for it. All of these can be done by right-clicking the downloaded video.

To download the video with the online tool seems to be easy and fast. However, it all depends that whether the downloading process of video will be interrupted by incessant pop-up ads or whether the video will be blocked by the system for DRM restriction. The Leawo video downloader is not just a video downloading tool, it also enables the user to watch YouTube blocked videos in your country. You don’t have to worry about the problems we just mentioned given that the Leawo Video Downloader is in use.

How to Download iFunny Video without iFunny Video Downloader?

For iOS device, it is granted to save iFunny video into camera roll with the help of a third-party tool, the Instagram while this cannot be achieved given that you are using the Android device. Make sure you have installed an Instagram before saving the video.

  • Step 1: Activate the iFunny app on iOS device and look for the video you are going to save to the camera roll.
  • Step 2: When the targeted video is pop-up, you need to tap the share button in the bottom right corner. Meanwhile, there is a new pop-up dialog from below.
  • Step 3: Open the Instagram. The targeted location for saving the video is not the Instagram but the camera rolls so you can cancel the operation immediately. Before the video is started to deliver to the camera roll, make sure that your iOS device grants the access to the photos storage and permits the video to be saved.
  • Step 4: Check the photo storage site whether the iFunny video is saved or not.

To conclude the article, the iFunny video can be downloaded with video downloaders or with Instagram given that the device belongs to iOS system. For stable downloading of video with selectable video formats and video qualities, the Leawo Video Downloader is definitely the best tool.