It seems the internet never gets bored of watching videos, and YouTube is probably the biggest site where people watch videos. In fact, 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to TV, and according to statistics, YouTube has over 1.9 billion users logged in and watching videos on a monthly basis. Right after Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine primarily because it can be navigated in 80 languages which are about 95% of the total internet population. More than 300 hours of video are also uploaded to YouTube every minute. You can almost find any video you want on YouTube, and although you cannot directly download videos on the platform, there are several ways to do it. If you do manage to download the videos, they mostly are in the MP4 and FLV video formats. In this guide, we will show you how to convert the downloaded YouTube videos to the MPEG HD format which has several advantages like high quality video, its support in most video players and browsers, and also its use of advanced compression algorithms.

Part 1: Convert YouTube video MPEG HD with Leawo Video Converter

Leawo Video Converter is a professional video and audio converter that has continuously been one of the best programs that work with files of almost any kind, over 180+ formats, which also include MPEG HD. This software offers a user-friendly interface, multi-language support, and 2D-3D conversion for video files. Quality cannot be compromised when doing a conversion job, and by using this software you can retain 100% of the original quality. If not, download and install the program which is available for both Windows and Mac OS. The steps below apply for both Windows and Mac OS. This software is available for download on Windows and for Mac OS so you do not have to worry about compatibility.

Step 1: When you launch the software, click the  “Video Converter” module on both Mac OS and Windows. After that click Add Video” to open a browsing window from which you can conveniently locate the YouTube downloaded video(s). You can also drag the file(s) into the program.


Step 2: The profiles panel. Look for the button next to the green “Convert” button, which can change depending on the selection, in this case it is written MP4 Video”. A menu will pop up, and from there, click “Change”. Under “Format”, navigate to HD Video and select “HD MPEG Video”.


Step 3: Subtitles and audio tracks. There are “Subtitle” and “Audio” drop-down menus, and clicking “Subtitle” allows you to select or import them. “Audio” allows you to select an audio track. Click the corresponding drop down menu from the two if you wish to make any changes.


Step 4: The video editor. Leawo Video Converter will give you options for cropping, watermarking, applying effects, noise removal, and trimming. Click the video editor icon to get to the editing menu, then choose and set the best options that suit your needs. When you finish with this menu, click “OK”.


Step 5: Converting YouTube videos to MPEG HD. After finishing with everything, the final step is conversion. First set your output directory from the sidebar which is shown, under the “Save to” box. Once you have set the output directory, click the “Convert” button at the bottom of sidebar, to start conversion process.


Part 2: Convert YouTube video MPEG HD with Totally Free Converter

The main advantage of this software is that it is free of use, and very little time is spent installing it which means you can get to use it in a nick of time. Although it supports a few video and audio formats for both input and output, MPEG HD or even the standard MPEG video format is unfortunately not supported.There are also no quality settings whatsoever, and you need to make sure that the file you want to convert is of high quality if you want better results. This software also runs only on Windows computers, hence Mac OS users will not be able to use it.

Step 1: Launch the program. The main interface has two buttons. Click “Video” to start, then drag your YouTube video file. Please note that it can only do one job at a time.
Step 2: Choose the output format. A dialog pops up requiring you to select the location to save, the name, as well as the format from a drop-down menu, in this case H.264 video.
Step 3: Totally Free Converter will do the rest. Wait for it to finish encoding your video, and when it has finished locate it to the saved location.


Part 3: Convert YouTube video MPEG HD with HDConvert

If you are not looking forward to installing any software on your computer, then this might be the solution for you as it is an online video converting service. It offers both free and premium services, and if you are to go free, you will get file size limits as well as downloading converted videos with watermarks applied to them already.  It supports very few video formats for output which unfortunately do not include MPEG HD, but if you wish to convert to other supported formats like MP4, AVI and other supported video formats, the steps are detailed below.

Step 1: From the homepage, find the “Fast Online HD Video Converter” and click the “Convert Now>” button. This will redirect you to the video converter webpage.
Step 2: Select the output quality under “Basic Settings” which include 240p all the way to 4K UHD. Please note that MPEG video is not supported and you can only download the converted video in MP4 video format.
Step 3: Under “Select or Upload Files”, click the “+Browse files” button to search and upload the YouTube video(s) from your local disk. Enter your email address so that when the conversion is complete, the converted video will be sent to you.


Part 4: Convert YouTube video MPEG HD with CloudConvert

CloudConvert is also an online file converting service as the name suggests. What sets CloudConvert apart from HDConvert is its support for more file types, which include MPEG, but unfortunately, this is only the standard version and not the high definition variant. Although you will not get watermarks applied to your videos after conversion, there are still file size limits applying to all file types, and you will have to pay or subscribe for higher limits which are billed monthly.

Step 1: Click the “Select Files” button to open a window from where you can conveniently locate the YouTube video file(s).
Step 2: Once you have uploaded your YouTube video, click the spanner icon to set your conversion options. This includes video codec and transpose, audio codec and bitrate, subtitles and more options.  Select MPEG as the output format, and when you have finished, click “Okay”.
Step 3: Click “Start Conversion” which will begin uploading your video file(s). When it has finished it will convert automatically and you can click the green “Download” button to save the file(s) to your hard drive.


Part 5: Download YouTube video with Leawo Video Downloader

Leawo Video Downloader is also a premium and top of the line video downloader that can support more than 1000 websites. Most YouTube videos will come with Adobe’s proprietary DRM encryption which basically prevents anyone to download them by using services or software, but Leawo Video Downloader can easily bypass that and download the videos. It is also coupled with advanced downloading technologies which will allow you to download videos at 6x faster speed. Follow the steps below to begin downloading YouTube video(s).

Step 1: Install Leawo Prof. Media, launch it then from the main interface, click the “Video Downloader” module to start.


Step 2: Open YouTube. You are directed to YouTube by default, so search for the video you wish to download. Alternatively, if you have the video link saved somewhere, you can paste it in the search bar.


Step 3: Downloading the video(s). As soon as you open the link, a sidebar will show you the linked videos for you to download. Click the download icon, and you can see the progress on the “Downloading” tab.


Step 4: Finding the downloaded videos. After the download finishes, click the “Downloaded” tab. You can play the video, or you can locate it in the download location by right clicking and selecting “File Location”.


From this guide, Leawo Video Converter is the ultimate choice if you wish to convert to MPEG HD, because it is the only program from the list which supports it. You will not need to worry about file size limits, nor losing quality when you convert them. Other bonus features are multi-language support, and continuous updates to meet the requirements of technology that is always evolving. Try Leawo today!